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Why sporty is spiritual

I am not a runner, I should say that right away. And until this week, I didn’t know what a triathlon was! But I’ve just finished reading a very addictive memoir about journalist turned athlete Helen Croydon, and I’m almost tempted (I said almost, don’t push!) to get outside and do some very slow jogging!

Helen quit her party lifestyle in favour of run club when her pub days and hangovers left her unfulfilled and bored rather than happy. Having never really taken much exercise other than normal gym stuff in the past, Helen started to get into fitness on a whole new level as part of a quest to enjoy more meaningful weekends.

‘The girl who ran’ has made it onto the Your Spiritual Self blog because Helen developed more than physical stamina on her journey to become a GB triathlete.

She learned

  1. We are all seeking a deeper connection to one another and our behaviours drive this search depending on who we think we need to be in order to achieve it
  2. Our bodies are as strong as our minds believe them to be
  3. That everything is temporary, even feeling freezing cold and suffering from exhaustion
  4. That we waste time keeping up appearances. (The heels were soon ditched!)

Her challenges got me thinking. I have never done anything as drastic as swimming miles in a freezing cold river, but how nice does it feel to go out on a walk in autumn, get chilly, and come home for a hot cuppa? I can see how a race weekend might leave a person feeling on a high, as creature comforts soothe after mother nature has done her worst.

Whether you are inspired to run or not, do give this very light and easy to read book a go. It’s a book about finding yourself, which is pretty much what we’re all hear for, right? And if running is going to be your new year goal, it is actually quite likely to get you moving! (Click book for link)


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Soul contracts

Soul contracts are agreements we put in place before we come into our human bodies. These agreements are decided on in discussions between ourselves and the higher council, and cover what we will attempt to learn during our time here on earth.

These soul contracts can’t be changed, but what can change is how we receive these lessons, and who is involved.

We all have free will, which means we essentially get to control the course of our lives. What this means is that whilst our lessons and themes won’t change, our vessels and channels will. We’re not getting out of what we need to learn, but we do get a say in who or what teaches us, and how quickly we are willing to do the work.

Soul contracts can include vows to enter situations and experiences too. For example vows of poverty or living during war and conflict. Why you’ve agreed these terms may be something you learn at the end of your life, or you may overcome these challenges, knowingly or unknowingly, through soul work during your time here.

We can occasionally carry past soul contracts into current lives so if you have disaster after disaster when it comes to love, or can’t seem to hold onto money, consider asking your guides whether there is a soul contract in place from this life or previous ones. If there is, ask to heal the lesson, then release from it.

I see confusion about soul contracts and life lessons quite a lot. So just to clarify, the lessons will keep repeating until you learn them, and may span many lives. Ditching your current problem won’t rid you of it, it will simply come around again with a new form until you choose healing.

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Getting the most out of a spiritual reading

When you ask a spiritual worker for a reading, what you’re actually asking for is help to feel better. And when you have specific questions, you’re actually asking for healing. This is why you won’t necessarily receive the reading you expect to.

Healing is essentially noting where you are, where you want to be, and how you feel about it. Spirit like to give affirmations for me to share as I pull cards because they bring up disbelief and fear which we can then heal. Doubt, when in a reading, is a clear indicator of what your energy is doing!

If you have doubts about what your spiritual worker receives for you, personally I’m happy when you tell me about them because it then tells us where to start healing. If you don’t believe in an affirmation or a course of action, this is a big energy block to fix!

Spirit often give me time lines to share. If you can take these time lines then great, but if they instil fear in you that your desires won’t really happen then again, we have healing to do because your doubt will stomp all over that time prediction! It is important you speak when that insecurity hits!

I cannot do the healing work for you, and I cannot tell you something will happen if you aren’t willing to acknowledge your own required effort, put the phone down, and do the work. (This is why some people receive a reading and are disappointed by it.) But I am absolutely ok with hearing feedback and taking steps back with you to find where your healing needs to start. Because if you are willing to follow spirit’s advice, we have a sense of direction to work with should you come for further readings in 3 or 6 months time. Ongoing readings mean you really get to progress with your desired direction!

Talk to your spiritual reader or hit reply on the email whenever someone reads for you. We cannot provide miracles, but we do like to know you are taking away with you a sense of hope.

Otherwise get clear about what you were hoping for. Were you looking for a quick fix? Because perhaps that’s why things aren’t good for you right now.

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Protecting against psychic attack

Let’s talk briefly about psychic attack because I see people making the fear of it bigger than it needs to be for the average occurance of it.

Psychic attack occurs when anyone sends you dodgy vibes. Some vibes such as malice or anger are pretty nasty, but others such as jealousy and frustration are tamer but still unpleasant. People basically send these vibes out when they think of you in an unpleasant way.

