Weekly tarot guidance – concentrate on joy

Good morning!

Where are you resisting joy? That’s the question our guides have suggested we address this week! (actually this question is close to the message I was hearing at the weekend – scroll down the facebook page to see!)

When we get caught up in how we think things should be, and when we spend our time in anger or frustation, we forget that we are letting moments of our lives pass us by which could have been spent feeling better. We forget that just by staying in anger and having a need to be right, we are denying ourselves the peace we all crave. When we choose to push through rather than relax, we’re not taking care of our spirit in a loving way and we’re missing out on the happiness that is not only our right, but what we came to experience.

Why would we harm our time so much?

This week, consider letting go a little and letting more fun in. Cut out unnecessary work, and let go of unnecessary negative feelings. None of it serves you like feeling good does.

It is time this week to nurture your spirit and remind yourself to laugh. When did you last have some fun? What did you used to do that you’ve neglected?

I hope you have a lovely week and that this reminder helps you šŸ™‚

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Author: Vicki

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