Some call it Cosmic Ordering and some call it The law of attraction. Whatever you call it, the ability to think positively will literally change your life. Our thoughts influence the kind of life we have, and this is because it is far easier to see what we *believe* we’re going to see so therefore our thought systems set us up for the level of success available in each moment depending on our perspective. (Wayne Dyer was a firm believer in this!).

This ‘focus and it is given’ rule applies with good moods, feelings and energies. The more energy you have focused on gratitude and feeling good, the more good you’re going to find and therefore the happier you’ll feel and the easier you’ll find it to continue thinking positively. Esther Hicks has some good teachings around this subject, and how to raise your vibration when you feel less than inspired.

The law of attraction works in your favour every time you think positively! If you have a positive attitude to living and believe that everything you want will eventually come to you, then it’s just one more step to feeling wonderful in relation to your wants, and being able to request specific objects or feelings into your life.

Believing is key though; you must be open to receiving and *believe* you will receive before you can ever hope to get what you’re asking for otherwise vibrationally, you will still be focused on the lack and you will not be feeling enough joy to change the energy vibration around yourself. It’s the vibrations you’re putting out that attract or repel your desires. Are you on the joyful, hopeful receiving vibration, eagerly anticipating what’s coming to you? Or are you still focusing on everything you don’t have, frustrated by your lack?

Have you figured out what you want? Then get visualizing as your first step! Picture in your mind what it is you want to manifest, and go deep into the image. Imagine what it will be like to already have what it is you want. Imagine what it will *feel* like having what you want. It is your joyful feelings that add weight to your receiving and without this good energy, law of attraction cannot bring what you desire. Forget what your reality looks like! Live from your imagination safe that whatever you are putting into your mind absolutely *will* manifest if you are able to stay on a receiving frequency.

When you feel a sense of anticipation, happiness and pure excitement when you imagine, you are most definitely on the right vibrational path to receiving.

But let me just state the obvious. Law of attraction cannot deliver to you if you don’t take action! If you ask for a new hairdryer and then receive a bonus £100 cheque in the mail, don’t complain that you haven’t received quite what you asked for! If you ask for a new job and then see a perfect opportunity advertised, don’t think you’re getting hired without putting your CV in front of the right person! You must do your part also!

Law of attraction is about expecting good things as you piece the puzzle pieces together, and working with it makes for a magical journey. Your job is merely to request; the universe will take care of all the details. Spirit guides are always nearby and ready to help us with our manifesting too. You don’t have to do this life alone and can choose to invite spiritual support in at any point. Simply ask for guidance, and you will be lead. Once you’ve asked, your job then becomes to trust in the process whilst being very aware of the moment to moment guidance that your guides are offering in response. We know we’re receiving help from our spirit team when it feels right and aligned with our desires.

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