Weekly reading, 5 of water

Good Morning!

Today we pulled from the angel deck, and the 5 of water came up as our card. Now remember our card last week offered healing? This week the theme carries over, offering more support but also reminding us that although things don’t always seem to be going our way, there is always a soul lesson to be learned.

5 of water tells us to resist nothing in order to bring about peace, and to look for the silver lining. Perhaps there is something good about your situation but if there isn’t, then the positive is that there is always opportunity to learn and grow no matter what is going on. When things go ‘wrong’, don’t fret. All is as it is meant to be. Please remember to call upon your angels when you need their loving support.

What lesson are you learning this week? Where is the positive in each day?

Hope this helps and have a perfect week šŸ™‚

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