Getting new years resolutions to stick

Many of us are about to set new years goals, and many of us will fail to hit them. Why? Because we’ll start off determined, then at the first hurdle listen to inner chatter slating our efforts until we feel helpless and give up.

If we want to achieve new goals and reach new heights this year, we’ve got to heal that voice. 

When we talk of spiritual healing, what we mean is that we’re trying to return to our truth which is love. What this means is that we recognise when our human experience is trying to tell us something that isn’t loving, and we choose to turn away from it.
Where most people struggle is that they might have a positive word for themselves initially when motivation is high, but when they don’t cure all insecurities straight away, they give up. 
But it’s usually not as quick a process as this! 

Spiritual healing is a process which takes a lot of time and dedication, and we have to release unwanted patterns over and over to clear them. You might heal today and then need to do it again tomorrow! 
When you hear that voice telling you it won’t work or you can’t do it, this is your call to heal. Are you going to accept this fearful voice? Or choose a healthier perspective instead? 

Here’s your truth:
Your fears are not true statements of who you are and what you can do. When you realise this, you start to release the heavy energy which keeps you stuck.

Only love is real.  The rest is false perspective. 

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