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Weekly reading, Ace of water

Good morning! Welcome to the weekly reading. As always, do take some time to work with the card if the reading speaks to you.

This week I have pulled Ace of Water from the angel deck. This is a card which represents spiritual enlightenment and truth – it suggests things coming together and clarity of thought. If you’ve been struggling, it looks like things are about to come right again, particularly if you can decide on a plan of action to move forwards. (Meditation may be a good start!) Any confusion is likely to fade over the coming days as answers come to light, but you need to be open to receiving the solution.

If you are stuck in any way, say out loud now: ‘Thank you guidance for providing me with what I need for clarity/direction’, then trust the answers will come. Clear your mind of worry, and give yourself some space for your intuition to be heard. Again, meditation is good for this but if you don’t like to meditate, at least sit in silence for a moment each day.

A new beginning is also represented by Ace of Water. (Again, that new start comes up!) If you are open to it, new relationships, new jobs, spiritual growth and new homes are all yours for the taking in what looks to be a special week.

As I type this I’m being told we should slow down and make time to let the universe work for us so I do suggest time out each day to meditate, pray, or be in nature. This is a week of support and answers, particularly if you ask for help and look for solutions but we do need to give spirit a fighting chance at being heard. I love to walk when I’m waiting for guidance to download but do whatever works for you 🙂

I hope this reading helps you!

Love as always,


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Weekly reading, ace of fire

Good morning 🙂 This week I wanted to pull an angel card for us. Did you see my latest blog post? I’m convinced I caught an angel on camera! (Find it here if you’d like to read!)

Whatever you think of my photo though, angels are all around us and can offer us wonderful insights which is why I pulled our guidance this morning from my favourite angel deck.

The card I pulled today was Ace of Fire, and this is a card which represents new beginnings particularly around career. If any of you are looking to change jobs, gain one, or are stuck debating whether you should take a promotion, our guidance says the energy is right for a new start. If it feels good, go for it!

If you are unemployed but are looking for work, be more aware this week of your efforts and step them up. Apply for those jobs you want but don’t feel you can get, and speak to as many people as you possibly can. Push your fear of rejection aside and just go for it. If you get a no, so what! Shout from the rooftops that you are looking for work. Self belief is key here – it can make your year or hold you stuck.

Are you starting a new career this week? If so go in with a positive mindset. You couldn’t have picked a better time!

I’m being told that fear of choosing wrongly holds us back quite a bit. Well, you can forget that fear this week. If you have the chance to take a risk that feels right, do it! The angels are cheering you on!

Love as always 🙂

Vicki X

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Weekly readings and an angel card

Good morning! I have been reading cards for the community again! If you would like to get in line for your turn, do sign up to the mailing list and email your question over 🙂

This week Kate asked when she would move house. I don’t like to give timings as a rule because I have to work with the energy as it stands now, and the timings are often changed by choices made going forwards making my predictions not worth the paper they’re written on! We all have the ability to change course at any given second, and this affects how accurate tarot can be.
(But as I was pulling the card, springtime came to mind and wouldn’t shift.)
Card wise though, the Ace of swords came up which is a card of victory. I am certain that you will move Kate, but I’m being told you must move in your mind too and be ready. Cut ties with the house and start packing! Declutter, and mentally say goodbye to as much as you can. Be proactive. Decorate and tidy if you need to. Be positive, too. You ARE moving, so drop all thoughts of being trapped or being stuck in something slow progressing. Trust divine timing. You are going but it will be when you are ready. Make sure nothing (worry about where you’ll end up, stress over schools, commute times, how you’ll pay for the removal van etc) is holding you in your current place.

Lesleyanne then asked me to pull a general card and the 5 of cups came up. This is a bittersweet card which suggests the loss of one thing gains another. It’s a reminder for you to put your focus on the positive. Have you been feeling a little fed up lately? Count your blessings and remember you get more of what you’re looking at to so pay attention to the positive aspects and the gains.

Finally, Sandy asked how to let go of someone. For this question I pulled a spirit guidance card because I know you have struggled with this for a very long time Sandy. The card that came up for you was the divine healer card. Pray for guidance, and let spirit support you. You may have been feeling frustrated with yourself because this person still consumes so many of your thoughts, and you may sometimes feel silly too. Guidance wants you to take this as a learning experience though and work on building up your self esteem by choosing a new focus. Take a class or find a new hobby, something which will encourage you to meet new people as well as occupy your mind! Being blunt, you have to choose to let go.

I hope this helps some! For the rest of us I’ve pulled an angel card. You can see what it is here. Don’t forget to like the page/post if the card is helpful!

