Protecting against psychic attack

Let’s talk briefly about psychic attack because I see people making the fear of it bigger than it needs to be for the average occurance of it.

Psychic attack occurs when anyone sends you dodgy vibes. Some vibes such as malice or anger are pretty nasty, but others such as jealousy and frustration are tamer but still unpleasant. People basically send these vibes out when they think of you in an unpleasant way.

If you’re tuned into your energy you’ll feel something going on, but it isn’t always easy to identify the source of the attack and why you feel so bad, even when you work with energy daily. Psychic attack can cause physical problems, but you can also just feel ‘off’ or lack energy.

To keep yourself safe from draining energies, I recommend you ask your guides for spiritual protection each morning, and ‘shower off’ the day’s negativity each evening by envisioning a shower of white light cleansing you of any unwanted energy before bed.

Before you do any psychic work such as readings, mediumship, healings and spells, I also recommend asking your guides for protection, casting a white light circle, and lighting a candle to set your intention of working in the light. You don’t have to know the person trashing your energy so it’s important you protect yourself before opening up.

Doing these things is especially important if you work with many people or around the general public. Now and again we all get people who take their bad moods out on us just because we’re there. If you work in a shop and see 50 people a day, then take the bus home with another 40 people, that’s a lot of bad moods to risk, particularly if you are empathic!

Protect yourself to avoid being dragged down. It only takes five minutes, and it’ll save you wondering why you suddenly feel rotten. We keep our bodies clean, but we should keep our auras clean too.

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