What if you feel you don’t belong?

Do you ever feel as though you don’t belong anywhere? Or that despite having people you care about around you, you don’t quite fit in with anyone in particular?

Well don’t panic! You feel this way because you remember your truth! Here is not home… the spirit realm is! We are here visiting Earth for a very short amount of time, and some of us are more sensitive to this knowledge than others!

Having said that, there are things you can do to feel more settled so that you don’t have to live in a permanent state of something missing for the next half of a decade. Grounding your energy is something you’ll forget to do at first, but is something which will decrease the ‘lost’ feeling if you stick at it.

Ready? Here goes:

1) Ground yourself often with breath work, food, sipping water, or walking barefoot in the grass or sand. All of these things help bring us back to the moment we are in.

2) Envision roots growing from under your feet as you plant yourself firmly in this energy plane. You are present and this is where you live for now.

3) Strengthen your root chakra by envisioning a red spinning disk of energy within the groin area. This will help root your energy.

4) Find your tribe and let them support you. Whatever you like doing, there’s an online group for it! You don’t have to be physically alone all of the time and laughing in particular is an amazing healer.

5) Carry grounding crystals. I like Hematite and Smoky Quartz for this.

6) Work with mantras when you find your mind floating. I adore ‘I am safe’ and ‘I am here’ to remind myself that I really only have ‘now’ to play with.

Do you struggle to belong? Do you have any more grounding tips to share?

The good news is that more of us are waking up. We might feel odd now, but odd is fast becoming the new normal!

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How can you serve your desires?

So tell me what’s missing in your life right now. Is it spiritual development? Career? Money? Something else entirely?

Are you done trying to force it to appear and magically transform your world?

Because what I’ve learnt from spirit in recent times is that everything is its own energetic entity, and that if we want to call it into our lives we have to ask it how we can serve it so that it can live its own purpose.

It took me a long time to really understand this concept because its so ‘out there’, but if we want to invite specific energy into our flow, whether that’s money or a change of direction, it stands to reason that we need to know what this new energy needs in order to move through us and be part of our experience because nothing can come in and merely stand still. We can only gain what we are a vibrational match for, and our desires need a purpose and a point of being with us before they can join us.

What I’ve learnt is that we serve ourselves by serving others and this applies to *all* energy, not just human interactions. We need to get comfortable with checking in with each desire and asking it how we can support it. This is a super fast way of changing our realities because our egos have to get out of the way and stop running the show! Then our spirit can lead with inspired action that feels good and actually progresses us!

Whatever it is you want to invite into your life, speak to it by either journaling or meditating, and asking during this quiet moment what your desire needs in order to flow through you. I tend to find journaling gives me the answer pretty quickly, and meditation holds space for the answer to find me as I move through the day.

What are you calling into your life? Do you know how to serve it when it comes to you?

Because if not, you’re telling spirit you’re not quite ready for it. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be doing that!

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How to feel grateful when you know you should feel it but don’t!

Whether we want to be happier, work the law of attraction, or see the bright side of a bad situation so our day isn’t ruined, we all know we’re supposed to feel gratitude. We’re supposed to make a note of all the good things in our lives and feel blessed. Then we’re supposed to put a smile on and appreciate life because we surely have it better than others…

But what if you don’t feel blessed? What if you’re saying the words but just don’t feel it despite outward signs of abundance? What then?

At times like this, I look at a picture of our beautiful solar system and the magic of life returns to me in an instant.

I feel humble when I look at images of our galaxy and note how huge it is and how insignificant I am. The earth is made up of the perfect conditions for humans and animals to thrive alike, yet nobody really knows why it all happened or how. It’s a magical mystery to us why the earth has been created with the designs it has, right next to the moon and the sun which we also need for survival.

Seeing our earth or our moon, surrounded by stars or atmospheric clouds reminds me of how blessed I am to be part of this magic and how blessed I am that food, water, shelter and clothing have all been provided for me so I can take part in this wonder. I start to see my day as a gift… One which other people won’t be getting this morning because their time is through. I’m reminded that it’s my responsibility to help the planet thrive, by helping others, looking after nature, and tending the planet as she needs it. She is special, and abusing her is abusing ourselves. I’m reminded of what an absolute absolute privilege it is to see nature working for us, and I see the sky, the trees, a spider web or a daisy in a new light when I head outside. What I get to see is magic before my eyes.

