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Dreams and psychic development

One of the challenges many of us have when developing our psychic abilities is silencing our inner chatter, thoughts and noise enough for the subtle guidance to come through. Whether you want to meet your spirit guide or connect with a loved one on the other side, night time can be an easy way of sinking into that peace you need to work with.

My first experience of receiving messages from spirit was through my dreams, (NB you’ll know you’re not dreaming – the energy and visions are just too intense! ) and from there, everything really started developing.

If you are someone who struggles to remember their dreams but would really like to be able to for the messages they can bring, here are 3 tools to help you out and help you turn your dreams into part of your spiritual practice so that you too can make the psychic connections you really want to develop.

Essential Oils are easy to get hold of these days and so very easy to use. You have the option of dabbing the oils straight onto your skin for a direct hit or, if you want to make a bottle stretch and have your room smelling wonderful, making up a spray for your pillow. Frankincense is a well known oil for helping its user raise their vibration and be more open to the spiritual realm which is an ideal boost when you want to increase your night visions or heighten your meditation time. The only catch with this one is it can be expensive although in my book, this oil is worth it for the magic it brings to the table. The higher our vibrations, the easier it is for us to connect with spirit and achieve our psychic development goals and Frankincense is THE oil to get you there.
As an added bonus, when you apply Frankincense directly onto the skin it is the best for reducing wrinkles too! If you are looking to clean up your skincare routine alongside becoming more spiritually aligned, this is the way to do it. (and a bottle lasts a very long time!)

Clary sage will calm you, relax you, and help you regulate hormones which all leads to better quality sleep and therefore, more vision time. It’s perfect as a compliment to Frankincense, or can be used on it’s own to help you drop off and stay snoozing. My friend Kristen will help you purchase your good quality oils (they have to be pure to work so stay away from the £2.99 specials!) when you check out her website with Young Living HERE.

Crystals help with just about every goal you have! Meditating with them before sleep or tucking them under your pillow will often help with dream recall which is half the battle when it comes to receiving spiritual messages at night. 2 crystals especially good for this type of work are Celestite and Herkimer diamond. Celestite is a very high vibration stone which helps it’s user connect with the angelic realm and stimulate clairvoyant abilities, whilst Herkimer diamond stimulates psychic abilities and clears any blocks which might be preventing the flow of spiritual energy.

Finally, when remembering dreams, time is of the essence! Before sleeping, say a little prayer and ask your guides to help you remember what you dream because setting intention is a huge part of being successful. Then have a pencil and notebook by your bed and write down what you remember as soon as you wake up. Even key words can help you recall when you go back to your notes at a later date.

Over time, even if you don’t get anything that makes sense straight away, you’ll slowly start to build a picture of how you dream and the types of symbols or spiritual messages you receive. Once you have this foundation you’ll be able not only to build on the information received by asking spirit for further clarification, but you’ll show your intention to communicate, which spirit will be keen to work with and will help you develop.

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Animal spirit guides, the black bear

Last week I watched Wild Alaska, a live documentary the BBC aired for us over the course of a week. One of the highlights for me was seeing a mummy black bear with her three cubs fishing for salmon. Aside from her beauty, she really spoke to me! Her job was to be a black bear doing what black bears do and I was really mesmerised by the awareness and mindfulness her energy presented.

Unlike us humans, she wasn’t concerned with what might happen tomorrow, how she was comparing to other black bears in the community or whether she was fulfilling her purpose as a bear, she was simply taking care of the moment and doing what she needed to do to feed her family and teach her cubs survival skills whilst the lesson was available.

I just loved her presence and her awareness of each moment and where she fitted in within nature.

So I looked up black bears as spirit animals!

If the black bear is your spirit animal (you’ll feel drawn to him) or shows up as a guide, he comes to represent power, strength, courage, awareness and grounding. If the black bear shows up to give you a sign within a dream or as you go about your daily business, he might be around to remind you of your ability to heal yourself and others, or to nudge you into living your life’s purpose as a healer.

Do you have an animal totem? What does it mean? Share in the comments below!

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What’s your spirit guide sign?

Do you want to learn to communicate with your spirit guide? Depending on what you want to get out of your connection, noticing your spirit guide’s presence can be really quite easy!

If you genuinely want to work with your spirit guides and form strong links for communication to flow, you really need to read this article on meditation and build the foundations of trust from the bottom up. The instructions in the post will help you build you a strong, solid connection which in turn will lead to enhanced spiritual growth and developed psychic and mediumship ability.

