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Agate, Carnelian, Moldavite and Larimar.

Over the summer holidays we took a day trip to Swanage. We went mostly for the beach and the ice cream, but there is a lovely little crystal shop there called Natural Wonders which entices me in every time I visit.

On the counter as I walked in was a beautiful blue lace agate bracelet which just called to me. I initially walked past, but then went back to it. Blue lace agate is a calming crystal for me, but it also helps with self expression, particularly when it comes to fear we might have around being judged. This crystal helps heal the throat area, and is linked to the throat chakra.

Next up was a piece of moldavite. Now I know this piece is not pure due to its low price and it’s calcite description but I’m going to work with it and see what it does anyway! Pure moldavite raises vibration, enhances spiritual skills, deepens development, sharpens intuition and throws all the issues you need to address to the surface! Basically, it enhances everything!!

Carnelian was my third choice. I have some carnelian already, but the colour of this one caught my eye. Carnelian is said to aid with creativity, motivation, concentration and perception. As I’m writing this I’m thinking it might be a good crystal for a writer to work with. Carnelian is also said to boost metabolism.

Finally, I was drawn to a piece of larimar. (My second piece!) Larimar is said to be great for healing past life issues, and for enhancing spiritual growth. It is a bringer of peace and love, and is said to help its user release feelings of fear and guilt. I am using this crystal at the moment to work through soul issues I’ve carried over from previous lives.

Where is your local crystal shop? Have you purchased anything pretty lately? Let me know in the comments! X

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Animal spirit guides, the black bear

Last week I watched Wild Alaska, a live documentary the BBC aired for us over the course of a week. One of the highlights for me was seeing a mummy black bear with her three cubs fishing for salmon. Aside from her beauty, she really spoke to me! Her job was to be a black bear doing what black bears do and I was really mesmerised by the awareness and mindfulness her energy presented.

Unlike us humans, she wasn’t concerned with what might happen tomorrow, how she was comparing to other black bears in the community or whether she was fulfilling her purpose as a bear, she was simply taking care of the moment and doing what she needed to do to feed her family and teach her cubs survival skills whilst the lesson was available.

I just loved her presence and her awareness of each moment and where she fitted in within nature.

So I looked up black bears as spirit animals!

If the black bear is your spirit animal (you’ll feel drawn to him) or shows up as a guide, he comes to represent power, strength, courage, awareness and grounding. If the black bear shows up to give you a sign within a dream or as you go about your daily business, he might be around to remind you of your ability to heal yourself and others, or to nudge you into living your life’s purpose as a healer.

Do you have an animal totem? What does it mean? Share in the comments below!

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Sitting in the power

I didn’t actually know sitting in the power was ‘a thing’ until a couple of months ago, but many people swear they are able to increase their mediumship abilities by practising this magical technique on a frequent basis.

Sitting in the power is a way to merge energies within you and outside of you until the space is one. It’s like taking the ultimate goosebump feeling of standing in nature in pure overwhelment of it’s perfection, allowing it to flow through you, then learning it travels outside of you and returns back so perfectly that you are not actually a separate physical form… You are just God’s perfection at one with everything.

Sitting in the power is simply sitting in this pure state and allowing it to energize and lift you as you acknowledge this beautiful energy merging within you and outside of you.

To get into this state, sit quietly in a meditation and regulate your breath. You might like some music or some candles etc if props help you reach relaxation. Then, begin by imagining a beautiful white light pulsating in the solar plexus area. Concentrate on it, and with every breath see it expanding until it fills you entirely and leaves you feeling light and full of love. Once you’re illuminated by this light, expand it to surround you as big as you’d like to go. See your light merging with the divine light outside of you until it is all one. Tune in to how it feels. (It’s awe inspiring!) With this energy surrounding you, envision it flowing within you, outside of you, and returning to you with every breath. You are not separate from this light or limited by your physical form. You ARE this light.

Sitting in the power is taking this time to embrace your spirit and the connection you have with all that is, and feeling the wonder of consciously playing with this connection to divine energy. It’s a magical practice which over time strengthens the ability to work with spirit, but it’s not the intention to connect with guidance during this exercise. (Though guides have joined me on occasion!) This practice is relaxing as well, leaving anyone who sits in the power buzzing with energy and feeling pretty good.

Do you sit in the power to boost your mediumship skills? Do you call it something different? Do you *do* something different to tap into this energy? Share in the comments!

In the meantime I hope this helps you budding mediums!