You may not really feel grateful for your iPod or your microwave and you might not feel too impressed with having to jump on the bus and head to work each day but how can it fail to move you when you start thinking about all that had to happen to create the unique being that is you? It wasn’t just your parents creating you but the generations before them and everything the earth offered *them* so they might thrive enough to produce a new generation of thinkers. It was the sky, the rain fall, food, the temperature, the shelter of the trees and our brains developing day by day which all contributed to human life evolving. It was mother nature offering her arms of protection so we might be here today with our internet connection and central heating. We must never forget how an evolving ton of stardust made our lives today possible.

So next time you feel low, get humble. You play a very small part in what is otherwise an intricately designed home. You are blessed to take your place in the complex structure that is our solar system and you get to choose today whether you will make a difference or whether you will take your place for granted. Which will you do? Will you appreciate the opportunities you have today and take part in all the opportunities the world has to offer?

I know I will. Today I feel blessed to be part of the magic. I really hope you do too 🙂

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How to be happier

Can we talk mindfulness this week? It seems to be a buzz word we all throw around as something we ought to practice more of but don’t!

This past week I have been moving from task to task more mindfully. I have been stopping myself every few minutes to check what I’m thinking, and I’ve been amazed at what I’ve learned about myself.

Had you asked me 2 weeks ago whether I was a positive person I’d have said yes! But what I’ve learned recently is that I do most of my life on autopilot, with very little feeling of gratitude. Perhaps this is why life for me is so very often average… I have nothing to complain about but I don’t launch out of bed in excitement each morning either.

How does life look for you? Are you like me, stuck in the same rut, day in, day out? Is life pleasant enough but not all that exciting? If so, what’s missing is mindfulness and the opportunity to practice gratitude that mindfulness brings.

Every moment gives us a chance to be grateful about *something* which is happening for us. The trouble is, 99% of what we do is done without thinking. We don’t give thanks for our legs when we walk out the door. We don’t give thanks for the ease at which we can buy breakfast. We don’t give thanks for safe roads as we commute and we don’t give thanks for the hot water and cosmetics which allow us to feel good as we show up for work. We sit at a desk without feeling gratitude for the comfort of our chair and we drink coffee without feeling thankful for our tastebuds. I could go on but you get the picture I hope!

So this week I would like to challenge you to pause every 5 minutes to check what you’re thinking. Are you practicing gratitude as you should be? Because if you’re not, don’t be surprised when life feels bland.

We have opportunities at any given moment to appreciate life and if we choose not to focus on appreciating, it’s no wonder we miss the miracles. I think as you have a go at this mindfulness challenge you’ll be surprised at how frequently you forget to check your thoughts and how often the hours pass by as you ‘get on’ with things without really registering how amazing your life truly is!

Have a go at increasing your happiness by taking time to be grateful. Imagine how fab life could appear if you found something to be thankful for every five minutes… You’d struggle to find time for too many negative moments!

Just so you know, being mindful also increases your chances of noticing your intuition coming through and your guides communicating with you.

If happiness isn’t enough, that in itself makes life a bit magical doesn’t it? 😉

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Relationships are a spiritual assignment

No matter how good you have it, there is always at least one person annoying you. Does that statement ring true for you?

That’s because relationships are spiritual assignments.

People are sent to us for all kinds of reasons. Whilst some friends and family offer love, support and friendship, plenty of relationships offer us the chance to better ourselves. Some relationships give us the chance to grow as people by teaching us life lessons, and others are provided as stepping stones towards other people or situations we need in order to enter the next phase of our lives.

Whenever we are given a relationship, we are being given the chance to address something within ourselves which long term will allow us to better ourselves in some way, either by giving more to ourselves or giving more to others. There is a gift in every encounter, and there’s always a chance to learn something. Sometimes the lesson is a deep and difficult one such as how to forgive in order to help ourselves, but other times we’re simply offered the chance to learn how to rely on ourselves more, or given the opportunity to explore why we’re drawn to unsuitable people who use us and make us feel bad. Maybe a relationship is given to us because we need to learn how to be more at peace or simply how to understand another point of view…

The key to accepting people where they are and learning from whatever we’re given, particularly when a relationship goes wrong is to understand that everyone is here on earth to learn, and that relationships both with others and with self is how we do it. We must understand that it is not personal when others wrong us, they are simply learning as we are. Their actions speak only about where they are themselves, and have absolutely no reflection on our own personal worth.

When somebody upsets you for any reason, ask yourself how they are making you feel, then ask what you can learn from the experience. Are you really a failure? Can you let go of that insecurity or jealousy you have by working on YOU to make YOU feel better? Can you accept who THEY are? Do you need to walk away and allow someone else to offer you more? Do you feel worthy of receiving more? If not, why not? Do you need to take up the reins a bit more? Maybe you don’t! Maybe you’ve tried to control others a little too much!

