Weekly tarot guidance – concentrate on joy

Good morning!

Where are you resisting joy? That’s the question our guides have suggested we address this week! (actually this question is close to the message I was hearing at the weekend – scroll down the facebook page to see!)

When we get caught up in how we think things should be, and when we spend our time in anger or frustation, we forget that we are letting moments of our lives pass us by which could have been spent feeling better. We forget that just by staying in anger and having a need to be right, we are denying ourselves the peace we all crave. When we choose to push through rather than relax, we’re not taking care of our spirit in a loving way and we’re missing out on the happiness that is not only our right, but what we came to experience.

Why would we harm our time so much?

This week, consider letting go a little and letting more fun in. Cut out unnecessary work, and let go of unnecessary negative feelings. None of it serves you like feeling good does.

It is time this week to nurture your spirit and remind yourself to laugh. When did you last have some fun? What did you used to do that you’ve neglected?

I hope you have a lovely week and that this reminder helps you 🙂

Weekly tarot guidance – 5 of pentacles

Good morning 🙂

Today our card comes with a warning for us! I dislike negative cards so much, but when I asked for a specific message for the week I was told to ‘be cautious’ so I’m going to run with this message.

Today our card is the 5 of pentacles, a card which is linked to money troubles. I feel that money is present or available for the taking, but that bad decisions might cause problems this week. If you have money decisions to make over the next few days, be mindful of consequences and hold off on taking risks!

This is a week for proceding with caution. If your gut says don’t fall for it or don’t buy, wait til this energy passes. It’s always worth taking time to really think things through and our card suggests that if we don’t, we might come to regret it later.

I’d also suggest using the cautious approach across all of your decision making this week. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. 🙂

Weekly tarot guidance, King of Pentacles

Good morning! The King of Pentacles is our card for today, and it’s a card which normally represents success related to the material parts of our lives such as money, business, work or purchases. As always though, when I pulled the card I asked for a specific message, and the words ‘Mental Strength’ came through. Remember our card last week? We are receiving more or less the same help this week!

To be successful, whatever that means to you, we have to own the right mindset… we have to have self belief and strength to push through and adapt. The guidance coming through this week is that we must work on our mental strength and our ability to keep going, particularly when things are not going to plan. If we want it, we must first work on the faith we have in ourselves before we can see the physical results. Have you had a rough couple of weeks? The card is speaking to you specifically. As I’m typing this I’m hearing ‘You can’t win without belief’

Overall the message is that success is around the corner if you believe in your ability to claim it.

The King of Pentacles can also represent an person of influence so do look out for him too!

Have a lovely week and let me know if this card speaks to you 🙂


Crystals for psychic development and more!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what I’ve been purchasing crystal wise, but I’ve recently gone through a spell of shopping!

I tend to go through phases of crystal buying. Just lately I’ve been getting ready to do some ancestral healing so more than a handful of new crystals have been added to the collection.

These aren’t *all* going onto the ancestral grid, but these are the new crystals I’m currently working with. I’m particularly drawn to Carnelian at the moment… 🙂

Here goes!

Moonstone is my first new buy, from a beautiful little shop in Salisbury. Moonstone is said to enhance both intuition and psychic ability, as well as soothe the monthly cycle and ease period pain.

My new Shaman Quartz piece was a birthday present from my auntie who knows me so well and gifts me crystals to support whatever I’m working on. Shaman Quartz is wonderful for deepening meditation, supporting dreamwork, and heightening visualization. I’ve received some beautiful guidance with this in my presence!

Carnelian is said to boost energy, stimulate creative thinking, promote self belief, and support positive choices. I just feel good when wearing Carnelian. It’s a real feel good crystal and has eased my retrograde symptoms! (This one is also good for writers!)

Danburite is one of the new crystals going into my ancestral healing grid. It’s said to promote a higher state of consciousness, help leave the past behind, and support dreamwork.

Finally, Petalite is also going on the grid! Petalite is said to help us connect with the angelic realm, release negativity, cut chords tying us to the past, and boost positive energy.

