Why sporty is spiritual

I am not a runner, I should say that right away. And until this week, I didn’t know what a triathlon was! But I’ve just finished reading a very addictive memoir about journalist turned athlete Helen Croydon, and I’m almost tempted (I said almost, don’t push!) to get outside and do some very slow jogging!

Helen quit her party lifestyle in favour of run club when her pub days and hangovers left her unfulfilled and bored rather than happy. Having never really taken much exercise other than normal gym stuff in the past, Helen started to get into fitness on a whole new level as part of a quest to enjoy more meaningful weekends.

‘The girl who ran’ has made it onto the Your Spiritual Self blog because Helen developed more than physical stamina on her journey to become a GB triathlete.

She learned

  1. We are all seeking a deeper connection to one another and our behaviours drive this search depending on who we think we need to be in order to achieve it
  2. Our bodies are as strong as our minds believe them to be
  3. That everything is temporary, even feeling freezing cold and suffering from exhaustion
  4. That we waste time keeping up appearances. (The heels were soon ditched!)

Her challenges got me thinking. I have never done anything as drastic as swimming miles in a freezing cold river, but how nice does it feel to go out on a walk in autumn, get chilly, and come home for a hot cuppa? I can see how a race weekend might leave a person feeling on a high, as creature comforts soothe after mother nature has done her worst.

Whether you are inspired to run or not, do give this very light and easy to read book a go. It’s a book about finding yourself, which is pretty much what we’re all hear for, right? And if running is going to be your new year goal, it is actually quite likely to get you moving! (Click book for link)


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