If you’re tuned into your energy you’ll feel something going on, but it isn’t always easy to identify the source of the attack and why you feel so bad, even when you work with energy daily. Psychic attack can cause physical problems, but you can also just feel ‘off’ or lack energy.

To keep yourself safe from draining energies, I recommend you ask your guides for spiritual protection each morning, and ‘shower off’ the day’s negativity each evening by envisioning a shower of white light cleansing you of any unwanted energy before bed.

Before you do any psychic work such as readings, mediumship, healings and spells, I also recommend asking your guides for protection, casting a white light circle, and lighting a candle to set your intention of working in the light. You don’t have to know the person trashing your energy so it’s important you protect yourself before opening up.

Doing these things is especially important if you work with many people or around the general public. Now and again we all get people who take their bad moods out on us just because we’re there. If you work in a shop and see 50 people a day, then take the bus home with another 40 people, that’s a lot of bad moods to risk, particularly if you are empathic!

Protect yourself to avoid being dragged down. It only takes five minutes, and it’ll save you wondering why you suddenly feel rotten. We keep our bodies clean, but we should keep our auras clean too.

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Losing weight the spiritual way

Last week I posted on the facebook page about weight loss because I believe weight is a spiritual issue. (Your Spirutual Self Facebook Page)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we don’t have to eat the right things and exercise if we want to get slimmer because we do, but losing fat is about so much more than joining weight watchers.

If we over eat, or eat the wrong things, we are not eating because we’re hungry, we’re eating for an emotional reason. We might be bored, we might feel helpless, we might be trying to cure a hormonal problem or we might be seeking something to fill us up and help us feel good. But whatever the reason, before we can lose weight and keep it off, we need to know what we’re healing because it’s never just a case of laying off the cake.

A nice way to do this is to ask your higher self, via journaling or meditation, when the fat gain started and why, then trust that the answer will come to you. If it doesn’t come during meditation, trust the answer will come later. Sometimes I get nothing during meditation, but an answer will hit me later in the day!

Once you have the reply from your higher self, you can then start to lovingly change what your subconscious has guided you to do. You’ll know how to heal your thoughts and your body because you can approach what you’ve been telling yourself with love and reverse it.

I’ve put on weight lately so did this task, and was really surprised by what came up. I travelled back to the start of my mindless eating and learned that as a child, I was given approval for eating a little bit more than I could manage! This was after I’d been in hospital and had needed building up! When I think about my actions now, I do see that I eat when I am upset, challenged or insecure, and this is why! My subconscious is seeking that approval for me once again!

So do try to find the root of your problem before you restrict your calories. There are many ways to drop pounds, but you want to enjoy your lifestyle change rather than resent it until you slip back into old ways. What does your spirit need? I’m pretty sure it’s not more food!

Lots of healthy calories as always… and let me know what comes up for you!

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Better health the spiritual way ♡

It’s Autumn here in the UK, and we’re starting to get near that time when people begin charging to the local pharmacy and doctor for the flu vaccine to get them through winter.

Whilst this route is perfect for some people, the body can often do just as well with some better attention and care. When was the last time you put your hand on your heart and took time to ask your body what it needed? Spiritual healers believe in working with energy and whilst modern medicine can work wonders, so can taking the time to take care of ourselves!

The simplest way to boost immunity at any time is to step away from the junk food cupboard, and choose to see food as medicine and fuel. Now I’m not there yet so I’m not preaching here, but plant based diets offer up so many benefits compared with diets of sugar and processed food. Red bell peppers have LOTS of vitamin C, ginger and garlic boost immunity, and green vegetables such as broccoli are packed full of the vitamins our bodies need to work as they should. (Google the Medical Medium for more info).

Water also helps the body run, and you could think about upping your intake going forwards, particularly if you drink alcohol or coffee as these dehydrate us terribly and slow the body down by giving several organs further work to do.

Stress is a third massive pressure on our immune system and to release the damage of this I believe in walking, yoga with a focus on the breath, working into twisting poses to release toxins, and meditation to let the body calm. All of these things buy space for the body to heal.

Many spiritualists believe illness is linked to stuck energy within the body because when you hold onto the bad you carry emotional pain which builds up. To stay balanced and allow energy to keep flowing, it’s important to release negative feelings by addressing them on a day by day basis so you don’t fall victim to this. Try releasing with meditation, EFT, and journalling.

Crystals help amplify your desired, healthy energy too! Black Tourmaline promotes vitality and strength, Selenite keeps the energy pure, and Bloodstone boosts the immune system.

Spiritualists believe its not the doctor who knows what’s best for your body, it’s you.
What does *your* body need in order to take a step towards optimal health? Take a moment to sit in silence and ask your higher self. We don’t tend to do this very often because quite a lot of us don’t like the answers but if you don’t ask, don’t be surprised when your body gets tired! (Personally I *know* I should step away from the sugars!!)