But if all you’re interested in is receiving proof you actually *have* a spirit guide, or you want a little confirmation of assistance before you put the hours of work in, consider asking your guides to send you a sign to signal their presence.

Your sign can be anything you choose, from images to songs to numbers. Blue hearts are one of my signs, as are strawberries! Then, when you’ve chosen, you just need to ask your guides to send you a visual of your image to say hello. (You make your guides aware of your request by sending a quick prayer to them.) Your sign will be shown to you in a very short amount of time, provided you keep your eyes open for it. This means staying in the moment and being present! Do you wander around caught up in the past or fretting about your future? This is your only barrier to receiving communication.

Once you’ve received your visual, you then have the opportunity to ask your spirit support team yes/no questions because they can send your sign to indicate a yes response. Taking this further, over time you might learn of something you hear, smell, see or sense when your guides are near and that’s when the connection really gets strong!

So have a go at this today! And let me know how quickly you get your confirmation of your guides presence!

I’m excited to hear your success stories, and I look forward to hearing what your sign is!

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How to be happier

Can we talk mindfulness this week? It seems to be a buzz word we all throw around as something we ought to practice more of but don’t!

This past week I have been moving from task to task more mindfully. I have been stopping myself every few minutes to check what I’m thinking, and I’ve been amazed at what I’ve learned about myself.

Had you asked me 2 weeks ago whether I was a positive person I’d have said yes! But what I’ve learned recently is that I do most of my life on autopilot, with very little feeling of gratitude. Perhaps this is why life for me is so very often average… I have nothing to complain about but I don’t launch out of bed in excitement each morning either.

How does life look for you? Are you like me, stuck in the same rut, day in, day out? Is life pleasant enough but not all that exciting? If so, what’s missing is mindfulness and the opportunity to practice gratitude that mindfulness brings.

Every moment gives us a chance to be grateful about *something* which is happening for us. The trouble is, 99% of what we do is done without thinking. We don’t give thanks for our legs when we walk out the door. We don’t give thanks for the ease at which we can buy breakfast. We don’t give thanks for safe roads as we commute and we don’t give thanks for the hot water and cosmetics which allow us to feel good as we show up for work. We sit at a desk without feeling gratitude for the comfort of our chair and we drink coffee without feeling thankful for our tastebuds. I could go on but you get the picture I hope!

So this week I would like to challenge you to pause every 5 minutes to check what you’re thinking. Are you practicing gratitude as you should be? Because if you’re not, don’t be surprised when life feels bland.

We have opportunities at any given moment to appreciate life and if we choose not to focus on appreciating, it’s no wonder we miss the miracles. I think as you have a go at this mindfulness challenge you’ll be surprised at how frequently you forget to check your thoughts and how often the hours pass by as you ‘get on’ with things without really registering how amazing your life truly is!

Have a go at increasing your happiness by taking time to be grateful. Imagine how fab life could appear if you found something to be thankful for every five minutes… You’d struggle to find time for too many negative moments!

Just so you know, being mindful also increases your chances of noticing your intuition coming through and your guides communicating with you.

If happiness isn’t enough, that in itself makes life a bit magical doesn’t it? 😉

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What my spirit guides want us to know

Recently I was in a meditation searching for a solution to a small frustration I’ve been having. Whenever I need answers I usually meditate and wait for spirit guides to join me because this is normally enough to start a new thinking pattern and get myself back on track.

But guidance comes in many forms and we don’t always get step by step answers – sometimes it is up to us to ask for help then surrender the need to control what our reply is. This week, my dear spirit guide needed to remind me of this.

During meditation I complained to my guide that things were not as smooth going as I’d like them to be and that I was feeling annoyed. The answer that came back was this:

“Sometimes, what we think are blocks, barriers and hold ups are actually the solutions we’ve asked for.”

Isn’t that freeing?

My theme for 2017 is ‘surrender’, and days earlier I had already been told to resist nothing. Obviously I’d heard the message, but I hadn’t paid attention to it. This meant my guide was forced to listen to me complaining for a second time before repeating the message in a different way! (Which, for the record, is fine with guides as long as you are committed to the work).

So, just to save your own guides shouting at you til they’re blue in the face, let me pass this super important message on.

* We must surrender to the experience of life. We must use whatever we’re given as a starting point for choosing the most loving perspective.

*We must resist nothing. Even if it feels terrible going through it, we must learn the lesson the experience brings and trust that we will feel better one day. Perhaps we’ll feel better than better one day!