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When you’re too depressed for gratitude

Last week I shared a post explaining what I do to get grateful when I’m not feeling it. I wanted to share the post because unless we’re very lucky, life isn’t mind blowingly exciting all of the time and for most of us, living in awe doesn’t come naturally.

The post was really well received and I had a lot of great feedback but I also received a message from someone who has depression and feels too low to be looking around in wonder regardless of the miracles the rest of us assure her are there. She asked me what *she* should do to feel happier and I thought it would be nice to share my answer here.

I believe self love is the best cure for anyone suffering with low moods. How we speak to ourselves and how we treat ourselves shapes our worlds, and our uncaring self habits tear us down on a daily basis and we’re not even aware of it.

Anyone who feels life is not doing it for them should look inwards first and see what they are telling themselves about their own life. Then they should find the most loving statement they can, and meditate on it daily for at least a month so that spiritual healing can begin. When we meditate with a mantra, our words either throw up what needs to be healed, or we start to feel better. I like ‘I love myself and I love the world’ as a general feel good affirmation but if you’re not there yet, try ‘I’m willing to learn to love myself’ or ‘I appreciate the strength I’m showing as I work towards feeling better’. Whatever makes you feel better is where your attention should be.

Self love mantras are not quick fixes. They are designed to lift you step by step over a period of time but they *do* work if you put effort into noticing your negative thoughts and replace them with a general but more positive statement. Consistency in using them is key but they work best when you are open to them working, so a trip to the doctor, an exercise programme, good sleep or a decent diet all might help you get to that place. Don’t struggle alone.

Alongside the mantras, taking time every day to look after YOU is a good idea. Give yourself some kindness by making space in the day for a quiet cuppa, going for a swim, or enjoying a good book. Most DEFINITELY get into the habit of praising yourself for your daily wins. Notice when you’ve done a fab job, helped someone or contributed. If something has gone well, give yourself a pat on the back.

Notice your thoughts and you’ll be in a good place to change. Are your thoughts negative? If so, your life is going to be tarnished by them.

You may not feel like challenging your thoughts straight away but if you start with thought awareness, you might just find you can begin, over time, to notice when you have been overly harsh, overly critical, or overly influenced by your current mood. You might even be able to give your thoughts over to your depression and know it’s not your true self shining through.

What are you telling yourself today? Could you find a better statement? 🙂

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5 healing crystals

As well as looking beautiful, I love how crystals can compliment our physical healing. All crystals help with wellbeing in one way or another, but most have several uses making it tricky for new crystal users to know where to start when choosing essential pieces. I thought today I would post very briefly about 5 crystals I know of and share with you their healing abilities.

Please note if you click through, you’ll be supporting this site and keeping me in nail polish so thank you!


Amber is said not to be a crystal as such but is still treated as one. Amber is believed to be fabulous for cleansing the body so all the organs benefit from this one. Amber is said to particularly help the kidneys, bladder and liver. I would use Amber whenever I felt I needed a reboot or to clear general lethargy.

Black Tourmaline
Tourmaline is said to be the crystal you need for healing the mind. It’s said to help with self belief, confidence and worry.

I love this crystal for it’s beauty! Aquamarine is believed to help with gland and thyroid problems, balancing them out when they are not efficiently working.

I actually have a piece of Sodalite, purchased to help balance my metabolism. I haven’t suddenly become a skinny minnie, but I haven’t put any weight on either despite changing my diet and adding in a few more carbs! (Some of us need carbs to curb the hunger!)

Finally, Rhodonite is said to aid fertility. It’s the piece to wear to balance the cycle before baby moves in!
Rhodonite is also said to help with problems of the ear, including the balance issues that can come with ear and sinus troubles.

* * * * *

Once you’ve purchased your crystal, cleanse it with spring water or leave it overnight in the light of the moon, then ask it for the help you need. Carry it around with you, sleep with it under your pillow, treat it with love and meditate with it. If you are guided to take action or to look into new doctors or treatments, go for it knowing your crystal is helping you out. Otherwise, enjoy the way the crystal works with the energy within you to improve your health using the body’s own natural healing ability.

Crystals don’t take the place of modern energy, but they do have the ability to compliment it in a big way.

Have another issue you need help with? You are always welcome to get in touch. 🙂

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Might you be Clairsentient?