Do any of these crystals call to you? Have you been buying something else? You’ll have to let me know in the comments!

Lots of love as always! X

When you’re too depressed for gratitude

Last week I shared a post explaining what I do to get grateful when I’m not feeling it. I wanted to share the post because unless we’re very lucky, life isn’t mind blowingly exciting all of the time and for most of us, living in awe doesn’t come naturally.

The post was really well received and I had a lot of great feedback but I also received a message from someone who has depression and feels too low to be looking around in wonder regardless of the miracles the rest of us assure her are there. She asked me what *she* should do to feel happier and I thought it would be nice to share my answer here.

I believe self love is the best cure for anyone suffering with low moods. How we speak to ourselves and how we treat ourselves shapes our worlds, and our uncaring self habits tear us down on a daily basis and we’re not even aware of it.

Anyone who feels life is not doing it for them should look inwards first and see what they are telling themselves about their own life. Then they should find the most loving statement they can, and meditate on it daily for at least a month so that spiritual healing can begin. When we meditate with a mantra, our words either throw up what needs to be healed, or we start to feel better. I like ‘I love myself and I love the world’ as a general feel good affirmation but if you’re not there yet, try ‘I’m willing to learn to love myself’ or ‘I appreciate the strength I’m showing as I work towards feeling better’. Whatever makes you feel better is where your attention should be.

Self love mantras are not quick fixes. They are designed to lift you step by step over a period of time but they *do* work if you put effort into noticing your negative thoughts and replace them with a general but more positive statement. Consistency in using them is key but they work best when you are open to them working, so a trip to the doctor, an exercise programme, good sleep or a decent diet all might help you get to that place. Don’t struggle alone.

Alongside the mantras, taking time every day to look after YOU is a good idea. Give yourself some kindness by making space in the day for a quiet cuppa, going for a swim, or enjoying a good book. Most DEFINITELY get into the habit of praising yourself for your daily wins. Notice when you’ve done a fab job, helped someone or contributed. If something has gone well, give yourself a pat on the back.

Notice your thoughts and you’ll be in a good place to change. Are your thoughts negative? If so, your life is going to be tarnished by them.

You may not feel like challenging your thoughts straight away but if you start with thought awareness, you might just find you can begin, over time, to notice when you have been overly harsh, overly critical, or overly influenced by your current mood. You might even be able to give your thoughts over to your depression and know it’s not your true self shining through.

What are you telling yourself today? Could you find a better statement? 🙂

How to feel grateful when you know you should feel it but don’t!

Whether we want to be happier, work the law of attraction, or see the bright side of a bad situation so our day isn’t ruined, we all know we’re supposed to feel gratitude. We’re supposed to make a note of all the good things in our lives and feel blessed. Then we’re supposed to put a smile on and appreciate life because we surely have it better than others…

But what if you don’t feel blessed? What if you’re saying the words but just don’t feel it despite outward signs of abundance? What then?

At times like this, I look at a picture of our beautiful solar system and the magic of life returns to me in an instant.

I feel humble when I look at images of our galaxy and note how huge it is and how insignificant I am. The earth is made up of the perfect conditions for humans and animals to thrive alike, yet nobody really knows why it all happened or how. It’s a magical mystery to us why the earth has been created with the designs it has, right next to the moon and the sun which we also need for survival.

Seeing our earth or our moon, surrounded by stars or atmospheric clouds reminds me of how blessed I am to be part of this magic and how blessed I am that food, water, shelter and clothing have all been provided for me so I can take part in this wonder. I start to see my day as a gift… One which other people won’t be getting this morning because their time is through. I’m reminded that it’s my responsibility to help the planet thrive, by helping others, looking after nature, and tending the planet as she needs it. She is special, and abusing her is abusing ourselves. I’m reminded of what an absolute absolute privilege it is to see nature working for us, and I see the sky, the trees, a spider web or a daisy in a new light when I head outside. What I get to see is magic before my eyes.

