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How to receive spiritual guidance

Do you ever need a creative hit or a solution to something? Because I do, and when I do, I ask for it!

I never sit for hours expecting results without opening up, and I’d love to share with you how I receive the guidance I need without wasting time in inaction.

To get into receiving mode I first meditate, then I envision cleansing white light beaming straight to my heart and also in through the back of my neck and through the crown of my head. In this state I ask spirit for what I need.

Next, I either light a candle to sit quietly for a little longer, journal my questions and allow answers to flow, or I go for a walk.

Finally, I believe the solutions are coming. They may come instantly through the journal, or they may take a day or two and show up via a person or an inspired idea which seemingly comes from nowhere. But no matter how long it takes, I know that spirit are on my side and that when the time is right, my guidance is coming.

I find that many people seeking answers are seeking them because they aren’t open. They believe ideas are their own. I’m here to tell you that they’re not and that they are just flowing through you! To receive inspiration, we just have to be open to receiving it and ready to jump into action when it gets here.

You’ll know it’s right by how good it feels πŸ™‚

So try relaxing when you need your next inspiring hit. It will come to you, but only if you let it!

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How to recall past lives

Everything we do is shaped by who we are, but who we are is shaped by more than one lifetime. We have all sorts of issues we carry over into new lives, and all of these things need healing!

I am reading a really wonderful book by Denise Linn at the moment and she suggests looking at what you are drawn to for signs of your past lives. What do you love eating? Which countries or styles of dress pull you? Which eras of history or jobs interest you? Denise Lynn believes these things offer us clues to our past.

When we have these things down, she then suggests going into meditation and envisioning ourselves taking a trip to our past lives which we can do by imagining ourselves walking through a tunnel or over a bridge into our past. There, we will be shown what we need to see. If meditation is tricky for you, she also suggests declaring your intention to dream your past life as you fall asleep, and to remember it as you write notes in the morning.

It’s easy to fear our imaginations will kick in here, but we can tell the difference between imagination and memories by the way we feel as we explore. A past memory is something which feels a lot more certain than the frantic, questioning of ego. It’s a case of exploring though, and learning to trust your feelings.

I know in one past life I was a nun whose voice was suppressed, and that the Irish countryside pulls me despite never having been there. I also love the Victorian era, as well as Medieval England.

What pulls you? What do you know about your past lives?

Isn’t it fascinating that we know more than we think we know?!

Let me know what you discover! Comments always welcome πŸ™‚

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What an empath really is!

I have a confession to make.

I see the world and it’s mother declaring themselves empathic, and I just want to shout!

Because we have got to a stage in the spiritual shift where it’s become cool to declare you ‘Feel all of the feels’, ‘Can’t go into busy places because of feeling overwhelmed’, and that you ‘See through the other person’s bulls**t’.

And whilst that might make you sensitive, it doesn’t necessarily make you empathic.

Empaths take on EVERYTHING from EVERYONE unless they are very, very good at grounding, healing and releasing. What this means is this: If you think you are empathic but haven’t been doing these things, you are very likely very ill or very mad. No joke! What I’ve seen is that natural empaths don’t tend to know they have a title… they are simply working in jobs like teaching and nursing, and quietly making a massive difference.

But if you think you’re an empath and want to claim the title, then you have work to do!

●Sensitivity develops before empathy does and your progression is dependent on whether you’re ready to put the work in, and whether you’re ready to go where spirit wants you to work.

● Empaths connect with spiritual guidance all of the time because they have been given the job of healing others in order to heal the world. Make sure you are connecting, and actively working to make a difference.

● When you feel all the energy, separate the good and bad, work out what is coming from where, ask spirit for help in helping these people if they want the help, and release the energy. If you can’t release it, ask spirit what you need to do.

● Quite often you’ll have physical pain that doesn’t belong to you. You need to work with it, as you’re taking it on to soothe another person. Always ask ‘Is this mine?’

● Know that you work for spirit. Commit to it. There’s no point in being empathic if you don’t use it to be the difference.’

● Ground ALL of the time, otherwise this work will take you out. Cleanse, too. Your energy needs to be clear not only to help yourself, but so that when new feels come in, you know where it’s coming from and whether you need to heal it, learn from it or release it.

● Cut back on the drinking and the junk food. People need you well. Sleep as many hours in a night as you can.

