logo I believe that being unwell is not a natural state for us. I believe that illness can on occasion manifest itself due to our physical behaviours and thoughts, and that we can both prevent this and heal ourselves by focusing on better thoughts and feelings. It’s my belief that whilst nobody wishes illness on themselves, there is a place for healers who can relate our complaints to our body issues. (To give an example some believe a sore throat manifests itself due to unexpressed words).

That is not to say I don’t think doctors have their place! You should of course get yourself checked out if something is wrong because to regain health you need to believe you are getting better and if a dose of something increases your belief it can only do good! But if you do want to learn more about how thoughts affect the physical body then please read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. She is the most amazing teacher when it comes to this topic.

Diet plays a massive part in how we feel both emotionally and physically. A diet high in fruit and veg and low in processed foods will *always* make you feel better. Eating lean and green food is always going to be better for us than eating things riddled with chemicals. Some believe a good diet can cure various diseases. Examples of specific diets for health include alkaline diets which are thought to cure cancer, and making additions of various items to our daily intake such as peppermint tea which is thought to prevent indigestion. Read Neal’s Yard Remedies Healing Foods for more information.

Alternative healing

Reiki is the most known of the spiritual healing cures on offer. Reiki is the channeling of energy to heal and is often performed by hands being placed on the body or by the body being ‘scanned’ by a healer able to ‘see’ your energy field. (Some healers use candles, lighting or pendulums for before using targeted reiki). Ask around for Reiki healers in your area. The good ones have great reputations for working magic. If you have no spiritual friends ask in your local new age supply shop or try your local spiritualist church. Check references before you part with any hard earned cash however.

Blocked chakras can cause us problems too. Chakras are the energy points within the body and to be well, they must be spinning with ease. Spinning too fast or too slow can cause us all kinds of problems, most of them emotional. To learn more about what yours do and how to access them, go Here.

Colour therapy is used to change moods and emotions and the quickest way to access these state changes is to look in your wardrobe! Imagining a coloured light surrounding you also works though, as does sitting in a room with coloured walls. Colours affect us simply because our bodies absorb the colours around us, and therapists believe we can rebalance chakras for overall health by focusing on the colour of the chakra we are trying to soothe. (Click link above for the chakra colours.) But colours also leave an impression on us simply by viewing them. Blue calms us down, green is the heart chakra colour and therefore loving, red gives us energy, and yellow is a feel good colour. Brown is a natural colour whilst white is good for meditation and peace. It is always worth noting how colours make you feel so you can add this knowledge to your spiritual toolbox. Personally green and pink are very healing for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cleanse your body and spirit
A meditational cleanse is a great way to instantly feel relaxed and refreshed and may help ease any ailments.
To perform a cleanse find somewhere warm to sit, quieten your mind by focusing on the breath, and go into a mini, restful meditation.
When fully relaxed, imagine warm gold or silver light showering you from above, cleansing all your worries, stresses, and negativity. Feel all the bad stuff being washed away by this light which leaves you feeling warm and completely soothed. Imagine this light surrounding you until it glows a radiant aura around you.

When you feel completely rested and renewed, slowly bring yourself back, and ground yourself by sipping water.

Aromatherapy and essential oils
Essential oils have their place both within alternative healing and spiritual development. Some of the most common oils and scents include tea tree which is used for its anti-bacterial properties, sandalwood and lavendar which are used for relaxation and to aid spiritual connection, lemon which is used to cleanse and uplift, Marjoram which can help calm the mind, and chamomile which is used as an anti-inflammatory.
Take advice before using essential oils, dilute them with a carrier oil before putting them on skin, and if you’re not sure which oil to pick ask before you purchase. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tapping or EFT is the art of tapping on points around the body to release overwhelming energy associated with various feelings and thoughts we have. I think of it as being acupuncture for the mind! Tapping can specifically target individual thoughts and feelings so that each issue we have can be addressed and eased by reprogramming our associations.

Since I mentioned acupuncture above I should mention it here too! Acupuncture works by targeting various points and working with the vibrations within our body to ease pain. I know people who’ve had it done and swear by it for relieving discomfort.

Don’t forget that whenever you are ill, you can always ask spirit for healing. Ask your guides and Archangel Raphael to aid you in your healing process. Whenever I need healing I meditate then imagine green sparkles spreading around my affected area. Don’t ask me why green sparkles, all I know is it seems to work and therefore I’m sticking with it!!