You may not really feel grateful for your iPod or your microwave and you might not feel too impressed with having to jump on the bus and head to work each day but how can it fail to move you when you start thinking about all that had to happen to create the unique being that is you? It wasn’t just your parents creating you but the generations before them and everything the earth offered *them* so they might thrive enough to produce a new generation of thinkers. It was the sky, the rain fall, food, the temperature, the shelter of the trees and our brains developing day by day which all contributed to human life evolving. It was mother nature offering her arms of protection so we might be here today with our internet connection and central heating. We must never forget how an evolving ton of stardust made our lives today possible.

So next time you feel low, get humble. You play a very small part in what is otherwise an intricately designed home. You are blessed to take your place in the complex structure that is our solar system and you get to choose today whether you will make a difference or whether you will take your place for granted. Which will you do? Will you appreciate the opportunities you have today and take part in all the opportunities the world has to offer?

I know I will. Today I feel blessed to be part of the magic. I really hope you do too 🙂

What’s your spirit guide sign?

Do you want to learn to communicate with your spirit guide? Depending on what you want to get out of your connection, noticing your spirit guide’s presence can be really quite easy!

If you genuinely want to work with your spirit guides and form strong links for communication to flow, you really need to read this article on meditation and build the foundations of trust from the bottom up. The instructions in the post will help you build you a strong, solid connection which in turn will lead to enhanced spiritual growth and developed psychic and mediumship ability.

But if all you’re interested in is receiving proof you actually *have* a spirit guide, or you want a little confirmation of assistance before you put the hours of work in, consider asking your guides to send you a sign to signal their presence.

Your sign can be anything you choose, from images to songs to numbers. Blue hearts are one of my signs, as are strawberries! Then, when you’ve chosen, you just need to ask your guides to send you a visual of your image to say hello. (You make your guides aware of your request by sending a quick prayer to them.) Your sign will be shown to you in a very short amount of time, provided you keep your eyes open for it. This means staying in the moment and being present! Do you wander around caught up in the past or fretting about your future? This is your only barrier to receiving communication.

Once you’ve received your visual, you then have the opportunity to ask your spirit support team yes/no questions because they can send your sign to indicate a yes response. Taking this further, over time you might learn of something you hear, smell, see or sense when your guides are near and that’s when the connection really gets strong!

So have a go at this today! And let me know how quickly you get your confirmation of your guides presence!

I’m excited to hear your success stories, and I look forward to hearing what your sign is!

How to be happier

Can we talk mindfulness this week? It seems to be a buzz word we all throw around as something we ought to practice more of but don’t!

This past week I have been moving from task to task more mindfully. I have been stopping myself every few minutes to check what I’m thinking, and I’ve been amazed at what I’ve learned about myself.

Had you asked me 2 weeks ago whether I was a positive person I’d have said yes! But what I’ve learned recently is that I do most of my life on autopilot, with very little feeling of gratitude. Perhaps this is why life for me is so very often average… I have nothing to complain about but I don’t launch out of bed in excitement each morning either.

How does life look for you? Are you like me, stuck in the same rut, day in, day out? Is life pleasant enough but not all that exciting? If so, what’s missing is mindfulness and the opportunity to practice gratitude that mindfulness brings.

Every moment gives us a chance to be grateful about *something* which is happening for us. The trouble is, 99% of what we do is done without thinking. We don’t give thanks for our legs when we walk out the door. We don’t give thanks for the ease at which we can buy breakfast. We don’t give thanks for safe roads as we commute and we don’t give thanks for the hot water and cosmetics which allow us to feel good as we show up for work. We sit at a desk without feeling gratitude for the comfort of our chair and we drink coffee without feeling thankful for our tastebuds. I could go on but you get the picture I hope!

So this week I would like to challenge you to pause every 5 minutes to check what you’re thinking. Are you practicing gratitude as you should be? Because if you’re not, don’t be surprised when life feels bland.