● Animals will ask for your help too! The bad leg you have? That might be pain you’re taking on for your dog! You have to be centred and aware as much as possible so that you can hear spirit when your guides connect you with the source of your feels. It IS exhausting! Be compassionate though β™‘

● The upsetting news report you’ve just watched? It’s not there to hurt you, it’s there to MOVE you! How are you going to heal that pain? Support the victims? Donate money? Become a voice? Write to your MP? Clean up your community? Teach a skill…?

The biggest difference betweeen an empath and a sensitive person is the work they put in. Empaths don’t just feel a bit of sadness, they move to heal it!

Which one are you? Come and join our facebook group group if you’d like support as you work… Because if you really are an empath, so many people are relying on you to step up and shine your healing light just now β™‘

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What to do when life isn’t meeting your expectations

Do you ever feel as though life isn’t meeting your expectations? That life is flat, with nothing to look forward to?

Because when I feel like this, it’s because I’ve temporarily lost connection with my spirit. I’ve let chores take me away from my dreams, and I’ve let ego convince me I have to stay small and that there is no way out.

Luckily I know deep down that this is crap and that in order to get my sparkle back, I just have to turn my attention to where my ego thoughts are ruling!

If you feel life is missing something, here’s what to do and how to slowly build yourself back up again:

* Tap into your vision again. What are your goals? What does your dream life look like? This vision comes from your soul and needs to be lived if you want to feel peace. And if you don’t know where you’re going, it’s no wonder you feel lost! (If you need a reading, I am here!)
When you know your vision, take action on it. Some little steps every day will still boost you.

*Tap into your guidance. Your guides and angels will guide and heal you *if* you make space for them through daily meditation and you ask them to come through. What do you need help with? Ask spirit for support. Then trust. Don’t overthink or you’ll never let the guidance come.

*Tap into your connection with others. Find someone to help, and find someone to laugh with. We need to connect with others and feel as though we belong if we want to feel joy where we are.

*And finally, tap into the moment. Ground yourself with an affirmation, your breath, or a walk in nature. Don’t let fear of the future take you out of this moment. To feel safe you need to work with the power you have. This is always found right here in this second.

These things help me be present, but they also give me a reason to look forward to the future. They aren’t a one time fix however and this is where a lot of people go wrong! If you need to come back to this list several times a day to build the habit of connection, do it!

Only you can do the work, but you are most definitely worthy of the rewards once you get started. And once you do begin, you’ll find it easier and easier to be aware of when ego is trying to take you out!

Don’t let it!

Let your soul be your guide!

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Receiving messages from loved ones in spirit

I’ve been asked a few questions lately about receiving messages from loved ones in spirit. It seems you all know about meditating and developing intuition, and now you want step by step instructions so that you can actually start a conversation with spirit and develop your own mediumship skills. (I like this, we all have the ability buried somewhere! )

So let me give you 3 steps here to help you get you started with actually receiving meaningful information. And if you’re a medium already, feel free to add any comments!

Step one is to decide how you’re working. Do you have a powerful connection with your spirit guide and want them to relay the message? Or are you happy to let spirits come straight to you? Knowing who you’re talking to gives clarity. (Reminder: Set your boundaries by telling spirit, via prayer, when you are closed for connection as being woken up at 3am by a spirit who wants a chat can get tiring! )

Step two is to know how you want to receive these messages. Are you a strong in meditation and able to sit for an hour? Are you trying to develop instant raport in order to give client readings in the future? Are you better at receiving when you’re writing down what you receive? Or does dream work appeal most? (Many people start developing through dreams; I did.)
Know which method appeals most, and give your time to developing your skill. Once you are confident in your mediumship, you can develop the other methods with more ease since you’ll know more about what to expect.

Step three is to get into your zone of receiving, then know what you want to ask. Have a list of questions to ask the spirit you are connecting with, otherwise you might not receive too much. (Asking them for a shared memory is a nice way of confirming you are connected with the correct spirit)

Trust your intuition on this and don’t let ego tell you that you have to work a certain way. Do what is easiest for you whilst knowing the other skills will follow in time.

It’s almost as difficult or as easy as this to speak with spirit.

This isn’t an over night development however, so don’t be discouraged if the road is a long one.

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What is my life purpose?

Do you see that subject line? It is the number one question I’m asked during readings, above even connecting with loved ones.

