Feeling lost, empty or low? 5 crystals that can help with life purpose

Most of us on this self empowerment journey just want to feel better about where we are and where we’re going. I know I started diving into personal development for this reason!

So here are 5 crystals you might like to look into if you are feeling at all lost, empty, or dis-empowered. Need to know what to do next or crave finding peace? These crystals could help you connect with the spiritual guidance you need 🙂

Sugilite is the crystal for helping you discover your life purpose. It helps by increasing the wisdom and love within you and available to you by raising your vibration and boosting your positive thinking. If you feel down or feel that everything is pointless, this crystal could be programmed to help you with your energy levels.

Aventurine is my favourite calming crystal and the one I reach for most when I’m having parenting struggles and want to feel more peaceful! With it’s soothing influence, Aventurine calms the mind so that creativity can flow and guidance can come in. This crystal is perfect for you if you know what you want, but don’t know your next step.

Blue lace agate is also a calming crystal. It’s a healing stone which helps it’s user develop peace of mind, beat depression, and ease the fear of being judged by others. Blue lace agate is perfect for anyone who has secret desires but is being held back by fear or nerves.

Citrine is known as the success crystal! Use this one to aid in achieving success and manifesting abundance! If you want results and want to feel good particularly around the topic of your career, work with this beautiful piece.


Lapis Lazuli helps if you’re struggling with lack of purpose because it helps you connect with intuitive guidance so you can find your path. It promotes peace within you, but also gives it’s user a nudge to take charge and take action. Lapis Lazuli can be programmed to tap into your psychic energies so that you can take action directed by your spirit. And if you want to develop psychically, this crystal has the added bonus of helping you with that too!

Do you have a favourite feel good crystal? Let me know in the comments! There are so many to choose from that I don’t think I will ever learn them all!

And if you like the idea of working with crystals but don’t know where to start, my friend Hollie Stark is launching a free course! Sign up to receive all her crystal wisdom here 🙂


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5 crystals to help you find love

Are you ready to attract some love into your life? This week I have 5 crystals for you which might help you in your quest for a loving relationship, particularly if you used them all together.

Rose Quartz is the love crystal we all know of but that’s because it’s brilliant at its job! Place a piece by your bed or wear some over your heart and it will help you call in the perfect romance! Rose Quartz works by opening the heart chakra to love.

Chrysanthemum Stone helps us release love into the world, as well as see things from a more loving perspective. Law of attraction dictates that we always get more of what we’re focusing on, so with this crystal helping us to give more love, we can’t help but receive more back!

Ruby is the passion crystal! Not only does this crystal attract more passionate relationships, it also encourages it’s users to have a passion for life! Use this crystal to have fun whilst you’re waiting for your new partner to find you!

Celestite is a crystal which helps us have calmer conversations by creating peace and smoothing over communication issues. This crystal is perfect for anyone who struggles to express themselves. All relationships need good communicators within them to sustain the test of time.

Finally, Sugilite is a crystal which teaches us how to live our truth. If you aren’t sure who you are and what you want, start with a piece of this and figure yourself out first. By the time your ideal partner shows up, you’ll be happy, sassy and confident in who you are.
And isn’t that more important than trying to fit what someone else wants you to be?

I hope this helps you! Let me know if you purchase any of these beautiful crystals. I want to hear your success stories!

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Spiritualists DO shout


It’s the summer holidays for most of us. And whilst many of us love having the children around, let’s not lie and say it’s all wonderful.

There have been plenty of moments in the last couple of weeks when I have lost patience and shouted plenty. A tired child pushing buttons and squabbling with his sibling can make for a very tense and frustrating household, particularly when the rain comes down and burning off energy becomes harder.

So where does a shouty parent fit in the spiritual bracket? Do you believe you can be spiritual if you lose your temper?!

I still reckon so!

Do we have to meditate eight hours a day channelling spirit to declare ourselves a talented, all knowing spiritualist? Do we have to sip green tea? Burn incense? Bang gongs or chant? Maintain an air of mystery and stare frequently at a candle flame whilst declaring ourselves gifted?

I reckon not! Spirituality and spiritual practises are for everyone. It’s just who you are if it’s in your heart.

So here are a few tips for keeping your spiritual groove on and keeping that special connection. ( From a self confessed shouty mum who has Paw Patrol on so there’s a bit of time to write this)

1) First off, do not buy into the idea that spiritual people can’t have an argument! We are human, with one of those ego things, and we do get it wrong, shout, get frustrated, stress and turn to the biscuit tin. It’s normal. Be ok with being less than perfect. Sometimes our arguments are valid, too. Being spiritual doesn’t mean being walked all over, and part of being a parent is setting boundaries and enforcing them. As most parents know, enforcing rules is not always met with a smile! Spiritualits are not immune to frustration.

2) Be ok with losing the plot then heading to your meditation spot to ask for guidance. Your guides will not judge you… They understand you are doing your best and they want to help you. Do you need help connecting with guides? Read this and remember that a successful spiritualist knows they get to choose again and try to be better next time. A bad morning doesn’t have to define you. 3 things you should do if you want to meet your spirit guide.

3) Don’t forget to use your spiritual tools. Lavender room scent will calm, as will the colour pink. Crystals will work to soothe your energy as well. Choose Green Aventurine or Rose Quartz are wonderful for calming energy and balancing moods. Meditate with them!
Once the kids are in bed, have a soak in the bath or sit with a good book. Take as much time out as you can.

4) Practise choosing love as much as possible. If you can, be aware when you’re stressed and choose the most loving path. Perhaps that’s taking time out for 5 minutes or ignoring your 6 year old answering back rather than engaging in a battle. You don’t have to jump on every little thing. Sometimes love is just refusing to fight back and setting an example.

5) Finally, raise your energy as much as possible and as often as possible by being playful. You have wonderful children – use them to enjoy more fun yourself! Get crafting, put S Club 7 on and tell your husband the kids wanted the CD, and go for long walks to collect sticks and stomp through the mud. Nature is calming for you and tiring for the kids. Let them wear themselves out then come home for a peaceful cuppa as the washing machine takes care of the mud. This is my favourite tip actually. I find fresh air to be the best healer!

Being spiritual and being a good parent are one and the same. You don’t learn the rules all at once and as you grow, the rules change anyway. Don’t think you’ll ever master the route fully because there’s always someone out there to learn from. Simply do your best to follow a peaceful path and if you mess up, admit it and try again. We were not put here to be perfect all of the time.

Now doesn’t that take the pressure off?

Wishing you all a lovely summer and I really hope this helps some 🙂

Lots of love as always 🙂


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