We have opportunities at any given moment to appreciate life and if we choose not to focus on appreciating, it’s no wonder we miss the miracles. I think as you have a go at this mindfulness challenge you’ll be surprised at how frequently you forget to check your thoughts and how often the hours pass by as you ‘get on’ with things without really registering how amazing your life truly is!

Have a go at increasing your happiness by taking time to be grateful. Imagine how fab life could appear if you found something to be thankful for every five minutes… You’d struggle to find time for too many negative moments!

Just so you know, being mindful also increases your chances of noticing your intuition coming through and your guides communicating with you.

If happiness isn’t enough, that in itself makes life a bit magical doesn’t it? 😉

5 crystals to help you find love

Are you ready to attract some love into your life? This week I have 5 crystals for you which might help you in your quest for a loving relationship, particularly if you used them all together.

Rose Quartz is the love crystal we all know of but that’s because it’s brilliant at its job! Place a piece by your bed or wear some over your heart and it will help you call in the perfect romance! Rose Quartz works by opening the heart chakra to love.

Chrysanthemum Stone helps us release love into the world, as well as see things from a more loving perspective. Law of attraction dictates that we always get more of what we’re focusing on, so with this crystal helping us to give more love, we can’t help but receive more back!

Ruby is the passion crystal! Not only does this crystal attract more passionate relationships, it also encourages it’s users to have a passion for life! Use this crystal to have fun whilst you’re waiting for your new partner to find you!

Celestite is a crystal which helps us have calmer conversations by creating peace and smoothing over communication issues. This crystal is perfect for anyone who struggles to express themselves. All relationships need good communicators within them to sustain the test of time.

Finally, Sugilite is a crystal which teaches us how to live our truth. If you aren’t sure who you are and what you want, start with a piece of this and figure yourself out first. By the time your ideal partner shows up, you’ll be happy, sassy and confident in who you are.
And isn’t that more important than trying to fit what someone else wants you to be?

I hope this helps you! Let me know if you purchase any of these beautiful crystals. I want to hear your success stories!

What my spirit guides want us to know

Recently I was in a meditation searching for a solution to a small frustration I’ve been having. Whenever I need answers I usually meditate and wait for spirit guides to join me because this is normally enough to start a new thinking pattern and get myself back on track.

But guidance comes in many forms and we don’t always get step by step answers – sometimes it is up to us to ask for help then surrender the need to control what our reply is. This week, my dear spirit guide needed to remind me of this.

During meditation I complained to my guide that things were not as smooth going as I’d like them to be and that I was feeling annoyed. The answer that came back was this:

“Sometimes, what we think are blocks, barriers and hold ups are actually the solutions we’ve asked for.”

Isn’t that freeing?

My theme for 2017 is ‘surrender’, and days earlier I had already been told to resist nothing. Obviously I’d heard the message, but I hadn’t paid attention to it. This meant my guide was forced to listen to me complaining for a second time before repeating the message in a different way! (Which, for the record, is fine with guides as long as you are committed to the work).

So, just to save your own guides shouting at you til they’re blue in the face, let me pass this super important message on.

* We must surrender to the experience of life. We must use whatever we’re given as a starting point for choosing the most loving perspective.

*We must resist nothing. Even if it feels terrible going through it, we must learn the lesson the experience brings and trust that we will feel better one day. Perhaps we’ll feel better than better one day!

*What we resist, persists. We’re here to learn our life lessons and in some form we will keep repeating our lessons with different people and situations until we pass the assignment. Take everything as a gift. Where is the blessing? What do you need to learn?

*We must not assume it’s wrong for us just because it wasn’t in our own plan. What might we gain if we were to go with the detour and see how things pan out? We cannot ask for guidance then ignore it because it’s not what we want. We don’t get what we think we want… we get what we need.

*And finally, we must strengthen our link to our guides through regular meditation. They are waiting to speak with us if we will just make space for them.

* * * * *

I hope this serves you a little. Let go of control, go with what life has to offer, and find the light in every situation. Things might be frustrating, or you might just be resisting the solution…