How to receive spiritual guidance

Do you ever need a creative hit or a solution to something? Because I do, and when I do, I ask for it!

I never sit for hours expecting results without opening up, and I’d love to share with you how I receive the guidance I need without wasting time in inaction.

To get into receiving mode I first meditate, then I envision cleansing white light beaming straight to my heart and also in through the back of my neck and through the crown of my head. In this state I ask spirit for what I need.

Next, I either light a candle to sit quietly for a little longer, journal my questions and allow answers to flow, or I go for a walk.

Finally, I believe the solutions are coming. They may come instantly through the journal, or they may take a day or two and show up via a person or an inspired idea which seemingly comes from nowhere. But no matter how long it takes, I know that spirit are on my side and that when the time is right, my guidance is coming.

I find that many people seeking answers are seeking them because they aren’t open. They believe ideas are their own. I’m here to tell you that they’re not and that they are just flowing through you! To receive inspiration, we just have to be open to receiving it and ready to jump into action when it gets here.

You’ll know it’s right by how good it feels 🙂

So try relaxing when you need your next inspiring hit. It will come to you, but only if you let it!

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