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What an empath really is!

I have a confession to make.

I see the world and it’s mother declaring themselves empathic, and I just want to shout!

Because we have got to a stage in the spiritual shift where it’s become cool to declare you ‘Feel all of the feels’, ‘Can’t go into busy places because of feeling overwhelmed’, and that you ‘See through the other person’s bulls**t’.

And whilst that might make you sensitive, it doesn’t necessarily make you empathic.

Empaths take on EVERYTHING from EVERYONE unless they are very, very good at grounding, healing and releasing. What this means is this: If you think you are empathic but haven’t been doing these things, you are very likely very ill or very mad. No joke! What I’ve seen is that natural empaths don’t tend to know they have a title… they are simply working in jobs like teaching and nursing, and quietly making a massive difference.

But if you think you’re an empath and want to claim the title, then you have work to do!

●Sensitivity develops before empathy does and your progression is dependent on whether you’re ready to put the work in, and whether you’re ready to go where spirit wants you to work.

● Empaths connect with spiritual guidance all of the time because they have been given the job of healing others in order to heal the world. Make sure you are connecting, and actively working to make a difference.

● When you feel all the energy, separate the good and bad, work out what is coming from where, ask spirit for help in helping these people if they want the help, and release the energy. If you can’t release it, ask spirit what you need to do.

● Quite often you’ll have physical pain that doesn’t belong to you. You need to work with it, as you’re taking it on to soothe another person. Always ask ‘Is this mine?’

● Know that you work for spirit. Commit to it. There’s no point in being empathic if you don’t use it to be the difference.’

● Ground ALL of the time, otherwise this work will take you out. Cleanse, too. Your energy needs to be clear not only to help yourself, but so that when new feels come in, you know where it’s coming from and whether you need to heal it, learn from it or release it.

● Cut back on the drinking and the junk food. People need you well. Sleep as many hours in a night as you can.

● Animals will ask for your help too! The bad leg you have? That might be pain you’re taking on for your dog! You have to be centred and aware as much as possible so that you can hear spirit when your guides connect you with the source of your feels. It IS exhausting! Be compassionate though ♡

● The upsetting news report you’ve just watched? It’s not there to hurt you, it’s there to MOVE you! How are you going to heal that pain? Support the victims? Donate money? Become a voice? Write to your MP? Clean up your community? Teach a skill…?

The biggest difference betweeen an empath and a sensitive person is the work they put in. Empaths don’t just feel a bit of sadness, they move to heal it!

Which one are you? Come and join our facebook group group if you’d like support as you work… Because if you really are an empath, so many people are relying on you to step up and shine your healing light just now ♡

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