Weekly reading, Queen of swords

Good morning!

How many of you are feeling some sort of conflict, anxiety or frustration at the moment? Our card this week is the Queen of swords, a card which can represent going through these things, particularly if you’re female.

As I pulled this card I felt a sense of moving through and overcoming. I don’t know if this means your worries are false or if things will be better quickly, but I do see things being ok in the end and I hope this is a comfort to you if you’re struggling.
Sometimes we suffer more because we fight what we don’t want rather than simply letting it move through us. I asked for guidance around this and was told that to fight is never the answer and that we should take some time to look for our quickest route to peace if we want resolution. I think this applies to all things us humans go through. Peace is the ultimate goal, right?

I hope this message helps you this week. Let me know what you need help with, and if you need healing I will send some during my evenings.

Lots of love as always X

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Author: Vicki

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