Relationships always give us the chance to grow which is why we often lose one unworthy partner only to replace him and face the same issues with somebody new. It is why we feel frustration when we can’t control our children and also feel frustration when our sister won’t do what we want, and it is why we feel useless at the hands of our parents and then go on to pick a boss who also belittles us… The same dramas repeatedly show up when we refuse to address them!

But it is never about them and always about us and how honest we are willing to be with ourselves about how we really feel and what we need to do to heal that feeling…

Which relationship is your biggest challenge right now? And what does this tell you about you…?

Let me know your thoughts!

With love,


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The magic of intention

I spoke to somebody last week who is working on meeting her spirit guide. She came to me for a few lessons because she’d not been enjoying success in her attempts to connect. We spoke about her methods and her feelings about spirit and, long story short, it transpired that she wasn’t meditating more than once a week (usually less) and that she didn’t really believe a guide was waiting for her to speak with. Because of this belief, she wasn’t expecting anything when she did sit down to the occasional meditation.

She’s allowed me to blog this because it may be the one thing holding you back from your own spiritual connection too.


You see, no matter what you do or what you want to achieve, your intention plays a big part in your success. If you have a strong intention to connect with your spirit guide, be happy, learn to speak Russian or declutter the house, you’re going to get there sooner or later. If you don’t believe it’s possible though, you’re not going to put the time in. You’ll not see results and then you’ll justify your lack of progress. It is impossible to set a positive intention if deep down you don’t believe you will see success.

Your intention makes all the difference

Do you have a goal or a desire? If so, set the intention to move towards your end result regardless of what it takes. Don’t hold back or put obstacles in the way, at least not if your intention to achieve is strong. (Is it?) Decide right now that you are going to make it, step by step and choice by choice.

Perhaps your goal is to feel differently, to be happier or worry less. In which case it’s time to declare your intention to feel calmer and more joyful. If you don’t, your environment will dictate your mood and take you out. You get to choose how you feel based on how committed you are to feeling it.

Maybe you want to stay peaceful as you move through a stressful day. Maybe you want your spirit guides to direct you bit by bit. Maybe you want to connect with a loved one on the other side. Intention is what makes the difference between achieving these things and feeling dispondent. You have to believe in your ability and then set the intention to uncover what you need to know before strengthening your skills. Without these things your guides know your heart isn’t ready to put the work in yet and connecting isn’t really your intention at all. (Is it any wonder you don’t hear them?)

It took me a fair while to realise that happiness and gratitude are a choice. There is always the choice of feeling better than you do and it’s achieved by looking for a better focus. This is probably one of my biggest life lessons – that life is what you make it and you make it better by your strong intentions.

Intention… One word which can set you up strong or have you waste your time in fluffy half hearted progress. Are you determined when it comes to what you desire?

Just so you know… The girl I’ve been speaking with hasn’t managed to meet her guide so far but she IS feeling more connected and she IS waiting patiently because she knows what she wants and she’s intending to achieve it. She’s committed to her daily meditation practise now too, sending a clear signal out that she knows what she wants.

What do you want for yourself? Have you set your intention today?

Love as always 🙂

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How to look for the positive

This week I have challenged myself to a new way of thinking and I’d like to ask you to join me.

How many of you reading this are guilty of sitting in a safe zone and turning your back on your real desires because of the things that could go wrong or the extra effort that might be involved? How many of you reading this are guilty of choosing average because you know the results average will produce and are comfortable with knowing what’s coming? There’s nothing wrong with this way of living if it is giving you the easy, predictable life you love, but what if you feel bored and stuck in a rut?

Talk of positive thinking and the effect words can have on our thoughts is really big right now but if you’re looking around and you’re restless when you see what you have, no number of positive affirmations are going to change your thinking. We tend to stay stuck when we’re scared of getting things wrong because it’s natural to scan each decision we make for risks. Generally when we look for risks we find them too and we frequently stop ourselves in our tracks just incase the boat sinks and we lose what we have now which is better than nothing at all.

So this week I am trying to retrain my mind and instead of scanning for things that might go wrong, I’m looking for the best thing that could happen. And if I like the possibilities, I’m going to take a risk or two. Life is not meant to be bland and predictable unless that’s what you want for yourself – there are too many different places to explore, people to meet and challenges to take on to be wasting time sitting in the ease of doing nothing for the sake of avoiding mishap.