Lots of love as always 🙂

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Weekly reading

Good morning! Welcome to the weekly reading!

This week I took to my email list to find three people who needed some guidance. If you’d like to be included in this opportunity next time, do pop your email into the box to the right of this post to join the list, then confirm your email by clicking on the link in the email sent in response. (This email may accidently end up in your spam folder). I’m also grateful when you add my address to your contacts so you don’t miss these time sensitive offers. 🙂

In the meantime, here are this week’s cards which hopefully help three of our readers gain a little clarity.

Theresa asked should I stay or go? and The Emperor card came up for her. This is a card which represents stability and protection but as I pulled the card I was told this security was coming at a price. Whatever the situation you find yourself in Theresa, I feel that no matter how bad it is, there is a sense of ‘better the devil you know’ which has kept you there so far.

So should you go? Well I think you need to weigh up whether you want the security of what you have, or whether you want to take a chance on something better. I personally think you are nearing the time for change, and I think better is in your future! The only thing stopping you is lack of courage and lack of self belief so if you aren’t sure that you’re ready to go, wait it out but use the time to look into why you lack belief in yourself. You’re probably caught up in fearful worry that in reality, won’t manifest itself.

* * * * *

Toni asked me to pull a card and see what came up for her and The Temperance card showed up. I always read the Temperance card as a reminder of balance, and as I asked what Toni needed to know, I was being told she needed to be more comfortable with putting herself first and taking care of herself. ‘Be frugal with your time!’ Is the message Toni – don’t give your energy away when you yourself need it!

This is a healing card Toni, so make an effort to make yourself a priority. Be gentle with yourself until this moment passes, (And remember Mercury is in retrograde now so emotions are all over the place!) and when you do feel out of sorts, do whatever you need to do in order to ease your worries. I would go as far as mapping out a self care routine and scheduling some time each day to work towards it. Whatever it is you do to soothe, (Music? Meditation? Bake?) commit to doing more of it.

I love how this card came up for you by the way!

* * * * *

Jane then asked for advice around her children.
For her oldest, I pulled the Fool card which is a card of new beginnings and opportunity. This card suggests that the fresh start will do your oldest good Jane! She has to want it for herself though so please stop thinking you can fix things for her. If she wants it bad enough, Uni is the perfect chance to start a new chapter and the signs are good.

For your youngest Jane I pulled the 4 of swords. This is a card which represents seclusion, solitude, retreating and resting. I would advise that you show support but otherwise let your youngest process things in her own time. The good news is this card also represents a time of self healing and a new start when strength returns. Let time do its thing and try not to worry whilst this plays out. She will be fine but perhaps not in your timeline. Your patience is needed.

* * * * *

I hope this helps you all. If you’re reading this and would like your turn here, don’t forget to sign up to email and join the Facebook group too. I’d love to read for each and every one of you! X

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Weekly reading, Transformation

Good morning! Welcome to the weekly reading! As always, if this card speaks to you, do take some time over the next few days to make some changes 🙂

Our card this week is the transformation card which in traditional tarot would be similar to the death card. This is a card which lets us know that new beginnings or lots of change could be around the corner. Do you remember that last week’s card said the same?

Be prepared; these new beginnings may come about through no choice of your own. Often times the universe does what it needs to do to get us where we want to go and because we don’t get to see the bigger plan, it feels as though the world has ended when a move is forced on us, a job finishes or a relationship ends. Do you have quiet desires for something better though? This card reminds us that things happen naturally when they’re supposed to, and that no matter what you face in the upcoming weeks, things are happening for a reason.

If you are actively seeking change however, this card also serves as a reminder to ensure you are making space for your new life. Let go of things and habits that no longer serve you, and drop any resentments that might be anchoring you into the past. If you want a fresh start, you must begin with a clean sheet. Take a look at your life and make sure you aren’t unintentionally holding yourself back anywhere – Deep rooted fear will have you avoiding the work, making excuses, and buying into elaborate reasons why you can’t move into the new. Where might you be holding onto your old life? Which bits are giving you familiar comfort or safety despite your dislike of them?

This week, if you are wanting a new chapter, make sure you’re open to receiving it! And if you don’t want new? Know that if it happens, when one door closes a better one opens. This is a lovely card for the week and one which is full of opportunities and positive energies. I’m really hoping it helps you impliment those changes you’ve been ready to make for a while. Need a final push? Please take this as your sign!

Know I am here for you if you need a cheerleader!

Love as always and let me know how you get on this week!


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Might you be Clairsentient?

