Getting the most out of a spiritual reading

When you ask a spiritual worker for a reading, what you’re actually asking for is help to feel better. And when you have specific questions, you’re actually asking for healing. This is why you won’t necessarily receive the reading you expect to.

Healing is essentially noting where you are, where you want to be, and how you feel about it. Spirit like to give affirmations for me to share as I pull cards because they bring up disbelief and fear which we can then heal. Doubt, when in a reading, is a clear indicator of what your energy is doing!

If you have doubts about what your spiritual worker receives for you, personally I’m happy when you tell me about them because it then tells us where to start healing. If you don’t believe in an affirmation or a course of action, this is a big energy block to fix!

Spirit often give me time lines to share. If you can take these time lines then great, but if they instil fear in you that your desires won’t really happen then again, we have healing to do because your doubt will stomp all over that time prediction! It is important you speak when that insecurity hits!

I cannot do the healing work for you, and I cannot tell you something will happen if you aren’t willing to acknowledge your own required effort, put the phone down, and do the work. (This is why some people receive a reading and are disappointed by it.) But I am absolutely ok with hearing feedback and taking steps back with you to find where your healing needs to start. Because if you are willing to follow spirit’s advice, we have a sense of direction to work with should you come for further readings in 3 or 6 months time. Ongoing readings mean you really get to progress with your desired direction!

Talk to your spiritual reader or hit reply on the email whenever someone reads for you. We cannot provide miracles, but we do like to know you are taking away with you a sense of hope.

Otherwise get clear about what you were hoping for. Were you looking for a quick fix? Because perhaps that’s why things aren’t good for you right now.

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