How can you serve your desires?

So tell me what’s missing in your life right now. Is it spiritual development? Career? Money? Something else entirely?

Are you done trying to force it to appear and magically transform your world?

Because what I’ve learnt from spirit in recent times is that everything is its own energetic entity, and that if we want to call it into our lives we have to ask it how we can serve it so that it can live its own purpose.

It took me a long time to really understand this concept because its so ‘out there’, but if we want to invite specific energy into our flow, whether that’s money or a change of direction, it stands to reason that we need to know what this new energy needs in order to move through us and be part of our experience because nothing can come in and merely stand still. We can only gain what we are a vibrational match for, and our desires need a purpose and a point of being with us before they can join us.

What I’ve learnt is that we serve ourselves by serving others and this applies to *all* energy, not just human interactions. We need to get comfortable with checking in with each desire and asking it how we can support it. This is a super fast way of changing our realities because our egos have to get out of the way and stop running the show! Then our spirit can lead with inspired action that feels good and actually progresses us!

Whatever it is you want to invite into your life, speak to it by either journaling or meditating, and asking during this quiet moment what your desire needs in order to flow through you. I tend to find journaling gives me the answer pretty quickly, and meditation holds space for the answer to find me as I move through the day.

What are you calling into your life? Do you know how to serve it when it comes to you?

Because if not, you’re telling spirit you’re not quite ready for it. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be doing that!

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Crystal infused water

Looking through my facebook feed I know that many of you crystal owners took full advantage of the full moon last weekend and set your crystals out to cleanse and absorb some of that powerful manifesting energy.

But you know what I like to do also? I like to place my crystals in some spring water and leave it out overnight, so that I might drink that manifesting energy too!

When we place crystals in water, (note; do your research as some crystals don’t like to get too wet!) our liquid infuses with the crystal energy and is then perfect for sipping with intention the next day. I like to set my healing intentions out before I drink, then thank the water for the healing it is giving me. As I sip, I imagine the water moving through my cells, clearing up whatever isn’t working for me at the time. And it seems to work wonders.

When the dog was Ill, I had bloodstone in a jug of water which I kept topping up and decanting into his bowl. Bloodstone for example is a wonderful cleanser and works well to clear infections, clean blood, and work alongside any organs that do this work for us such as our kidneys and liver. (in the interest of declaring all, he did see the vet too!)

If you’re lucky enough to already have perfect health, maybe you could consider infusing some water with abundance energy or peace energy! Blue lace agate springs to mind as a crystal that would work well for this!

Have you enjoyed success with crystal infused products? Let me know so I can try too! There seems no end to the things our crystals can do 🙂

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How to be happier

Can we talk mindfulness this week? It seems to be a buzz word we all throw around as something we ought to practice more of but don’t!

This past week I have been moving from task to task more mindfully. I have been stopping myself every few minutes to check what I’m thinking, and I’ve been amazed at what I’ve learned about myself.

Had you asked me 2 weeks ago whether I was a positive person I’d have said yes! But what I’ve learned recently is that I do most of my life on autopilot, with very little feeling of gratitude. Perhaps this is why life for me is so very often average… I have nothing to complain about but I don’t launch out of bed in excitement each morning either.

How does life look for you? Are you like me, stuck in the same rut, day in, day out? Is life pleasant enough but not all that exciting? If so, what’s missing is mindfulness and the opportunity to practice gratitude that mindfulness brings.

Every moment gives us a chance to be grateful about *something* which is happening for us. The trouble is, 99% of what we do is done without thinking. We don’t give thanks for our legs when we walk out the door. We don’t give thanks for the ease at which we can buy breakfast. We don’t give thanks for safe roads as we commute and we don’t give thanks for the hot water and cosmetics which allow us to feel good as we show up for work. We sit at a desk without feeling gratitude for the comfort of our chair and we drink coffee without feeling thankful for our tastebuds. I could go on but you get the picture I hope!

So this week I would like to challenge you to pause every 5 minutes to check what you’re thinking. Are you practicing gratitude as you should be? Because if you’re not, don’t be surprised when life feels bland.

We have opportunities at any given moment to appreciate life and if we choose not to focus on appreciating, it’s no wonder we miss the miracles. I think as you have a go at this mindfulness challenge you’ll be surprised at how frequently you forget to check your thoughts and how often the hours pass by as you ‘get on’ with things without really registering how amazing your life truly is!

Have a go at increasing your happiness by taking time to be grateful. Imagine how fab life could appear if you found something to be thankful for every five minutes… You’d struggle to find time for too many negative moments!

Just so you know, being mindful also increases your chances of noticing your intuition coming through and your guides communicating with you.

If happiness isn’t enough, that in itself makes life a bit magical doesn’t it? 😉

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Be mindful of what you’re doing… Your intuition will thank you!