Today I asked my guides what I should write about, and my own psychic journey popped up. My journey is one of a psychic in training – I’ve always had a little ability to communicate with spirit, but it’s taken 15 years to get to where I am now and I still consider myself to have an awful lot to learn. Developing my mediumship skills is going to be my focus for the next decade I expect!

But things progressed rapidly for me a while back when I listened to my guides and took in what they were telling me, and I want to share the lesson with you incase it can help you on your own journey.

Psychics fall into different categories, namely clairvoyants who see spirit, clairaudients who hear it, and clairsentients who feel it, and here’s where the confusion came in for me.


My first experience with spirit was seeing form in my late teens. I saw spirit and could pick up messages if they offered any and I figured this was what mediums did. Then, in my twenties, when I decided I wanted to meet with my guides, I started to push to *hear* them. I thought that was how they were supposed to come through and eventually they did come this way, though it took a LOT of practise. One guide in particular still shouts at me now because in the early days I asked him to speak up to ensure I heard him!

But then, after gaining the ability to hear guidance and thinking I was well on my way, progression stopped again. In my eyes I could see a bit and hear a bit, but I didn’t have a reliable way to connect with spirit whenever I needed to which was frustrating – I wanted guides to be available when I gave readings! I wanted to hear frequent voices like others could! How could I be psychic if I didn’t have voices inside my head?!!

Despite this lack of talent however, (this was how I perceived myself), I still seemed able to tune into guidance so I kept going with a sense of urgency to master being ‘all knowing’. And eventually the answers came through.

Here’s where my guides helped me and where the wake up you might need comes in.

Sometimes, because we have a preconceived idea of how spirit communicates, we cut ourselves off from the other ways they come through which slows our progression down. When this lesson jolted me awake I realised, in the space of a second, that even though my sight and hearing wasn’t reliable, I had *always* had an inner knowing. Instinctively I knew things. Instinctively I felt emotions, pains and fears. I knew what people wanted to say even when they were putting all their energy into convincing me otherwise. And when spirits came visiting, I just ‘knew’ what they wanted to share. If I asked my spirit guides for help for myself, I always received it too, and enjoyed the benefits of feeling supported.

But despite all this I hadn’t grasped that this was spirit’s primary way of communicating with me, and that other people couldn’t work like this with as much ease. Sure, lots of people get hunches or sense vibes from others, and that’s the start of skills developing, but I could take those vibes and go right in. I didn’t need to ask strangers what was wrong – I just knew and if I didn’t know, my guides could show me how to help. I just ‘knew’ how future events would pan out too. Future insights were available to me, just not in the form I thought they should be in. When somebody was in front of me, I could tell their primary focus and how things would play out if they took the action I knew they would or wouldn’t take, but 90% of this knowing was just feeling. I could sense the struggle, the cheating boyfriend, the denial, the health issue, the likelihood of travel coming up or a career change – I just didn’t have more than a sentence in my ear or brief image in my minds eye to confirm it! And it’s taken a while for me not to expect one!

These days I take whatever comes through in whatever form. I think often the person I’m working with influences how I receive more than the guides do. I’ve certainly noticed that I feel emotions rev up within me the more vocal a person is and I hear more around quieter souls!

Perhaps as I progress on this journey I will hear more without being shouted at, and see more too. I’d love to see more of spirit and am working on developing this. In the meantime though, I’m ok channelling messages the way I do now and enjoying the journey I’m on.

And that’s the point I want to make.
If you want to channel, you must be ready to receive and you must develop a way of life that allows you to pick up on *what* you’re being shown. Some psychics and mediums sit in caravans with crystal balls. That doesn’t mean you can’t work a different way. Spirit will work with whatever individual talents and interests you have within a time frame that suits your development so don’t cut yourself off from hearing because you’d rather see a misty image, or ignore what you’re feeling because you can’t hear too. Work with what you have! The other senses will develop naturally. Perhaps you aren’t meant to see ghosts in your bedroom – perhaps your work is to feel what your friend can’t say out loud and help the world that way instead.

How are you progressing on your psychic journey? Could you be cutting yourself off as I was?

If you’re struggling to connect, perhaps this might be why.

Love as always 🙂


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Weekly Reading, Ten of Fire

Good morning! Welcome to the weekly tarot guidance. Take what you can from these messages, and use your weekends to make any necessary changes 🙂

This week I wanted to ask the angels for a card. I have called them to me several times over the past few days, and I’ve asked them to share their love with you too. (The world is in desperate need don’t you think?) Drawing from the loving energy they sent, I pulled the ten of fire card for us, which is a card linked to warnings about overwork.