And the answer is really simple because there is no great life mystery we are expected to solve.

Your life’s purpose is to move towards what makes you feel good, and heal anything that comes up along the way.

That’s it.

If you know what you want already (which is what most people desire when they talk of finding purpose) then your job is to work on why you aren’t there yet, heal the blocks, and go for it.

If you *don’t* know what you want, then your purpose is to choose happiness and live in this state as frequently as possible in every way possible, healing the blocks that prevent you from doing this.

By choosing happy, you’re then working towards a state that’s open to bigger opportunity.

My guides tell me that there isn’t always one lone thing you’re supposed to find in order to feel fulfilled for the century you might be lucky enough to be here for, and that chasing fulfilment which might not be there can leave us feeling terrible. Instead, they say to live more for the joy of the moment, whilst knowing your joy might well have changed by next week anyway if you live your true purpose of allowing soul growth.

Does that help you relax the grip you have on purpose? (It’s ego holding on, not your spirit! )

What is it you want for yourself?
Are you working towards getting there?

Because if you choose happiness now, you’re working towards fulfilling your purpose of spiritual growing and learning, which means you’re right where you’re supposed to be regardless of what your outside world looks like.

If you find yourself resisting this idea consider which part of you is trying to run the show. Is it your light based spirit? Or is it your more fearful, controlling ego leading the way?

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Our Spiritual Selves

Our spiritual self is the part of us which leads us with love towards peace.

Our spiritual self is the part of us which wants us to let go of taking action because we’re scared not to, or scared of what people will think of us if we don’t do what’s expected.

Our spiritual self is the part of us which wants us to stop people pleasing for fear of being judged.

Our spiritual self is the part of us which wants us to stop playing small for fear of failure and yet more judgement…

Our spiritual self is the part of us which, when listened to, guides us to joy. It helps us hear our spirit guides, feel our angels, and learn of a whole new world full of love, healing and infinite possibilities.

Our spiritual self knows we are here on earth for a very short while, and have the ability to receive love from loved ones passed over.

Our spiritual self is the part of us which knows that EVERYTHING is possible for us if we will just show up with a positive attitude…

β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘

But to gain all this we have to trust in our spiritual selves and be brave enough to live who we are. We have to stop letting ego run the show with it’s fear driven voice.

Do you know who you are?
Do you know how you want to feel?
Are you ready to receive the spiritual support our universe offers?

β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘


*Trust that you are supported always and remember to ask your guides for help.
*Choose the fastest route to peace in each moment. Breathe! You have time.
*Take time to ask your spirit what it needs. Follow up on that!
*Follow what feels good. If it robs you of your peace, the price is too high.
*Meditate daily with the intention of connecting with spirit and nourishing your soul. Again, you have time.
*Set the intention to live connected to spirit. Don’t let ego keep you in fear. You are safe.
*Ground yourself with breath, sipping water, or being around nature. Be in this moment fully.
*Serve yourself by choosing peace and serve others by helping them get there too…

Let your spiritual self thrive!

β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘

What’s next for you? What do you want that you haven’t let yourself have? What does that feel like? Are you ready to trust in your spirit?

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Don’t let ego ruin your development

When I first started out on my mediumship journey I wanted to believe that every little bump in the night was spirit. I was desperate to be able to say that I was tuned in and developing fast so that I too could claim I was a gifted person.

I tell you this now because I get a lot of emails from people on their own development path. They tell me things have happened or that they’ve heard things, and they share with me how convinced they are that spirit is trying to catch their attention.

Of course some people really will be receiving visits from spirit! Spirit will bang doors, turn on lights, set off toys and make phones ring, and it’s good to be aware of these things! But equally, these things happen ‘just because’, and if we get caught up in believing every little sound is Great Aunt Beryl calling in for tea, we’re going to lose the ability to develop further.

If you’re here, it’s because you want to connect with spirit so in order to help you I need to say in the nicest possible way, don’t let ego tell you you are special because you’ve heard the odd noise. Instead, simply be aware of it and perhaps journal it. Then, spend some time meditating. See what your spiritual self feels about what you’re hearing. Ask your guides to give you details about who is with you and what they want. Have a go at tuning into the energy. Do you feel anything? Document it. Then connect again and ask for more. Connect again. Ask for clarification. Ask for your questions to be answered one by one…

And if you don’t get anything? Keep meditating, keep holding space for spirit, and keep trusting you *will* develop when the time is right.