Q: What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

A: You ask yourself what the next step is!

Does this sound like an obvious thing to blog about? I guess it must do on paper (or screen!) but how many of us spend hours or even days at a time not knowing where to focus? Quite a few I imagine! We live such busy lives with such a lot going on all at once that it can be very easy to become overwhelmed very quickly. The baby is sick, the toddler is having a tantrum, the dog is barking at the cat, the washing hasn’t been done and it would be dinner time if only you’d made some. Your phone is bleeping too, and you’re quite keen to know what’s going on on Facebook. It’s no wonder that we struggle through the day to day stuff feeling frazzled or bored whilst shoving our dreams on to the back burner.

Sometimes the dreams look too big, anyway, and not knowing where to start keeps us stuck in the easy mode of daily routine, which, whilst sometimes hard, is at least familiar.

Asking ourselves what our next step should be is a wonderful way of gaining clarity, easing anxiety, and soothing stress, whether we’re trying to decide how to tackle a busy schedule or where to fit in a year long project or near forgotten ambition. It gives us back a choice. If you’re choosing a new action every hour, you’re back in the driving seat and life is no longer something which is simply happening to you.

Isn’t that what we all really want? To feel as though we have options?

We only ever have our present moment to play with. Our power resides in the now, and so focusing in on more than one task is counter productive, it lessens our chances of enjoying our moment and completing tasks to the best of our ability. It leads to stress, too, and too much of that leaves us throwing our hands in the air and giving up, at least until the depression or anxiety moves in to either kick us harder or have us running around more frantically. (It’s about now we feel helpless and frustrated by our obligations)

So I’d like to suggest we all practise being more mindful. Take just the one task on at a time, and ask yourself what your next task should be once you’ve completed it. This will lead to your intuition kicking in and you may even find yourself being pulled to work on long term goals. I know myself that it’s easy to answer that call in just twenty minutes a day if you break your goal down into step by step actions.

Whether you’re looking to complete a to-do list or embark on setting up in business, repeatedly stop to ask yourself what your next step should be, then allow yourself some quiet time to hear what your guidance wants to share with you. Your spirit knows who you are and what you should be doing to feel joy and love life, but the human ego is often so caught up in achieving that we miss hearing the call.

Ever feel as though life is passing you by at the speed of lightening? Perhaps it is time to slow down and come off the auto pilot. I know I have become happier since doing so.

Have you been guided to read this post perhaps?!

Who knows, maybe your own spirit team are trying to help you change your ways… 😉

Love as always,


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How to boost your confidence and self love

logoA great question came through the facebook page this week which I thought would be nice to share here:

‘How the f**k do I love myself when I feel such a f*****g failure?’

It’s taken me a fair while to see how important loving yourself is but now I know, I feel it’s the most important teaching I can ever share.

Loving who you are means you feel confident standing up and showing the world the real you. You know you might get some rejection for this, but you also know that being so open allows others who share your vision the chance to find you because you become aligned with them. Being supported means you have the chance to grow and take risks, and the love others have for you brings a sense of acceptance and belonging, something we all crave.

But to get all that you have to feel happy with who you are and what you want and until you find this self acceptance, there’s a fair chance there will always be something missing from your life. You might spend a lifetime seeking happiness and living on the outside of the laughter because you don’t quite fit in despite having all the outward signs of success and a bit of a community around you.

Plenty of people suffer from not really liking who they are. We spend so long trying to please parents and teachers, fit in with louder, bossier friends, be the perfect worker bee for our boss and be the perfect romantic partner that it’s super easy to spend 30 years trying to be liked and changing our act for every different situation. Then we look around after a time and realise we don’t fit anywhere and don’t really know what we want anymore. It’s no wonder that life ends up sweeping us away until we’re detached from what was meant for us.

So what can you do today to work on finding *you* again so you can fall in love with the person you were born to be?

Well, as with everything else, gratitude will serve you! Get into the habit of checking in with yourself several times a day and giving thanks for everything you have achieved. Perhaps you have completed a task particularly well or perhaps you’ve calmed a situation with your children without resorting to shouting. Perhaps you’ve just read a book and need to appreciate how hard you’ve worked to become educated. We take all of these little wins each day for granted and then call ourselves useless! Honestly…. If you do nothing all day your body is still working flat out, so give thanks for how well it is working to house your soul! If you screw up you still tried! Give yourself praise for having a go! Tell yourself well done and accept a bit of encouragement!

Self gratitude and positive self talk takes a bit of getting used to and I know you’ll spend a while resisting or feeling silly as you talk to yourself, but by practising these skills often it will become more normal to appreciate yourself, look after yourself, and want the best for yourself. And once you’re in that positive state, your guidance can kick in and put you back on the right path.