The angels have two messages for us. The first is that if we have been over doing it on the work front, it is time to slow down and take care of ourselves. They warn of health problems if we don’t! They advise us to cut down on our hours, or, at the very least, schedule some down time and use it well. They are very keen to remind us of the importance of relaxation time.

The second message they have for us is to ask for help! So many of us have a problem with reaching out! They tell us we don’t have to do it all by ourselves, and the angels themselves are ready to assist if we call on them.

When we call on others to help us, we build connections, community and friendships. The angels want us to remember this! Only ego has us separated and believing we have to work alone. This is a key point of today’s card I feel. It takes real strength to reach out and admit a bit of support is needed, and judging by the number of times this message has been shared with me these past few weeks, I feel this reminder is vital to share.

So slow down this week and if you do need help, ask for it! You might be surprised how easy it is to lean on somebody else!

By sharing this post, you’re helping me spread the angel message! I’d love to get the helping muscle working by asking you for a share if you have the time. 🙂

Much love as always… X

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Peaceful Parenting

I am writing this after a heck of a day. My 4 year old goes to preschool on a Thursday, and today when I collected him I was told he’d misbehaved terribly.

I let this go after a little chat about his actions, only to then watch him deliberately knock a snack box from the hands of another little boy as we waited for school to finish, scattering his cereal everywhere.

This is the normal for me. Whilst my first born is super behaved, my youngest is less than angelic.


It gets to me, having to deal with this behaviour, because I imagine I am being judged left right and centre by parents who look at me and see someone who doesn’t measure up as a mum. And truth is, some probably *do* judge me and if they don’t, they judge M.

But I know deep down I am doing the best I can, and can only accept my little boy for who he is whilst taking every opportunity to guide him towards more loving behaviour. Parenting is the hardest job I’ve ever been given – even at 4 years old my son is using his right to behave as he wishes. He may not understand the consequences yet or realise how is actions affect others, but he certainly understands he has choice and free will!

So I just wanted to tell every struggling parent what an amazing job you are doing. As with any other relationship, you can’t control and instead must work with what you’re given but I know the frustration caused by having a youngster who forever shows you up! (Again, this is our perception! Perhaps, if you asked around, other mums would have sympathy for you!)

Remember that your child’s behaviour is not a reflection of your parenting, but that your reaction to the behaviour is. We don’t often get to control the event, our power comes from how we react to it.

Stay strong in your leadership, and remember that this too shall pass. Look on it as a test. If you consistently choose peace, there’s a decent chance your little darling will too! (EVENTUALLY!)

You are doing the best you can and if you are judged, remember this says more about them than it does you.

You are here to quietly serve and when your little love is ready to come around to your way of thinking you’ll be ready and waiting to guide.

Give yourself a break. You’re doing the best you can. I bet for 99% of us, our best is pretty damn awesome too, yes? 🙂

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How to boost your confidence and self love

logoA great question came through the facebook page this week which I thought would be nice to share here:

‘How the f**k do I love myself when I feel such a f*****g failure?’

It’s taken me a fair while to see how important loving yourself is but now I know, I feel it’s the most important teaching I can ever share.

Loving who you are means you feel confident standing up and showing the world the real you. You know you might get some rejection for this, but you also know that being so open allows others who share your vision the chance to find you because you become aligned with them. Being supported means you have the chance to grow and take risks, and the love others have for you brings a sense of acceptance and belonging, something we all crave.

But to get all that you have to feel happy with who you are and what you want and until you find this self acceptance, there’s a fair chance there will always be something missing from your life. You might spend a lifetime seeking happiness and living on the outside of the laughter because you don’t quite fit in despite having all the outward signs of success and a bit of a community around you.

Plenty of people suffer from not really liking who they are. We spend so long trying to please parents and teachers, fit in with louder, bossier friends, be the perfect worker bee for our boss and be the perfect romantic partner that it’s super easy to spend 30 years trying to be liked and changing our act for every different situation. Then we look around after a time and realise we don’t fit anywhere and don’t really know what we want anymore. It’s no wonder that life ends up sweeping us away until we’re detached from what was meant for us.

So what can you do today to work on finding *you* again so you can fall in love with the person you were born to be?

