Animal spirit guides, the black bear

Last week I watched Wild Alaska, a live documentary the BBC aired for us over the course of a week. One of the highlights for me was seeing a mummy black bear with her three cubs fishing for salmon. Aside from her beauty, she really spoke to me! Her job was to be a black bear doing what black bears do and I was really mesmerised by the awareness and mindfulness her energy presented.

Unlike us humans, she wasn’t concerned with what might happen tomorrow, how she was comparing to other black bears in the community or whether she was fulfilling her purpose as a bear, she was simply taking care of the moment and doing what she needed to do to feed her family and teach her cubs survival skills whilst the lesson was available.

I just loved her presence and her awareness of each moment and where she fitted in within nature.

So I looked up black bears as spirit animals!

If the black bear is your spirit animal (you’ll feel drawn to him) or shows up as a guide, he comes to represent power, strength, courage, awareness and grounding. If the black bear shows up to give you a sign within a dream or as you go about your daily business, he might be around to remind you of your ability to heal yourself and others, or to nudge you into living your life’s purpose as a healer.

Do you have an animal totem? What does it mean? Share in the comments below!

Sitting in the power

I didn’t actually know sitting in the power was ‘a thing’ until a couple of months ago, but many people swear they are able to increase their mediumship abilities by practising this magical technique on a frequent basis.

Sitting in the power is a way to merge energies within you and outside of you until the space is one. It’s like taking the ultimate goosebump feeling of standing in nature in pure overwhelment of it’s perfection, allowing it to flow through you, then learning it travels outside of you and returns back so perfectly that you are not actually a separate physical form… You are just God’s perfection at one with everything.

Sitting in the power is simply sitting in this pure state and allowing it to energize and lift you as you acknowledge this beautiful energy merging within you and outside of you.

To get into this state, sit quietly in a meditation and regulate your breath. You might like some music or some candles etc if props help you reach relaxation. Then, begin by imagining a beautiful white light pulsating in the solar plexus area. Concentrate on it, and with every breath see it expanding until it fills you entirely and leaves you feeling light and full of love. Once you’re illuminated by this light, expand it to surround you as big as you’d like to go. See your light merging with the divine light outside of you until it is all one. Tune in to how it feels. (It’s awe inspiring!) With this energy surrounding you, envision it flowing within you, outside of you, and returning to you with every breath. You are not separate from this light or limited by your physical form. You ARE this light.

Sitting in the power is taking this time to embrace your spirit and the connection you have with all that is, and feeling the wonder of consciously playing with this connection to divine energy. It’s a magical practice which over time strengthens the ability to work with spirit, but it’s not the intention to connect with guidance during this exercise. (Though guides have joined me on occasion!) This practice is relaxing as well, leaving anyone who sits in the power buzzing with energy and feeling pretty good.

Do you sit in the power to boost your mediumship skills? Do you call it something different? Do you *do* something different to tap into this energy? Share in the comments!

In the meantime I hope this helps you budding mediums!

Feeling lost, empty or low? 5 crystals that can help with life purpose

Most of us on this self empowerment journey just want to feel better about where we are and where we’re going. I know I started diving into personal development for this reason!

So here are 5 crystals you might like to look into if you are feeling at all lost, empty, or dis-empowered. Need to know what to do next or crave finding peace? These crystals could help you connect with the spiritual guidance you need 🙂

Sugilite is the crystal for helping you discover your life purpose. It helps by increasing the wisdom and love within you and available to you by raising your vibration and boosting your positive thinking. If you feel down or feel that everything is pointless, this crystal could be programmed to help you with your energy levels.

Aventurine is my favourite calming crystal and the one I reach for most when I’m having parenting struggles and want to feel more peaceful! With it’s soothing influence, Aventurine calms the mind so that creativity can flow and guidance can come in. This crystal is perfect for you if you know what you want, but don’t know your next step.

Blue lace agate is also a calming crystal. It’s a healing stone which helps it’s user develop peace of mind, beat depression, and ease the fear of being judged by others. Blue lace agate is perfect for anyone who has secret desires but is being held back by fear or nerves.

Citrine is known as the success crystal! Use this one to aid in achieving success and manifesting abundance! If you want results and want to feel good particularly around the topic of your career, work with this beautiful piece.


Lapis Lazuli helps if you’re struggling with lack of purpose because it helps you connect with intuitive guidance so you can find your path. It promotes peace within you, but also gives it’s user a nudge to take charge and take action. Lapis Lazuli can be programmed to tap into your psychic energies so that you can take action directed by your spirit. And if you want to develop psychically, this crystal has the added bonus of helping you with that too!

Do you have a favourite feel good crystal? Let me know in the comments! There are so many to choose from that I don’t think I will ever learn them all!

And if you like the idea of working with crystals but don’t know where to start, my friend Hollie Stark is launching a free course! Sign up to receive all her crystal wisdom here 🙂


Weekly guidance

Good morning 🙂

Two cards for us today because I was told to take two!

The first card pulled was the despair card from the spirit guide deck and the message from this card is that we must take time out, particularly in nature, if we are feeling low about a particular area of our lives. I am told that this is not only to restore peace, but to allow solutions to come forward when the mind is quiet and not distracted. We are promised that no matter what the problem, nature will soothe us and help us feel better once again if we take time out to look after ourselves emotionally.

The second card is the Knight of wands and is a more positive action card. As I pulled this one I was being told to move, to go! Have you been holding back? If so this card is for you! It is the sign you have been looking for to jump into whatever it is you’ve been hesitating about!

