How to recall past lives

Everything we do is shaped by who we are, but who we are is shaped by more than one lifetime. We have all sorts of issues we carry over into new lives, and all of these things need healing!

I am reading a really wonderful book by Denise Linn at the moment and she suggests looking at what you are drawn to for signs of your past lives. What do you love eating? Which countries or styles of dress pull you? Which eras of history or jobs interest you? Denise Lynn believes these things offer us clues to our past.

When we have these things down, she then suggests going into meditation and envisioning ourselves taking a trip to our past lives which we can do by imagining ourselves walking through a tunnel or over a bridge into our past. There, we will be shown what we need to see. If meditation is tricky for you, she also suggests declaring your intention to dream your past life as you fall asleep, and to remember it as you write notes in the morning.

It’s easy to fear our imaginations will kick in here, but we can tell the difference between imagination and memories by the way we feel as we explore. A past memory is something which feels a lot more certain than the frantic, questioning of ego. It’s a case of exploring though, and learning to trust your feelings.

I know in one past life I was a nun whose voice was suppressed, and that the Irish countryside pulls me despite never having been there. I also love the Victorian era, as well as Medieval England.

What pulls you? What do you know about your past lives?

Isn’t it fascinating that we know more than we think we know?!

Let me know what you discover! Comments always welcome 🙂

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