Losing weight the spiritual way

Last week I posted on the facebook page about weight loss because I believe weight is a spiritual issue. (Your Spirutual Self Facebook Page)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we don’t have to eat the right things and exercise if we want to get slimmer because we do, but losing fat is about so much more than joining weight watchers.

If we over eat, or eat the wrong things, we are not eating because we’re hungry, we’re eating for an emotional reason. We might be bored, we might feel helpless, we might be trying to cure a hormonal problem or we might be seeking something to fill us up and help us feel good. But whatever the reason, before we can lose weight and keep it off, we need to know what we’re healing because it’s never just a case of laying off the cake.

A nice way to do this is to ask your higher self, via journaling or meditation, when the fat gain started and why, then trust that the answer will come to you. If it doesn’t come during meditation, trust the answer will come later. Sometimes I get nothing during meditation, but an answer will hit me later in the day!

Once you have the reply from your higher self, you can then start to lovingly change what your subconscious has guided you to do. You’ll know how to heal your thoughts and your body because you can approach what you’ve been telling yourself with love and reverse it.

I’ve put on weight lately so did this task, and was really surprised by what came up. I travelled back to the start of my mindless eating and learned that as a child, I was given approval for eating a little bit more than I could manage! This was after I’d been in hospital and had needed building up! When I think about my actions now, I do see that I eat when I am upset, challenged or insecure, and this is why! My subconscious is seeking that approval for me once again!

So do try to find the root of your problem before you restrict your calories. There are many ways to drop pounds, but you want to enjoy your lifestyle change rather than resent it until you slip back into old ways. What does your spirit need? I’m pretty sure it’s not more food!

Lots of healthy calories as always… and let me know what comes up for you!

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