Today I asked my guides what I should write about, and my own psychic journey popped up. My journey is one of a psychic in training – I’ve always had a little ability to communicate with spirit, but it’s taken 15 years to get to where I am now and I still consider myself to have an awful lot to learn. Developing my mediumship skills is going to be my focus for the next decade I expect!

But things progressed rapidly for me a while back when I listened to my guides and took in what they were telling me, and I want to share the lesson with you incase it can help you on your own journey.

Psychics fall into different categories, namely clairvoyants who see spirit, clairaudients who hear it, and clairsentients who feel it, and here’s where the confusion came in for me.


My first experience with spirit was seeing form in my late teens. I saw spirit and could pick up messages if they offered any and I figured this was what mediums did. Then, in my twenties, when I decided I wanted to meet with my guides, I started to push to *hear* them. I thought that was how they were supposed to come through and eventually they did come this way, though it took a LOT of practise. One guide in particular still shouts at me now because in the early days I asked him to speak up to ensure I heard him!

But then, after gaining the ability to hear guidance and thinking I was well on my way, progression stopped again. In my eyes I could see a bit and hear a bit, but I didn’t have a reliable way to connect with spirit whenever I needed to which was frustrating – I wanted guides to be available when I gave readings! I wanted to hear frequent voices like others could! How could I be psychic if I didn’t have voices inside my head?!!

Despite this lack of talent however, (this was how I perceived myself), I still seemed able to tune into guidance so I kept going with a sense of urgency to master being ‘all knowing’. And eventually the answers came through.

Here’s where my guides helped me and where the wake up you might need comes in.

Sometimes, because we have a preconceived idea of how spirit communicates, we cut ourselves off from the other ways they come through which slows our progression down. When this lesson jolted me awake I realised, in the space of a second, that even though my sight and hearing wasn’t reliable, I had *always* had an inner knowing. Instinctively I knew things. Instinctively I felt emotions, pains and fears. I knew what people wanted to say even when they were putting all their energy into convincing me otherwise. And when spirits came visiting, I just ‘knew’ what they wanted to share. If I asked my spirit guides for help for myself, I always received it too, and enjoyed the benefits of feeling supported.

But despite all this I hadn’t grasped that this was spirit’s primary way of communicating with me, and that other people couldn’t work like this with as much ease. Sure, lots of people get hunches or sense vibes from others, and that’s the start of skills developing, but I could take those vibes and go right in. I didn’t need to ask strangers what was wrong – I just knew and if I didn’t know, my guides could show me how to help. I just ‘knew’ how future events would pan out too. Future insights were available to me, just not in the form I thought they should be in. When somebody was in front of me, I could tell their primary focus and how things would play out if they took the action I knew they would or wouldn’t take, but 90% of this knowing was just feeling. I could sense the struggle, the cheating boyfriend, the denial, the health issue, the likelihood of travel coming up or a career change – I just didn’t have more than a sentence in my ear or brief image in my minds eye to confirm it! And it’s taken a while for me not to expect one!

These days I take whatever comes through in whatever form. I think often the person I’m working with influences how I receive more than the guides do. I’ve certainly noticed that I feel emotions rev up within me the more vocal a person is and I hear more around quieter souls!

Perhaps as I progress on this journey I will hear more without being shouted at, and see more too. I’d love to see more of spirit and am working on developing this. In the meantime though, I’m ok channelling messages the way I do now and enjoying the journey I’m on.

And that’s the point I want to make.
If you want to channel, you must be ready to receive and you must develop a way of life that allows you to pick up on *what* you’re being shown. Some psychics and mediums sit in caravans with crystal balls. That doesn’t mean you can’t work a different way. Spirit will work with whatever individual talents and interests you have within a time frame that suits your development so don’t cut yourself off from hearing because you’d rather see a misty image, or ignore what you’re feeling because you can’t hear too. Work with what you have! The other senses will develop naturally. Perhaps you aren’t meant to see ghosts in your bedroom – perhaps your work is to feel what your friend can’t say out loud and help the world that way instead.

How are you progressing on your psychic journey? Could you be cutting yourself off as I was?

If you’re struggling to connect, perhaps this might be why.

Love as always 🙂


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Weekly reading – Divine help

Good morning! Welcome to the weekly card! If it should speak to you, do take some time this weekend to impliment some changes 🙂

Our card this week is not a surprising one – I did say my guides have been asking me to push the message of asking for help! (did you read the post?!) This time though, they remind us of the divine help available when we allow it.


Our guides like it when we are proactive and take practical action. They enjoy seeing our focus as we hold a clear vision of what we’re trying to achieve, and they assure us that we must put a level of effort in to achieve what we want as nothing is going to fall into our laps and stay there without us doing the work.