Can I challenge you to join me in this new way of thinking? When an opportunity comes up, instead of an instant no, consider the best thing that could happen if you said yes and then make a better choice. If that best thing sounds really appealing, why not go for it and experience more life. These don’t have to be life changing opportunities either. How many of us have said no to coffee with a friend because the ironing needs doing?

You could walk through your day asking yourself this better question too. Instead of fretting that you’ll be late for the meeting or something out of your control might not go your way, ask yourself what the best thing that could happen is, and focus on this outcome instead. It’s just as likely for good things to manifest and it’s more productive for you to think positively than it is for you to worry.

Negativity is quite often the default setting but we can get out of it by asking ourselves better questions and allowing ourselves to choose a different perspective. There is always a negative and a positive side. Just for this week, I’m asking if you’ll allow yourself a positive focus and see what happens. Will you?

What is the best that could happen if you did?

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3 steps to happiness

Many people embark on a spiritual journey because they have lost themselves. Have you ever felt empty or as if you *should* feel happy with your blessings but don’t? I understand that feeling because I had it for many years. I kept it hidden because I didn’t believe others felt it too and I’d put a smile on to cover up the mess inside. It wasn’t a good place to be in and I’m so fortunate to have my spirit guides nudging me back to peace these days.

But if you’re at that place now and you haven’t yet connected with your spirit guides or developed a spiritual practice that allows you to hear your intuition clearly, there are still things you can do in order to feel more connected to self.

When I speak of self, I mean your spiritual self… The bit of you that is love and has light to offer the world.
This is the bit that knows what you love and knows what it takes to make you smile. When we connect to this bit more often we become happier and lighter. As a bi-product, we often find it easier to hear our guidance too.


Connecting with self is really easy, it’s just we forget to do it! We get caught up in the ‘shoulds’ of life instead of measuring our success by the size of our smiles.

Step one is to be aware of what you love doing.

Step two is to identify *why* you like doing what you do. What feelings do you gain when you do what you love? Joy? Do you feel productive? As if you’re contributing? Excitement? Security? Whatever you feel, these are your core values, and living from your ‘feelings’ values is what brings you peace and contentment.

Step three and the last step is to be continuously aware of your values, and commit to making as many decisions as possible each day with your values in mind. Your aim is to feel your valued feelings each and every day.

Whenever a decision needs to be made, ask yourself if the decision is going to bring you an injection of your valued feelings or not. Not only does this make decision making simpler, it encourages you to be more mindful of what you need to feel in order to be happy.

We only ever want things for the feelings we think we’ll gain in the having of it. Don’t wait for everything to fall into place before you allow yourself to connect with what you need. Want to feel something you haven’t made space for recently?

Stop making excuses, and find a way to feel what you need.

When we feel how we need to feel we become more connected to who we are as opposed to who the world wants us to be. We become more connected with who we are supposed to be rather than who the rest of the world wants us to be.

If you are feeling lost and empty, consider what you haven’t been allowing yourself. Because if you haven’t felt good lately, there is only one person who can change that for you…

Lots of love as always,


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Love your new beginnings

On Monday I dropped my youngest off for his first afternoon at school. It wasn’t hard on him at all – he’s keen to get learning and is excited to see more of his brother at playtimes but as for me, I’m feeling a bit lost and I know I’m not the only one experiencing this feeling this week!

New starts are thrown at us all the time whether we choose them or not. Jobs come and go, relationships break down, our homes change and our lives adapt to deal with illness and worse. And we aren’t always ready for the changes.


I’ve known since my boys were born that one day, they’d need me less but it still feels strange now that the day is upon me. I have hours each day to fill and when I look towards my empty week, I wonder what I will do with all the time that stretches ahead.

Are you in the same boat? Because if so I want to share some advice my guides gave me last night during meditation, and that’s not to look back but instead to remember to be grateful.

My guides tell me that whenever a new chapter is given to us, we should focus on the benefits of our new start. We should focus on the gifts we are being given and the opportunities we now have. Sometimes our gift is simply the fact that we still have shelter or we’ve been shown evidence of the love others have for us. My guides tell me we take these things for granted too often. Other times, we may have asked the universe for a bigger opportunity and the fact that things are shifting around to create space for our new desires is a gift in itself. In these cases we need to be mindful of our bigger goals and feel thankful that the universe is always working in our favour even if we don’t see evidence of this straight away.

Things ALWAYS work out in the end and our challenge is to be at peace with where we are. We win this challenge by putting our focus on the best bits of our situation.

So whatever the reason for your new chapter, here’s a challenge for you!