*What we resist, persists. We’re here to learn our life lessons and in some form we will keep repeating our lessons with different people and situations until we pass the assignment. Take everything as a gift. Where is the blessing? What do you need to learn?

*We must not assume it’s wrong for us just because it wasn’t in our own plan. What might we gain if we were to go with the detour and see how things pan out? We cannot ask for guidance then ignore it because it’s not what we want. We don’t get what we think we want… we get what we need.

*And finally, we must strengthen our link to our guides through regular meditation. They are waiting to speak with us if we will just make space for them.

* * * * *

I hope this serves you a little. Let go of control, go with what life has to offer, and find the light in every situation. Things might be frustrating, or you might just be resisting the solution…

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Why meditation is vital if you want to channel

Twice this week I have been asked why meditation is so important when it comes to meeting spirit guides. So here’s the answer.

It’s true that meditation allows space for guides to come through, but in the early days of your spiritual journey in particular, meditation is vital because it allows us to learn about ourselves.

When we learn to meditate without expectation of anything weird and wonderful happening, we learn to feel for ourselves what happens to our energy during relaxation. We learn how meditation feels in general, what happens to our body temperature, what our minds tend to focus on, how various body parts feel, and what happens to our senses.

This means that when a guide or spirit comes through, (sometimes years later!) we know without doubt that changes in our energy have occured, and we are certain that the messages coming through are real.

If we skip this vital period of learning about ourselves, we can never really know for sure we are connecting with spirit because we have to rely on how others tell us we should feel during connection.

Without certainty of our own ability, we start to question whether our imaginations have come out to play and to be blunt, it IS very easy to be misled by ego when we want connection to our guides so much. When ego leads our quest for connection, it leads us to frustration and a feeling that ‘nothing is happening’ and that ‘I can’t do this’ because predictions made from this space come from human thoughts rather than spiritual channelling and are very rarely accurate.

Nobody can teach you what your default energy feels like, and nobody can teach you what guidance feels like either. It’s something you have to experience for yourself and this starts with a dedicated meditation practise and a willingness to know yourself inside out and back to front. This is why, to answer the original question, meditation is so important. How can you know something spiritual has happened if you aren’t aware of what ‘normal’ feels like?

There are a lot of ways to develop your own spiritual gifts but all of them start with this basic knowledge of self. You must be willing to put the effort in or you’ll not get very far.

* * * * *

If you’re ready to commit to a meditation practise but don’t want to go it alone, your tribe is only a click and a like away! We meditate, talk spirit, and enjoy a weekly card reading. Come and say hello to us on facebook and then when you realise your meditation has paid off and your guide HAS come through, you’ll have friends to celebrate your excitement with! 🙂

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The magic of intention

I spoke to somebody last week who is working on meeting her spirit guide. She came to me for a few lessons because she’d not been enjoying success in her attempts to connect. We spoke about her methods and her feelings about spirit and, long story short, it transpired that she wasn’t meditating more than once a week (usually less) and that she didn’t really believe a guide was waiting for her to speak with. Because of this belief, she wasn’t expecting anything when she did sit down to the occasional meditation.

She’s allowed me to blog this because it may be the one thing holding you back from your own spiritual connection too.


You see, no matter what you do or what you want to achieve, your intention plays a big part in your success. If you have a strong intention to connect with your spirit guide, be happy, learn to speak Russian or declutter the house, you’re going to get there sooner or later. If you don’t believe it’s possible though, you’re not going to put the time in. You’ll not see results and then you’ll justify your lack of progress. It is impossible to set a positive intention if deep down you don’t believe you will see success.

Your intention makes all the difference

Do you have a goal or a desire? If so, set the intention to move towards your end result regardless of what it takes. Don’t hold back or put obstacles in the way, at least not if your intention to achieve is strong. (Is it?) Decide right now that you are going to make it, step by step and choice by choice.

Perhaps your goal is to feel differently, to be happier or worry less. In which case it’s time to declare your intention to feel calmer and more joyful. If you don’t, your environment will dictate your mood and take you out. You get to choose how you feel based on how committed you are to feeling it.

Maybe you want to stay peaceful as you move through a stressful day. Maybe you want your spirit guides to direct you bit by bit. Maybe you want to connect with a loved one on the other side. Intention is what makes the difference between achieving these things and feeling dispondent. You have to believe in your ability and then set the intention to uncover what you need to know before strengthening your skills. Without these things your guides know your heart isn’t ready to put the work in yet and connecting isn’t really your intention at all. (Is it any wonder you don’t hear them?)