If you are struggling to like yourself, this practise is a really good place to start, and now is when you should do your first check in. What do you love about yourself right now? The earning power you have which has allowed you to buy the screen you’re reading this post on? Your eyes for allowing you to see? Your health? Your skill at finding shelter and a place to live so you can scroll the Internet safely? You choose your excellence to celebrate!
If you can’t think of anything, celebrate your determination because you’re still seeking answers and the opportunity to feel better.

What amazing things have you done today that deserve a bit of recognition?

Get into the routine of standing in front of a mirror and appreciating yourself every time you spot your reflection because mastering self acceptance and love is THE biggest ticket you can give yourself to happiness, peace, and contentment. Without self love, no amount of attention from others or money in your pocket is going to drown that little voice that tells you you’re not good enough.

So celebrate you and do it often! You won’t see change overnight, but it will creep up on you if you allow it. As you become more comfortable in your skin, you’ll attract people who see the beauty in you and people who want to learn and grow with you. You’ll start to see where you belong, and you’ll find yourself brave enough to chase your passions and show up for your dreams because the confusion starts fading until it’s replaced with desire.

Self love can be a long journey, but it’s one that’s definitely worth taking.

Never look at yourself as a failure – you’re not of course, you’re simply lost and need a bit of a nudge in the right direction!

How much do you love you? Today is the day to get that loving feeling back and I challenge you to get started right this minute! You know what to do now – just practise getting appreciative!

I look forward to knowing how you get on!

Today could be the start of a beautiful relationship with self and if you’d like to explore this topic further, Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life is a wonderful read. 🙂

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What do you say yes to?


As some of you dear readers know, I am currently reading through Louise Hay’s amazing titles, and one of the teachings she determinedly promotes is saying yes to what you love. Now I’m not talking about physical possessions when I share these teachings with you, but saying yes to feelings and actions!

Too often we are negative. We complain frequently about our situations and those around us and when we do this, we give away our power by focusing on what we don’t want rather than working towards what we do want. We say no all the time, and it keeps us on the frequency of the negative and drags us down. Sometimes it makes us feel guilty, too, especially if we’re saying no to another person. And how the heck can we find solutions if our thoughts are stuck in all the things we don’t want to be experiencing?!

Our power is *always* found in what we say yes to because then we are making choices aligned with the way we want to live rather than battling with what we don’t want for ourselves. Of course you will use the word ‘no’ from time to time, but what I’m suggesting is you use it after checking in with yourself and deciding whether what’s on the table will move you towards your desires and ultimately what you’ve said yes to. Use it when what you have in front of you (A feeling, decision, obligation or a request of your time) is taking you away from the lifestyle you have chosen to work towards. When you focus on what your yes is you’re reminding yourself of your why, and that’s far more powerful than saying no which to me kinda has a full stop after it and doesn’t allow a lot of room to choose an alternative!

Do you know what your yes is? What do *you* say yes to in order to feel good? I’d love for you to share your thoughts on Facebook or in the comments below because if you know what your yes is, you can make every decision based on what moves you closest to your choice which takes so much indecision away from day to day life and saves a heck of a lot of time, too! Is it love? Peace? Security or freedom? Helping others? Something else I’ve not yet thought of?!

I say yes to choosing the most loving response, chasing my dreams despite being s**t scared of failing, and meditating every night to check in with my guides. These are the things I do in order to feel good and on purpose and I practice daily making ‘yes’ choices which align with these desires so I know I am roughly on the right path.

Do you know where you’re heading? What do you say yes to today? X

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Mirror Work and learning to love YOU!

Love Begins With Me

A question for you!

When did you last look in the mirror and really give yourself the thumbs up? When did you last look in the mirror and look past your body and appearance in order to celebrate who you are spiritually? If you’re anything like me you might be in the habit of checking you’ve not got food between your teeth or pen on your nose before leaving the house, but otherwise I tend to barely glance at my reflection and when I do, I can generally find something to criticise.

Having studied a lot of Louise Hay’s teachings recently though, I’ve been trying to change this lack of care through mirror work. Mirror work, in short, gives you the chance to learn to look in the mirror and love what you see, not because of the beauty staring back at you but because you’re at peace with who you are, and how hard you’re working simply to get along and do your best. Mirror work is looking into the mirror and telling your reflection ‘I love you and I admire your drive, your ability to keep going, your determination to give back…’

Do you do this? Do you support yourself on a regular basis as you would your children or best friend? If not I really urge you to have a go at looking into the mirror and sincerely complimenting yourself. Honestly, it’s life changing work.

You might feel silly throwing compliments at your reflection initially, and you might even question who you are to be showering such adoration onto yourself! That’s OK though, it just means you’re all the more deserving of the love. Somewhere along the line we’re taught that loving ourselves is a form of vanity yet as far as I’m concerned, loving ourselves is where all the magic begins!