Find up to three positive aspects of your new situation, and give thanks for them. Then write them down and repeat the process every day. Gratitude is a game changer because it reminds us of our blessings!

Is there something you now have more time to do? Do you have a chance to seek new adventures? Perhaps you simply have the chance to fight on and better your situation, with a better attitude than most others would have.

I am focused on having more time to write, having fewer demands on my immediate attention meaning the opportunity to be more patient when the children *are* here, and the gratitude I feel at having a wonderful school so close by. I might feel lost now, but in time I hope to write more and read the tarot cards more – I don’t have the excuses not to!

This challenge isn’t just for changes you don’t want either! Sometimes we make changes for the good, (accepting promotions for example or committing to a personal project) and then need to take the focus off our resistence and onto the progression we have promised ourselves! Our ‘now’ might be scary in these moments as we start pushing ahead, but that’s ok, isn’t it?

So practise putting your best foot forward and moving. You can dwell on what’s changed, or you can be ok (more than ok!) with where you are. Only one way is going to benefit you long term.

What’s changed for you lately? And what’s good about it?

As always I love to hear from you 🙂

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Feel happier, listen to your spirit

Last week I read a wonderfully inspiring book – Strong Woman: The Truth About Getting To The Top by Karren Brady.
I chose it on impulse, partly because I admire what Karren has achieved, and partly because I used to live in the same village as her and would get excited whenever I saw the local celebrity driving up the high street!


Strong woman is a biography about Karren’s life, and shares the masses of achievements and wins she has celebrated mostly due to her dedication to hard work and her determination to succeed.

What came across strongly as I read Karren’s book was her core belief – “If I don’t do this for myself, who will?”

And that makes her a wonderful ambassador for living your spirit!


We all have dreams inside of us, but lots of us leave them burried as we tell ourselves we can’t. We allow our egos to make all kinds of excuses so that we don’t have to take the risk or face the fear, and this in turn leaves lots of us feeling lost, bored or unfulfilled – things I doubt Karren has ever felt.

Our spirits want us to live in love, even if that love means working towards a huge goal that frightens us, and that’s why our dreams never quite go away. We might push them aside, but our spirit knows it should be immersed in whatever brings us joy and therefore it nags at ego to address what’s not right, sometimes until it’s nothing more than a regretful voice and a wish that things had been different.

Our purpose in life, no matter how we choose to fulfil it as individuals, is to make the world a lighter, more loving place and we do that by making ourselves happy by following our bliss. A happy person is kinder, friendlier, more understanding and more generous. Happiness spills over and lifts more than just ourselves up. Following your bliss, whatever you have to do to achieve it, is not selfish, in fact it’s quite the opposite! Have you ever received genuine, excited support or cheer from a depressed person who is fed up with his lot?! I bet you have from the light and laughing person though!

We are not meant to accept an average life and are more than entitled to build a life that fits, but we quite often have to take a risk or two to achieve this or put more hours in than the average person does. And that’s where most people slip up. They stay small and restless because that pull they feel to set up in business, travel, relocate or shed two stone seems just too scary to plan, or requires too much effort when Corrie and a cuppa are more comforting than the gym.

What I’m trying to say is, if you want to be more in love with your life, be more like Karren and take advantage of the day. Don’t wait for perfect circumstances, and certainly don’t wait for somebody else to give you permission! Decide what your spirit is calling you to do, and work out how to make it happen because noone will do this for you. And yes, this will probably mean putting yourself out, doing the hard stuff, and knowing other people have it easier than you.

Want more happiness, more peace, more excitement, more laughter? Then stop listening to ego and start hearing what your spirit needs. Start doing more of what you desire, simply because that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. Maybe that’s taking up swimming twice a week or making new friends. Maybe you secretly crave going back to school or changing career, something which is going to take some major life changes and possibly crossing your fingers that it will all work out in the end. (It will.) Whatever it is, if it brings you more laughter, excitement, passion and connection with others, you need to be doing as much of it as possible, daily if you can.

What is your spirit calling you to do? Are you listening and taking action? Are you willing to listen but refusing to move? Are you convinced your circumstances are to blame for your lack of action? Cetain that you’re not able to be who you want to be because he/she stops me?

Let me know! I love hearing how you light yourself up and how you overcome your negative thinking! And let me know if you genuinely have challenges to beat too!

In the meantime, grab yourself a copy of Karren’s book whilst you’re taking action. It’s inspiring and encouraging and the perfect book for anyone needing that little extra push to just take a big breath and go for it 🙂

Love as always,


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