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A few thoughts on manifesting

Manifesting has become a bit of a buzz word lately hasn’t it? We all want to believe in the possibility of having our hearts desires with very little effort.

I’ve been learning a lot about manifesting just recently because whilst I believe in the law of attraction and its ability to help us, I don’t think attracting happens unless you are completely open to it and ready to run with the results. This has meant I’ve started on a healing journey so I can open my heart and receive the abundance I would love.

Here’s what I’ve been learning:

Manifesting is always on whether you are choosing your manifestation or not. It isn’t something you switch on purely so you can get your hands on a new car!

Manifesting is just another word for receiving. Your success with manifesting is directly linked to what you feel worthy of receiving. And you are ALWAYS receiving something! (Is it what you want though?!)

Your subconscious mind ultimately decides whether you are successful or not. Its beliefs are formed before the age of 8 and if you don’t have positive beliefs around yourself and your ability, you will hold yourself back in some way, shape or form.

To change subconscious beliefs you must let your spirit (love) guide you rather than ego. To do this, learn to love yourself and believe you are worthy before you throw your heart into trying to bring forward what you want.

Want to know where to start with self love? This book by Louise Hay is awesome. (Book is clickable!)

I believe we have to feel deserving of what we want before it can come to us. Until we feel worthy, no number of affirmations will work, particularly if we’re anxious about the time frame we have to work in.

When we love ourselves and know without doubt we are part of an abundant universe, there is nothing we cannot experience. But the challenge is to get to this point so that we can see the results of our energy work.

Have you ever manifested a desire *without* self love being present?

Let me know your thoughts. And also what you’re manifesting next! Me? I would love an even stronger connection with spirit, more writing gigs, and more time on the Isle of Wight with the family 🙂

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How to feel grateful when you know you should feel it but don’t!

Whether we want to be happier, work the law of attraction, or see the bright side of a bad situation so our day isn’t ruined, we all know we’re supposed to feel gratitude. We’re supposed to make a note of all the good things in our lives and feel blessed. Then we’re supposed to put a smile on and appreciate life because we surely have it better than others…

But what if you don’t feel blessed? What if you’re saying the words but just don’t feel it despite outward signs of abundance? What then?

At times like this, I look at a picture of our beautiful solar system and the magic of life returns to me in an instant.

I feel humble when I look at images of our galaxy and note how huge it is and how insignificant I am. The earth is made up of the perfect conditions for humans and animals to thrive alike, yet nobody really knows why it all happened or how. It’s a magical mystery to us why the earth has been created with the designs it has, right next to the moon and the sun which we also need for survival.

Seeing our earth or our moon, surrounded by stars or atmospheric clouds reminds me of how blessed I am to be part of this magic and how blessed I am that food, water, shelter and clothing have all been provided for me so I can take part in this wonder. I start to see my day as a gift… One which other people won’t be getting this morning because their time is through. I’m reminded that it’s my responsibility to help the planet thrive, by helping others, looking after nature, and tending the planet as she needs it. She is special, and abusing her is abusing ourselves. I’m reminded of what an absolute absolute privilege it is to see nature working for us, and I see the sky, the trees, a spider web or a daisy in a new light when I head outside. What I get to see is magic before my eyes.

You may not really feel grateful for your iPod or your microwave and you might not feel too impressed with having to jump on the bus and head to work each day but how can it fail to move you when you start thinking about all that had to happen to create the unique being that is you? It wasn’t just your parents creating you but the generations before them and everything the earth offered *them* so they might thrive enough to produce a new generation of thinkers. It was the sky, the rain fall, food, the temperature, the shelter of the trees and our brains developing day by day which all contributed to human life evolving. It was mother nature offering her arms of protection so we might be here today with our internet connection and central heating. We must never forget how an evolving ton of stardust made our lives today possible.

So next time you feel low, get humble. You play a very small part in what is otherwise an intricately designed home. You are blessed to take your place in the complex structure that is our solar system and you get to choose today whether you will make a difference or whether you will take your place for granted. Which will you do? Will you appreciate the opportunities you have today and take part in all the opportunities the world has to offer?

