How amethyst will aid your sobriety

Is sobriety in one form or another on your list of new year’s resolutions? Because if it is, and even if that means you are just participating in dry January, did you know that amethyst can help? It can be programmed to support your sobriety because as a crystal, it has the ability to cleanse your body and raise your spiritual awareness! This means you’re more likely to find you have determination to succeed because you feel so good!

As well as sobriety benefits, amethyst also offers healing for any hangovers due to over indulgence at Christmas. It cleanses the blood, boosts the immune system and can even give the metabolism a boost to kick start a new year’s diet! It really is healing crystal, and will pretty much assist with anything you ask of it.

If the health benefits aren’t enough of a reason to purchase though, amethyst is also the perfect aid for spiritual development due to its ability to raise your personal vibration and enhance your connection to your own intuition. I have a piece by my bedside, and I find when I meditate with it in my hand, my whole arm tingles from the power it holds!

But back to quitting the hard stuff. Do you need help with your own sobriety? If so, join Christina Nuttall in being fit and sober here: .

And if you need support as a loved one walks the sober path, check out new blog
There is lots of sober support out there if you ask for it, and a surprising number of people more content with tea over wine if you speak out!

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