Divination or the art of predicting the future is probably the primary reason people have their spiritual curiosity sparked. To outsiders, it sometimes seems psychics know it all and therefore must have their lives completely sussed!
Whilst it doesn’t work *quite* like that, we can ask spirit for guidance and learn to interpret what they tell us. Below are the main ‘fortune telling’ methods I work with.

Pendulums can be made of anything, from crystal to paperclips. They can be worked to give yes/no answers and can be asked to spin over letters to reveal messages, or body parts to aid with healing. If you are new to pendulum work, read more here.

Automatic writing is the art of going into a trance and having spirit take over your pen. I have never tried this though and am told it takes years to perfect. If you attempt automatic writing remember to protect yourself before you meditate, and be mindful that you may only get scribbles or shapes initially which then need interpreting. It’s unlikely you’ll get fully formed sentences which make sense and need no intuitive translation!

Runes are symbols which tell fortunes, and are normally painted on stones. They are as simple or as difficult to interpret as tarot cards, and can give answers to questions you’ve meditated on. Beginners should read the guide that comes with the stones once to get an initial feel for the meanings, but when pulling stones for readings should ignore the book and interpret with gut instinct. Often in our heart we know the answer to the question we are asking, so it’s important not to ignore any inner voice. (We often do if it’s not the answer we want to hear!)
If you’d like to learn more check out Reading the Runes: A Beginner’s Guide.

Scrying is the art of seeing pictures in water, fire, tea leaves or candle wax. Some even live up to the fairytale witchy image and use a crystal ball! To learn scrying you must first learn how to relax deeply, as both body and mind must be relaxed and receptive to what you might see. Eyes especially must be rested and ready to interpret. You must be willing to trust your own intuition when it comes to interpreting what you are seeing so as a general guide, learn to meditate first, then learn to trust that intuition. Once you have that down, practice following the ‘gut’ feeling we all have from time to time. That is your intuition shouting at you! Looking for images is possibly the hardest of the fortune telling methods because there are no rules to start you off. Only you can know what you’re seeing.

Cards come in many forms including tarot decks and angel cards. To learn more about how to interpret tarot cards go here.
Otherwise, click on the link to the side of this post to find out how you can arrange a personal reading from myself. 🙂

And finally, don’t forget that spirit will answer any questions you have, provided you ask for signs of the answer and are willing to *see* those signs.

Note: Whenever you connect with spirit you must always ask for white light protection to surround you before beginning your work. As an extra precaution, I always ask that only guides, angels and loved ones come through for me and that they bring only love and light with them.

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