But the guides also want us to know we must not work against nature by forcing the issue. We must trust that our step by step actions will allow results to unfold within divine timing. We must be patient and release our need to micro manage or control. If we have declared our intentions and are moving peacefully in the right direction, we must trust the universe to do her thing too and line up the correct energy for us.

The message this week is to work with ease. If something is not going to plan, throw a prayer up and step back. Wait patiently for another way to be revealed. Don’t allow yourself to feel stress or fear, all is well, and all will fall into place.

Much love as always 🙂


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Weekly reading, Queen of Pentacles

Good morning! Welcome to the weekly reading. If the message applies to you, do spend some time this week working on changes.

I have a card of serenity to share with you this morning – the Queen of Pentacles has shown up which is a card representing security and achievement. Our Queen sits in luxury, with nature surrounding her. If you have been working towards a sense of security, financial freedom or personal goals and have been making progress, the message is very much that you’re on the right path. As I pulled this card I was being told this image represents the climb to the top as well as the enjoyment of your success once you get there, so enjoy the time it takes to progress, and enjoy knowing that every day you are growing and achieving step by step. You’re doing good 🙂


If however you’re struggling, the Queen of Pentacles also represents a woman in authority. Perhaps a boss or a mother is represented here as someone willing to nurture and mentor you. If you’re struggling to achieve your desires, do reach out for guidance from those around you. Nothing is ever achieved and sustained alone and once you do reach the top, you can always return the favour by being generous towards anyone following in your footsteps.

As I pulled this card I received a last message that some may be chasing success for the wrong reasons and won’t find fulfillment once they get there. If you feel this might be you, do think about what it is you’re seeking. Success comes from following your own path for your own sense of peace. Working simply to be better than others will not bring you the fruits you desire, nor boost how you feel about yourself. Are you happy with the route you have chosen?

I do hope this helps some!

Lots of love as always! X

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Weekly Reading, Ten of Fire

Good morning! Welcome to the weekly tarot guidance. Take what you can from these messages, and use your weekends to make any necessary changes 🙂

This week I wanted to ask the angels for a card. I have called them to me several times over the past few days, and I’ve asked them to share their love with you too. (The world is in desperate need don’t you think?) Drawing from the loving energy they sent, I pulled the ten of fire card for us, which is a card linked to warnings about overwork.


The angels have two messages for us. The first is that if we have been over doing it on the work front, it is time to slow down and take care of ourselves. They warn of health problems if we don’t! They advise us to cut down on our hours, or, at the very least, schedule some down time and use it well. They are very keen to remind us of the importance of relaxation time.

The second message they have for us is to ask for help! So many of us have a problem with reaching out! They tell us we don’t have to do it all by ourselves, and the angels themselves are ready to assist if we call on them.

When we call on others to help us, we build connections, community and friendships. The angels want us to remember this! Only ego has us separated and believing we have to work alone. This is a key point of today’s card I feel. It takes real strength to reach out and admit a bit of support is needed, and judging by the number of times this message has been shared with me these past few weeks, I feel this reminder is vital to share.

So slow down this week and if you do need help, ask for it! You might be surprised how easy it is to lean on somebody else!

By sharing this post, you’re helping me spread the angel message! I’d love to get the helping muscle working by asking you for a share if you have the time. 🙂

Much love as always… X

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Weekly Reading – balance and change

Welcome back! Here are the readings for the cards posted to Facebook yesterday 🙂


Card A is the balance card. This comes with a message that in relation to your question, you should be checking the balance of energy. You only get what you are willing to give so if you’re looking for reward such as a better job, better relationship or more money, check you are giving the exact same energy effort you hope to receive back. You won’t gain unless you put the dedicated action in.
Sometimes our choices aren’t inline with our desires either, for example if you are asking why something isn’t working, check your time and attention isn’t going into something else such as worry, anger or even another person or action. You can’t have the perfect marriage if you are spending 18 hours a day at work for example. Neither can you have the perfect marriage full of support if you yourself are nagging for days at a time!

Card B is a change card and warns of material and financial losses. Change could be ahead for you, particularly if things aren’t going quite to plan just now. Whatever your question is, I would say make no changes or moves unless it is to move away from an already dire situation. If you dislike like your circumstances right now then it is time to adapt, otherwise keep doing what you’re doing to avoid making a mistake.

What does your own intuition tell you about the card you picked? Let me know if you enjoyed picking your own card! If you struggle to make sense of your answer, you’re welcome to message me and I’ll do what I can to help 🙂

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