Connecting to spirit takes time, as does interpreting what you’re given. Our goal here isn’t to get too excited because you’ve heard a bang, but to learn what that bang might mean. Is it simply a change in energy or temperature? Is it a loved one around? Is your guide offering you a calling card? What does it all mean to you?

One thing I’ve learned on this spiritual journey is that patience and committment are two things you can never have too much of if you want to learn how to trust what you feel.

Take your time and remain curious, and your guides will help you strengthen your connection to the spirit world.

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Smudging 101 – getting rid of negativity!

With new year rapidly heading this way, have you considered how you’ll clear any heavy or unhelpful energy from 2017 so that you can start January off with a renewed sense of purpose? If you haven’t, smudging can often provide the clean up you’re looking for! There are various herbs people use to smudge, but the most common one and the smudge stick I go for is sage.

Smudging is used on anything that needs an energy cleanse so this could be your whole house, just a room, or even yourself! All you have to do to smudge is waft the smudge stick around the edges of the area you’re cleansing, whilst intending to clear the negativity. Then afterwards, you’re free to welcome in the new with whatever ritual serves you best. (Candles, crystals, vision boards etc) Some people call on guides to help as they move around the room, but most people treat smudging as they would any other housekeeping or maintenance task and simply get on with it whilst knowing the smoke is doing its job.

There is some debate about whether windows should be open as you waft sage around. I personally like to keep them shut, smudge my intended spaces, then open them again with the intention of welcoming in new, fresh energy. (The intention to welcome fresh energy is key to feeling the difference by the way.) Sage can smell too, so this doing it this way helps prevent the scent clinging onto soft furnishings for days on end, and can prevent headaches from the smoke sticking around.

Smudging is done whenever there is energy that needs cleansing or to signify a fresh start, so it’s perfect for key dates such as new years, or key life events such as when you move into a new home or space. Smudging new spaces will stop you picking up on negativity left behind by previous people but it also helps with your own soul growth! It’s a nice thing to do as part of a spring clean or as a way of getting out of a cycle of butting heads with the people you live with.

If you’re new to smudging you’ll want to know that sage really burns and so it’s advisable to hold a plate under your smudge stick that can take heat and won’t get hot quickly otherwise you’re likely to burn yourself or your property. You’re also unlikely to use all of your smudge stick first time around so having a place to put it out and let it cool is also a good idea.

Smudge sticks can be homemade if you have the talent, or purchased from your favourite new age shop. I bought mine from Waves of inspiration in Lee on the Solent, Hampshire πŸ™‚

Do you have a different way of cleansing your space? Let me know in the comments below. In the meantime though, happy smudging and happy cleansing!

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Connecting to spirit with Selenite

When your crystal pals rave so hard about certain crystals, (Hollie Stark!) you know you’ve got to get your hands on them yourself! I’ve owned my beautiful Selenite for a couple of months now, but I wanted some time to really get working with it before I put up this post.

Selenite is said to be the crystal of choice for anyone wishing to raise their vibration in general. I found it to be a very soothing gem, and I credit it with calming my anxieties and smoothing over tension within myself particularly around my time of month when I generally have less patience than normal.

Selenite is said to help with opening the crown chakra, connecting with the angelic realm, seeing the bigger picture, and helping with clarity. This makes it the perfect crystal for anyone wishing to make connection with spirit, whether that’s with guides or angels. Of course you still need to put in the work, but I found that meditating with this, as well as sleeping with it under my pillow, made my connection to my guides feel a lot stronger. I could feel messages being passed through me with such certainty that the second guessing that is sometimes there during readings didn’t have a chance of tripping me up. (Being honest here, I do still question what comes through!)

As well as being beautiful, (though be careful – it does seem to chip!) Selenite is so powerfully in tune with loving source energy that it is now a perminant fixture by my bed and in my jewellery box. It takes everything you need for contacting spirit (trust, love, clarity, protection) and amplifies it to make angel and spirit connections far easier.

Don’t have a piece yet? Sign up to the your spiritual self newsletter on the top right of his post and you could win one! The draw is open worldwide, and the winner will be picked at random from all subscribers at the end of 2017. The crystal will be posted out to you in January.

Good luck!


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