I know I will. Today I feel blessed to be part of the magic. I really hope you do too 🙂

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3 steps to charging new crystals

Have you been on a shopping spree lately and bought yourself a lovely piece of jewellery? Are you unsure how to release your new crystal magic and eager to enjoy the things your crystal can do? There are a few nice ways to get your new crystals working for you, and tonight is the perfect night to get started because there is a full moon and the energy is powerful. (June 2016)

The first step, once you’ve got your crystals home, is to cleanse them. I like to leave mine to soak for 24 hours in spring water on a window sill. The water can then absorb both the moon and sun light which is strong energy to work with. Some people like to use salt water instead, but a few crystals can be damaged by salt… Only use it if you know your new purchase will survive.

Step two is to charge the crystal with your own energy. I like to keep mine on me for 2-3 days and I like to meditate with it in my palm too. At night, I’ll either continue to wear it or sleep with it under my pillow. I can usually feel it’s energy within the day.

Finally, step 3 is to ask your crystal for the help you need. Don’t just assume your crystal knows what you want. I like to meditate with my crystal as I thank it for doing specific jobs for me. Lots of people forget this step but it is an important step if you’ve bought your crystal with a purpose in mind.
Every night, hold your crystal and give thanks for the help it offers as you visualise your desired outcome. Your crystal can then partner with your own energy to manifest.

Each time you have a new task for your crystal, you’ll want to cleanse and recharge it before putting it to work so if you’re drawn to a different ritual than the one I follow, go with it. If you’re wanting to manifest something for example, cleansing and charging during a new moon will give you wonderfully strong energy to work with.

Regardless of your method though, enjoy your crystal and know there is no wrong way of preparing them. Having them work well for you relies on your own energy and intentions – you’ll get little out of them if you refuse to believe they work or forget to use them consistently, but send them love and remain positive about their abilities and you’re half way to having them achieve your desires!

Being truthful, most of mine are chosen for their beauty initially rather than what they can do for me. Their power and energy vibe is an added bonus I usually explore at a later date. If you’re choosing crystals for specific purposes though, you’ll soon have a wonderful toolbox at your disposal as many crystals do multiple jobs and partner with one another well.

Do you have a favourite crystal? How has it worked for you? X

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Attracting with spells

logo I am reluctant to do a ‘how to’ for casting magic spells because they’re such a personal thing! So instead I’ll give a vague outline and let you go with your instincts as to what would work for you.

Casting your protection circle is you number one priority when it comes to spell work. Some cast by visualizing a white circle of energy around them, others use salt to create a physical circle.

Asking for protection from spirit is your next essential move. Some call the four elements, (Earth, Air, Fire and Water), Some call the main four angels, (Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel), some call their own personal guides, angels or loved ones, and some call God and ask for white protection light to protect them as they work.

Props used in spells are very personal and link to the purpose of the spell. Some props include candles, herbs which can be burned, paper on which intent can be written and then burned or buried, crystals which symbolize the job in hand or create a talisman to carry around, and salt/cleansing waters to clear and refresh.

When I’m spell casting I first cast my protection circle by visualizing. I ask for the protection of the white light, and I ask my guides and loved ones into my circle to look after me. I then meditate before lighting a candle. My favourite method of spell casting involves writing my intent down, folding the paper up, and keeping it on me in a special bag I have for this purpose. With my note of intent I’ll include any aiding crystals or herbs. Once my spell is finished I will release the energy of intent into the universe, blow our my candle, thank my protectors, and ground my circle. If it’s a spell that needs high energy or one which is important to me I will often relight the candle and meditate on my request every evening until my candle burns down.

Remember that whatever you put out there comes back threefold, so only use magic for positive purposes. 🙂

Candle Colours and their meanings…
White for new beginnings
Green for love and money
Red for passion and fertility
Yellow for communication
Blue for career
Pink for family matters and love
Brown is for money and home
Silver is for desire and spirit matters
Orange for health

Herbs and their meanings…
Sprinkle these around your candle for extra energy
Sorrel for love
Basil for money
Bay for career
Fennel for communication
Sage for wisdom
Coriander for health
St John’s Wort for fertility
Mint for family

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