Well, as with everything else, gratitude will serve you! Get into the habit of checking in with yourself several times a day and giving thanks for everything you have achieved. Perhaps you have completed a task particularly well or perhaps you’ve calmed a situation with your children without resorting to shouting. Perhaps you’ve just read a book and need to appreciate how hard you’ve worked to become educated. We take all of these little wins each day for granted and then call ourselves useless! Honestly…. If you do nothing all day your body is still working flat out, so give thanks for how well it is working to house your soul! If you screw up you still tried! Give yourself praise for having a go! Tell yourself well done and accept a bit of encouragement!

Self gratitude and positive self talk takes a bit of getting used to and I know you’ll spend a while resisting or feeling silly as you talk to yourself, but by practising these skills often it will become more normal to appreciate yourself, look after yourself, and want the best for yourself. And once you’re in that positive state, your guidance can kick in and put you back on the right path.

If you are struggling to like yourself, this practise is a really good place to start, and now is when you should do your first check in. What do you love about yourself right now? The earning power you have which has allowed you to buy the screen you’re reading this post on? Your eyes for allowing you to see? Your health? Your skill at finding shelter and a place to live so you can scroll the Internet safely? You choose your excellence to celebrate!
If you can’t think of anything, celebrate your determination because you’re still seeking answers and the opportunity to feel better.

What amazing things have you done today that deserve a bit of recognition?

Get into the routine of standing in front of a mirror and appreciating yourself every time you spot your reflection because mastering self acceptance and love is THE biggest ticket you can give yourself to happiness, peace, and contentment. Without self love, no amount of attention from others or money in your pocket is going to drown that little voice that tells you you’re not good enough.

So celebrate you and do it often! You won’t see change overnight, but it will creep up on you if you allow it. As you become more comfortable in your skin, you’ll attract people who see the beauty in you and people who want to learn and grow with you. You’ll start to see where you belong, and you’ll find yourself brave enough to chase your passions and show up for your dreams because the confusion starts fading until it’s replaced with desire.

Self love can be a long journey, but it’s one that’s definitely worth taking.

Never look at yourself as a failure – you’re not of course, you’re simply lost and need a bit of a nudge in the right direction!

How much do you love you? Today is the day to get that loving feeling back and I challenge you to get started right this minute! You know what to do now – just practise getting appreciative!

I look forward to knowing how you get on!

Today could be the start of a beautiful relationship with self and if you’d like to explore this topic further, Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life is a wonderful read. 🙂

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5 crystals that could help with weight loss goals


Good morning lovelies!
The sun is shining as I type this and as well as painting my nails today, my summer wardrobe has finally come out for an airing!

Tell me though, how did your shaping up for summer go? Did you have a few winter pounds to lose? I’m not a health expert as you know and you won’t find me in a gym or pounding the pavements at 6am, but perhaps I can still be of service when it comes to that last minute panic before bearing all on holiday! Did you know there are a few crystals out there which aid weight loss?

Green Aventurine is my first crystal in the weight management tool box! Aventurine is a wonderful crystal for calming emotions which lessens stress and in turn, lessons cortisol production, the hormone which can encourage our belly to hold onto fat. It’s said to be a brilliant crystal for regulating other hormones too, so any issues in the hormonal department or the tummy one for that matter, and this pretty crystal is definitely the one for you. (I use this crystal frequently!)

Apatite is the crystal for you if your metabolism needs a boost! This particular crystal is said to boost fat burning, suppress hunger and encourage healthy eating. I haven’t owned a piece of this myself, but it’s one I might have to buy and test drive for you all! If you’re feeling sluggish, I’d consider going for a piece like this one as an all round aid.

Have an addiction to all things naughty? Amethyst can help you break that habit of reaching into the biscuit tin. It’s a crystal said to promote clear thinking and better focus, allowing its user to think twice and choose again! As well as being a calming crystal, Amethyst is a healing one too, and guides say it will speed recovery if you do have an unfortunate accident whilst working out.

But if you need more willpower…Carnelian may be the stone for you! As well as being a crystal of encouragement and motivation, Carnelian is also said to be a fab healer of aches and pains. It’s said to help the body absorb its vitamins, and if that wasn’t enough, it promises to boost metabolism too!

Finally, if you want to guarantee your success in just about every way, grab a piece of Citrine. Citrine is known as the success crystal because it brings abundance to all who use it. On top of that though, it is also said to increase motivation and energise the body! Need a push to get some cardio in? I’d choose this one.

So there you have it! 5 beautiful crystals which not only look amazing, but will help you slim down too!

What more could you want at the start of your week?!

PS, if you are a newbie to crystals and want help getting yours charged up, give me a nudge!

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