How’s life working out for you? If you have pressing situations, questions, or generally feel a bit flat and unhappy there’s every chance the tarot might help you gain some clarity.

Tarot works by lighting the way. It gives us a starting point to work with and invites our guides (and sometimes loved ones!) to come through to offer insight into why the present looks as it does, and what you need to do going forwards to see the results you desire. If you decide to book in with me, we will pull some cards before talking about why you’ve booked the reading, what advice spirit can offer in relation to your present situation, and what spirit suggests your next steps should be in order for you to heal and enjoy the peace and love for life that you crave.

Tarot is fantastic way of receiving advice and support, but really a change in circumstances always come down to how open you are to hearing what you NEED rather than what you want. Tarot IS NOT a promise for magic to happen but if you’re open to the guidance and ready to take some action to get things back on track, it can be a fantastic way of receiving a life coaching session from the best source available to us… our guides!

To get started with your own tarot session, drop me an email with your question and your paypal email for invoicing, and we’ll go from there. I am currently offering readings for just £20 and find the reading lasts around 40 minutes. I’m happy to work via email or telephone… whichever you prefer. 🙂

I aim to read for you within 48 hours. If for any reason I have a backlog and am unable to complete your reading within a reasonable time I will of course give you a shout and refund your money if you choose to cancel.

I also offer one card angel readings for just £5. This reading is ideal if you need a question answered and you’d like some guidance from the angels. I tend to only ever pull only one card from my much loved angel card deck as feel they work better for me this way.

Contact me at Vicki*AT*YourSpiritualSelf.Com with any questions or to book a reading. 🙂

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