I wish you a healthy winter and a sniffle free autumn. How are you staying strong in the winter months? If you have any health tips for myself and other readers, feel free to leave them in the comments above this posts title… ♡

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My most recent spiritual reads

This is an ongoing page where I get to share with you what I’ve been learning recently. If you are an avid reader, check back here often! Clicking on any of the images will take you to Amazon for more info.

What to say when you talk to yourself

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Stairways to heaven – angel stories

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Totem animals – spirit guides

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Agate, Carnelian, Moldavite and Larimar.

Over the summer holidays we took a day trip to Swanage. We went mostly for the beach and the ice cream, but there is a lovely little crystal shop there called Natural Wonders which entices me in every time I visit.

On the counter as I walked in was a beautiful blue lace agate bracelet which just called to me. I initially walked past, but then went back to it. Blue lace agate is a calming crystal for me, but it also helps with self expression, particularly when it comes to fear we might have around being judged. This crystal helps heal the throat area, and is linked to the throat chakra.

Next up was a piece of moldavite. Now I know this piece is not pure due to its low price and it’s calcite description but I’m going to work with it and see what it does anyway! Pure moldavite raises vibration, enhances spiritual skills, deepens development, sharpens intuition and throws all the issues you need to address to the surface! Basically, it enhances everything!!

Carnelian was my third choice. I have some carnelian already, but the colour of this one caught my eye. Carnelian is said to aid with creativity, motivation, concentration and perception. As I’m writing this I’m thinking it might be a good crystal for a writer to work with. Carnelian is also said to boost metabolism.

Finally, I was drawn to a piece of larimar. (My second piece!) Larimar is said to be great for healing past life issues, and for enhancing spiritual growth. It is a bringer of peace and love, and is said to help its user release feelings of fear and guilt. I am using this crystal at the moment to work through soul issues I’ve carried over from previous lives.

Where is your local crystal shop? Have you purchased anything pretty lately? Let me know in the comments! X

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Feeling lost, empty or low? 5 crystals that can help with life purpose

Most of us on this self empowerment journey just want to feel better about where we are and where we’re going. I know I started diving into personal development for this reason!

So here are 5 crystals you might like to look into if you are feeling at all lost, empty, or dis-empowered. Need to know what to do next or crave finding peace? These crystals could help you connect with the spiritual guidance you need 🙂

Sugilite is the crystal for helping you discover your life purpose. It helps by increasing the wisdom and love within you and available to you by raising your vibration and boosting your positive thinking. If you feel down or feel that everything is pointless, this crystal could be programmed to help you with your energy levels.

Aventurine is my favourite calming crystal and the one I reach for most when I’m having parenting struggles and want to feel more peaceful! With it’s soothing influence, Aventurine calms the mind so that creativity can flow and guidance can come in. This crystal is perfect for you if you know what you want, but don’t know your next step.

Blue lace agate is also a calming crystal. It’s a healing stone which helps it’s user develop peace of mind, beat depression, and ease the fear of being judged by others. Blue lace agate is perfect for anyone who has secret desires but is being held back by fear or nerves.

Citrine is known as the success crystal! Use this one to aid in achieving success and manifesting abundance! If you want results and want to feel good particularly around the topic of your career, work with this beautiful piece.


Lapis Lazuli helps if you’re struggling with lack of purpose because it helps you connect with intuitive guidance so you can find your path. It promotes peace within you, but also gives it’s user a nudge to take charge and take action. Lapis Lazuli can be programmed to tap into your psychic energies so that you can take action directed by your spirit. And if you want to develop psychically, this crystal has the added bonus of helping you with that too!

Do you have a favourite feel good crystal? Let me know in the comments! There are so many to choose from that I don’t think I will ever learn them all!

And if you like the idea of working with crystals but don’t know where to start, my friend Hollie Stark is launching a free course! Sign up to receive all her crystal wisdom here 🙂


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Weekly guidance

Good morning 🙂

Two cards for us today because I was told to take two!

The first card pulled was the despair card from the spirit guide deck and the message from this card is that we must take time out, particularly in nature, if we are feeling low about a particular area of our lives. I am told that this is not only to restore peace, but to allow solutions to come forward when the mind is quiet and not distracted. We are promised that no matter what the problem, nature will soothe us and help us feel better once again if we take time out to look after ourselves emotionally.

The second card is the Knight of wands and is a more positive action card. As I pulled this one I was being told to move, to go! Have you been holding back? If so this card is for you! It is the sign you have been looking for to jump into whatever it is you’ve been hesitating about!

If you’ve been struggling just lately though, the reading is telling you exactly what you need to do to get out of the worry pattern. Card one will help you feel better enough so that you might move into inspired, safe action in the future. The important message for you this week is most definitely this first card, the reminder to take care of yourself spiritually so that guidance can come through.

Has this reading helped you today? Let me know!

Hope you have a lovely week X

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