If you’ve been struggling just lately though, the reading is telling you exactly what you need to do to get out of the worry pattern. Card one will help you feel better enough so that you might move into inspired, safe action in the future. The important message for you this week is most definitely this first card, the reminder to take care of yourself spiritually so that guidance can come through.

Has this reading helped you today? Let me know!

Hope you have a lovely week X

Weekly reading, Queen of swords

Good morning!

How many of you are feeling some sort of conflict, anxiety or frustration at the moment? Our card this week is the Queen of swords, a card which can represent going through these things, particularly if you’re female.

As I pulled this card I felt a sense of moving through and overcoming. I don’t know if this means your worries are false or if things will be better quickly, but I do see things being ok in the end and I hope this is a comfort to you if you’re struggling.
Sometimes we suffer more because we fight what we don’t want rather than simply letting it move through us. I asked for guidance around this and was told that to fight is never the answer and that we should take some time to look for our quickest route to peace if we want resolution. I think this applies to all things us humans go through. Peace is the ultimate goal, right?

I hope this message helps you this week. Let me know what you need help with, and if you need healing I will send some during my evenings.

Lots of love as always X

Weekly reading, 5 of water

Good Morning!

Today we pulled from the angel deck, and the 5 of water came up as our card. Now remember our card last week offered healing? This week the theme carries over, offering more support but also reminding us that although things don’t always seem to be going our way, there is always a soul lesson to be learned.

5 of water tells us to resist nothing in order to bring about peace, and to look for the silver lining. Perhaps there is something good about your situation but if there isn’t, then the positive is that there is always opportunity to learn and grow no matter what is going on. When things go ‘wrong’, don’t fret. All is as it is meant to be. Please remember to call upon your angels when you need their loving support.

What lesson are you learning this week? Where is the positive in each day?

Hope this helps and have a perfect week 🙂

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Weekly reading – healing

Good morning 🙂

Today I asked the cards what our spirit guides wanted us to know and a very significant card came up.

This card from our healer guides wants us to acknowledge the fear, betrayal, uncertainty and sadness we feel at the moment. We may have personal issues we’re dealing with just now, but I can’t help but assume our guides are referring to events in Manchester earlier this week.

Our guides want us to surrender to their healing energies and allow ourselves time to feel what we need to feel before turning towards love again. They promise they will help us feel soothed as we regroup and support one another. They mention forgiving human flaws as I type this but I know plenty are not ready for forgiveness. Instead, we’ll go with the message of loving where we can and making a difference where we can.

‘Turn to love’ is the message I’m being told to run with. Allow healing in, choose peace yourself, and do what you can for others not just for this week but for always.

Uniting in kindness will change our planet and we mustn’t leave it to somebody else.

* * * * * * * * * *

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Helping young children through bereavement

Today I want to share how we helped my (just) five year old cope with the death of his grandfather. My son was full of questions when his grandad passed over, questions about heaven and where Grandad was now and whether he would see us again etc. All the questions I have spiritual beliefs about but might not have been able to answer simply enough for my 5 year old to process!

But alongside the questions M was also keeping a lot of his sadness inside, and this manifested with some naughty behaviour at school. To tell a five year old that someone is gone forever… I think that’s a really difficult concept to understand and M naturally dealt with things the only way he could, by showing his confusion through actions that would get the emotions out.

So we told am M he could share his memories of Grandad with a plant that Grandad gifted us many years ago. We told him that he could talk about his sadness too, but that the happier the memories he could share, the more the plant would grow. M took this suggestion on board and began going over to the plant whenever he thought of something new to tell.

This plant has never flowered before, but look at it after 3 months of memories! (And possibly a little luck that it is flowering season!)

My son is convinced Grandad is sending him flowers from heaven, and is still talking to the plant whenever he needs to. It has been a lovely way of allowing M to have a connection with grandad whilst also focusing on happy memories rather than confusion or sadness.

My 7 year old wasn’t interested in the plant so much and dealt with things in a very different way but if you’ve got a child under 5 who is struggling to understand the concept of saying goodbye, a memory plant is a beautiful way of helping them through it 🙂

Weekly tarot guidance – concentrate on joy

Good morning!

Where are you resisting joy? That’s the question our guides have suggested we address this week! (actually this question is close to the message I was hearing at the weekend – scroll down the facebook page to see!)

When we get caught up in how we think things should be, and when we spend our time in anger or frustation, we forget that we are letting moments of our lives pass us by which could have been spent feeling better. We forget that just by staying in anger and having a need to be right, we are denying ourselves the peace we all crave. When we choose to push through rather than relax, we’re not taking care of our spirit in a loving way and we’re missing out on the happiness that is not only our right, but what we came to experience.

Why would we harm our time so much?

This week, consider letting go a little and letting more fun in. Cut out unnecessary work, and let go of unnecessary negative feelings. None of it serves you like feeling good does.

It is time this week to nurture your spirit and remind yourself to laugh. When did you last have some fun? What did you used to do that you’ve neglected?

I hope you have a lovely week and that this reminder helps you 🙂

Weekly tarot guidance – 5 of pentacles

Good morning 🙂

Today our card comes with a warning for us! I dislike negative cards so much, but when I asked for a specific message for the week I was told to ‘be cautious’ so I’m going to run with this message.

Today our card is the 5 of pentacles, a card which is linked to money troubles. I feel that money is present or available for the taking, but that bad decisions might cause problems this week. If you have money decisions to make over the next few days, be mindful of consequences and hold off on taking risks!

This is a week for proceding with caution. If your gut says don’t fall for it or don’t buy, wait til this energy passes. It’s always worth taking time to really think things through and our card suggests that if we don’t, we might come to regret it later.

I’d also suggest using the cautious approach across all of your decision making this week. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. 🙂