It took me a fair while to realise that happiness and gratitude are a choice. There is always the choice of feeling better than you do and it’s achieved by looking for a better focus. This is probably one of my biggest life lessons – that life is what you make it and you make it better by your strong intentions.

Intention… One word which can set you up strong or have you waste your time in fluffy half hearted progress. Are you determined when it comes to what you desire?

Just so you know… The girl I’ve been speaking with hasn’t managed to meet her guide so far but she IS feeling more connected and she IS waiting patiently because she knows what she wants and she’s intending to achieve it. She’s committed to her daily meditation practise now too, sending a clear signal out that she knows what she wants.

What do you want for yourself? Have you set your intention today?

Love as always 🙂

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Ladybird spirit guides

Have you read about some areas of the UK suffering from ladybird fever? Last week we were in the park and I don’t think I have ever known so many ladybirds in one spot! Ever had 6 or 7 ladybirds on you at a time? Because nor had I before last Tuesday! We’d flick them away and another set would be straight on us. My friend brought one home down her jeans!

Seeing so many ladybirds flying amongst us got me wondering if maybe they had a message for us because I believe without doubt things happen for a reason. Those bugs got my attention last week and I wanted to know why!


Spiritually, ladybirds represent a deep connection to the spiritual journey including the link our past lives have to our present selves. This actually ties in with our current moon phase which is creating a call for us all to do some inner work and seek answers within ourselves rather than looking for external fulfillment. (Great timing then)

Ladybirds want us to be spiritually aware and to live joyously within the moment too so perhaps they’ve come as a reminder to us to enjoy today for all the fun it can bring us. What have you loved so far about your day? What have you noticed as being magical?

Ladybirds also represent abundance and luck. In such droves in our country right now, imagine the abundance they could bring to us all! Need more abundance of anything right now? Money? Health? Support? Time? Give thanks to the ladybird for reminding you lack is nothing more than a mindset.

Overall, ladybirds are a symbol of positivity, of luck and of peace and it is a blessing for us to see them. I’m going to be looking out for them from now on so when I see one, I’ll know my spirit guide is either showing me I’m on the right track or reminding me to get with the positive mindset!

Do you have a spirit animal you work with? Is it the ladybird too? Comment and let me know! As always it’s lovely to receive your messages 🙂


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3 things you should do if you want to be a medium

The other night was a rough night for me. I had a babble of voices in my ear as I was trying to fall asleep, and then when I *did* finally sleep, I woke up with a jolt to find spirit stood at the end of my bed!

I was telling somebody about my night as I fueled up on coffee, and, not put off by strange men appearing in the bedroom, she asked me how she might develop her own mediumship skills.


Whilst receiving messages from spirit is quite a skill and some have more of a natural talent for it than others, there are a few things you can start with to test your skill and patience for this work. (At this point I should tell you I am still learning 10 years in!) It’s not an easy skill to develop I don’t think, but if you are prepared to put the time in, it’s a really enjoyable ability to have.

So let’s get learning!

1) The first key thing any medium does on a regular basis is meditate. You have to have quiet space within your mind if you want spirit to reach you. I know meditating doesn’t seem all that exciting and you just want to see ghosts, but the best way to prepare for this is to learn how to meditate for at least 15 minutes, and do it at least once a day. Spirit is energy and the more peace you have within yourself, the easier it is to sense changes. I tend to feel spirit before I look to see it.

2) The second key skill to have is the ability to stay in the light! I don’t know if this next practise is unique to me or if it’s how all mediums work but I find my spirit guides pass messages on to me rather than the spirit himself. To hear your angels and guides with ease, it’s essential you stay in a high, loving vibration. The more joyful and open your heart is, the easier it is to receive the guidance because you’re on the same energy level. Learn how to choose peace as much as possible and you’re once again creating that calm, safe space which spirit is able to work with.

3) Finally, practise opening your third eye! During meditation, practise pouring white light between your eyebrows to hit and open your third eye. I also open my heart chakra at this point too by picturing a green circle of petals spinning near my heart, receiving loving light and guidance. Before opening yourself up, be sure to protect yourself with a shower of loving white light which you hold around yourself as you work, and once you’re protected, sit for a moment and see what comes through as you tell your guides you are open to receiving loving guidance and being a channel for loving communication. You may need to work with this exercise for a fair while, and start by learning to meet and trust your spirit guides if you haven’t mastered that already. (Read 3 things you should do if you want to meet your spirit guide)

So there you have it! 3 things you can do today to develop those mediumship skills. Are you a medium yourself? Can you add to this? Comment below and share your teachings. 🙂

Love as always 🙂

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Might you be Clairsentient?

