Soul contracts

Soul contracts are agreements we put in place before we come into our human bodies. These agreements are decided on in discussions between ourselves and the higher council, and cover what we will attempt to learn during our time here on earth.

These soul contracts can’t be changed, but what can change is how we receive these lessons, and who is involved.

We all have free will, which means we essentially get to control the course of our lives. What this means is that whilst our lessons and themes won’t change, our vessels and channels will. We’re not getting out of what we need to learn, but we do get a say in who or what teaches us, and how quickly we are willing to do the work.

Soul contracts can include vows to enter situations and experiences too. For example vows of poverty or living during war and conflict. Why you’ve agreed these terms may be something you learn at the end of your life, or you may overcome these challenges, knowingly or unknowingly, through soul work during your time here.

We can occasionally carry past soul contracts into current lives so if you have disaster after disaster when it comes to love, or can’t seem to hold onto money, consider asking your guides whether there is a soul contract in place from this life or previous ones. If there is, ask to heal the lesson, then release from it.

I see confusion about soul contracts and life lessons quite a lot. So just to clarify, the lessons will keep repeating until you learn them, and may span many lives. Ditching your current problem won’t rid you of it, it will simply come around again with a new form until you choose healing.

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