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Good morning šŸ™‚

Today I asked the cards what our spirit guides wanted us to know and a very significant card came up.

This card from our healer guides wants us to acknowledge the fear, betrayal, uncertainty and sadness we feel at the moment. We may have personal issues we’re dealing with just now, but I can’t help but assume our guides are referring to events in Manchester earlier this week.

Our guides want us to surrender to their healing energies and allow ourselves time to feel what we need to feel before turning towards love again. They promise they will help us feel soothed as we regroup and support one another. They mention forgiving human flaws as I type this but I know plenty are not ready for forgiveness. Instead, we’ll go with the message of loving where we can and making a difference where we can.

‘Turn to love’ is the message I’m being told to run with. Allow healing in, choose peace yourself, and do what you can for others not just for this week but for always.

Uniting in kindness will change our planet and we mustn’t leave it to somebody else.

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