Your Spiritual Team

So when we speak of guidance from spirit we all tend to mean something different! God or spirit are the same in the way they protect us, but they tend to shape their energy form to fit in with our own personal beliefs. (Think how different religions portray the same ideas with different spins.) For me, Spirit is the general term I use to cover any form on the other side. I don’t tend to use the term God, but, if there is one, I believe she is the mother of all earth and spirit energy.

Angels are energy forms which guide us from the other side and protect us from harm when we ask for their help.
They are the warmth and protection which surrounds us as we move about our day, and they are happy to be at the side of loved ones if we request it.
Heading up our angels are Michael who is angel of protection, Raphael who is angel of healing and travelling, Gabriel who is angel of messengers and parenting, and Uriel who is angel of knowledge and help. These are the four most known angels but it’s widely agreed that there are a further 3 archangels and many, many more angels working alongside them.
You can ask the angels for help at any time, either calling them by name or calling them in general, and they will *always* come through for you and help where they can. They *want* to help you but are unable to do so until you shout for them! As with all help from spirit, do be sure to thank them for helping you. 🙂

For more information about angels and how they can help you, Doreen Virtue is the lady in the know.

Spirit guides are souls who have lived before and are around us to guide us through our life experiences. Some guides stick around for a fair while, others come to us to help with specific issues. Guides can come to us in *any* form including animal form! We have various guides for various jobs but if you aren’t sure who you’re calling on, asking for help from spirit in general will get you the aid you need.

Loved ones who have passed will often pop by to say hi. If you ask for help they will always hear you.

Your higher self is the link between your human life and your spiritual one. When you listen to intuition or guidance from the other side it’s your higher self that picks up the frequency.

With so much love and guidance supporting us, it’s a real comfort to me to know I am never facing anything alone. 🙂

PS, Meditation is the fastest way to communicate with spirit. For a quick meditation intro, have a read HERE

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