Today I asked my guides what I should write about, and my own psychic journey popped up. My journey is one of a psychic in training – I’ve always had a little ability to communicate with spirit, but it’s taken 15 years to get to where I am now and I still consider myself to have an awful lot to learn. Developing my mediumship skills is going to be my focus for the next decade I expect!

But things progressed rapidly for me a while back when I listened to my guides and took in what they were telling me, and I want to share the lesson with you incase it can help you on your own journey.

Psychics fall into different categories, namely clairvoyants who see spirit, clairaudients who hear it, and clairsentients who feel it, and here’s where the confusion came in for me.


My first experience with spirit was seeing form in my late teens. I saw spirit and could pick up messages if they offered any and I figured this was what mediums did. Then, in my twenties, when I decided I wanted to meet with my guides, I started to push to *hear* them. I thought that was how they were supposed to come through and eventually they did come this way, though it took a LOT of practise. One guide in particular still shouts at me now because in the early days I asked him to speak up to ensure I heard him!

But then, after gaining the ability to hear guidance and thinking I was well on my way, progression stopped again. In my eyes I could see a bit and hear a bit, but I didn’t have a reliable way to connect with spirit whenever I needed to which was frustrating – I wanted guides to be available when I gave readings! I wanted to hear frequent voices like others could! How could I be psychic if I didn’t have voices inside my head?!!

Despite this lack of talent however, (this was how I perceived myself), I still seemed able to tune into guidance so I kept going with a sense of urgency to master being ‘all knowing’. And eventually the answers came through.

Here’s where my guides helped me and where the wake up you might need comes in.

Sometimes, because we have a preconceived idea of how spirit communicates, we cut ourselves off from the other ways they come through which slows our progression down. When this lesson jolted me awake I realised, in the space of a second, that even though my sight and hearing wasn’t reliable, I had *always* had an inner knowing. Instinctively I knew things. Instinctively I felt emotions, pains and fears. I knew what people wanted to say even when they were putting all their energy into convincing me otherwise. And when spirits came visiting, I just ‘knew’ what they wanted to share. If I asked my spirit guides for help for myself, I always received it too, and enjoyed the benefits of feeling supported.

But despite all this I hadn’t grasped that this was spirit’s primary way of communicating with me, and that other people couldn’t work like this with as much ease. Sure, lots of people get hunches or sense vibes from others, and that’s the start of skills developing, but I could take those vibes and go right in. I didn’t need to ask strangers what was wrong – I just knew and if I didn’t know, my guides could show me how to help. I just ‘knew’ how future events would pan out too. Future insights were available to me, just not in the form I thought they should be in. When somebody was in front of me, I could tell their primary focus and how things would play out if they took the action I knew they would or wouldn’t take, but 90% of this knowing was just feeling. I could sense the struggle, the cheating boyfriend, the denial, the health issue, the likelihood of travel coming up or a career change – I just didn’t have more than a sentence in my ear or brief image in my minds eye to confirm it! And it’s taken a while for me not to expect one!

These days I take whatever comes through in whatever form. I think often the person I’m working with influences how I receive more than the guides do. I’ve certainly noticed that I feel emotions rev up within me the more vocal a person is and I hear more around quieter souls!

Perhaps as I progress on this journey I will hear more without being shouted at, and see more too. I’d love to see more of spirit and am working on developing this. In the meantime though, I’m ok channelling messages the way I do now and enjoying the journey I’m on.

And that’s the point I want to make.
If you want to channel, you must be ready to receive and you must develop a way of life that allows you to pick up on *what* you’re being shown. Some psychics and mediums sit in caravans with crystal balls. That doesn’t mean you can’t work a different way. Spirit will work with whatever individual talents and interests you have within a time frame that suits your development so don’t cut yourself off from hearing because you’d rather see a misty image, or ignore what you’re feeling because you can’t hear too. Work with what you have! The other senses will develop naturally. Perhaps you aren’t meant to see ghosts in your bedroom – perhaps your work is to feel what your friend can’t say out loud and help the world that way instead.

How are you progressing on your psychic journey? Could you be cutting yourself off as I was?

If you’re struggling to connect, perhaps this might be why.

Love as always 🙂


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