I love love love the power of crystals. Once they’re tuned up, there’s no end to the good energy they can bring into your life. I sleep with them under my pillow, I meditate with them, and I carry them around or wear them as jewellery for a boost during the day.
But crystals can be expensive, especially as there are so many available. You could spend a small fortune looking for the right crystal for you, even in tumble stone form. Below you’ll find the five crystals I use the most and the ones I would never be without.

Green Aventurine:

I think probably this is my favourite crystal just now and I use it for its calming powers. It’s a crystal known for soothing anxieties, helping with overcoming obstacles, and calming moods. With 2 dogs and 2 children in the house, I keep my green aventurine with me ALWAYS!

Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis is my choice of crystal for increasing psychic energy, and I keep a tumblestone under my pillow at night to aid with dream work since it’s believed to help with spiritual insight. If you have insomnia, Lapis is a good one for under your pillow too since it’s said to help with sleep struggles.


Citrine is said to be the success or the abundance crystal. It’s said this crystal aids in making things happen and giving the user the confidence to live life fully. I often wear citrine in ring form since it’s not only a powerful crystal, it’s a pretty one too!

Rutilated Quartz:

Rutilated Quartz is said to be the stone for letting go of the ego. It works by encouraging clear thought and relieving anxiety, and is also good for easing negativity. It helps bring clarity and peace of mind, allowing for clear, unemotional decision making. Rutilated Quartz is also good for easing tiredness, mood swings and depression. If you use this crystal in your spiritual work then it will help ward off any negative energy and increase the connection with positive spiritual channels. I like to wear this one in bracelet form most days.


Finally I use Amethyst a lot in contacting spirit. I have an Amethyst pendulum for example. Amethyst is the crystal said to enhance communication with the spirit world whilst guarding against dark energy. It’s particularly good to use when contacting the angels. Carried around with you day to day it’s said to calm the mood. If you’re pregnant, this is also the crystal for you since it’s said to help ease pregnancy symptoms and increase the strength of the immune system. This is the crystal I send to all my pregnant friends!

Not sure how to get started with crystal magic? Read my 3 steps to charging your crystals guide by clicking the link. 🙂

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