Head to the mirror today, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself you love you. How does it feel? If wonder surrounds you you’re probably well on the road to self love but if you feel at all uncomfortable and want to fight the feelings that come up, you need this work the most. You need to be practicing complimenting yourself and speaking to yourself kindly until it’s second nature to feel wonderful in your skin. Start small if you need to! Take away the love and tell yourself you quite *like* you until the comfort flows a little easier! Whatever you say to yourself, commit to saying it every time you catch a glimpse of the wonderful person you are.

Self acceptance is the one thing which will catapult you to whatever successes you desire. Whether that’s a business other people admire, a relationship with that special someone or simply feeling happy, it all starts with feeling good about who you are and believing others will value what you have to share.

If something you’d love is missing from your life, check in with how you feel about yourself. Do you love you? If not it’s time to work on that so others can love you too!

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If you can daydream, you’ve got it sussed

I have always had the goal of connecting with spirit. As a little girl I wanted to see ghosts, and as I entered my teen years I was desperate to gain access to my guides. Over the years I have worked super hard to achieve these dreams and build a strong connection to spirit, but the further I get into this development the more I learn how little talking to spirit has to do with talent or being singled out and instead how much of this journey is down to mindset and belief.

Over the weekend I struggled with moodswings, caused by tiredness and hormones and I felt a bit restless. I started questioning why despite doing what I love, (getting take away coffee and sitting by the sea!) I was still feeling unfulfilled, bored and hassled. Sunday especially should have been my rest day doing my favourite things and yet there I was, fed up to the back teeth and trying to fake a bit of a smile for the kids! I’d gone to the beach because I thought it might boost my mood a little to be in my favourite spot but whilst I did have a nice time and did enjoy looking at the view, it didn’t take long to feel peeved off with my day again… That sinking feeling hitting me the moment we were back in the car.

But whenever I need to explore where I am I know I can always chat to my guides and so last night I turned to meditation to find my solution and, after initially ignoring the advice coming through, I’ve sat with it today and realised once again that I’ve been given exactly what I need.

Spirit have reminded me that I really don’t need a beach to feel peace of mind and they are advising me to daydream a little today and let my thoughts take me to a place of beauty from the comfort of home, using the time I have between obligations. I have once again been reminded to stop searching for outside solutions and instead, use my mind which offers every solution I could ever need. There is nothing ‘out there’ which doesn’t start with a mindset because if you can’t think it first, it can’t possibly exist for you. It wasn’t a beach I needed yesterday, it was a shake up of what I was thinking! (Cos sometimes we wallow in feeling bad, right?!)

It took me such a long time to understand that this is just how things work and there is no changing this process! Our power comes from the way we think, how we perceive things, and how we look internally for solutions. Nothing outside of ourselves can bring us peace or happiness for any length of time, and this fantastic understanding is where our true peace lies. (And is your easy connection to your guides, too!) I might have been at my favourite place but I had taken my negative thoughts and frustration there too, instantly blocking the feel good vibes. (Which proves the theory that mind influences the mood, not the surroundings!)

The point I’m trying to make is that whilst a day out is nice, you can change how you feel regardless of where you are and what you have going on. That pretty scene won’t make you feel better if you choose to darken it with bad feelings, but a rough day can be brightened up by cleaning up where your thoughts are which in turn, lifts your mood.

So today I am taking a few moments over lunch to energise myself with some visualising. I will put myself right where I need to be without moving from my sofa. I don’t need to trek to the coast to be soothed and nor do you! I can picture it now, the vastness of the beach and coastline, the sun on my face, the warmth, the sound of the waves…

Fancy joining me in some feel good daydreaming? Where is your place of peace?

Block out a bit of chill time this evening and let me know where you end up today! Are you a beach person too? Or do the mountain lakes call you instead? Comment below or in the facebook group and let me know!

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Get your spiritual groove on! Practice one: Be love always.

logoCurious as to what the Get your spiritual groove on course can teach you and how it can help you make contact your spirit guides? Grab a sneaky peek now! If it looks to be your thing you are most welcome to sign up for the rest of the emails by entering you email in the sign up box below. (This is the only lesson being posted to the blog)

Welcome! It is so lovely to know there are so many of us wanting to live a better way now and I really do hope these emails help each of you individually in some way. I have written this quick course purely to share what I’m doing to develop my own relationship with spirit because during the past six months it is what a lot of people have told me they want to learn too. It can be overwhelming knowing who to trust when learning this stuff so my aim is to keep things simple and give you the foundations so that you have something to build on in your own way and in your own time.

If you’re new to the spiritual game I get that it can be tough knowing where to start – just how do you do spirituality? Is it being calm 24/7? Burning incense? Knowing the names of the chakra points and what they do? (By the way, there are tons!) What about yoga? Can you claim to love it if you can’t touch your toes or name the poses? It can be overwhelming stepping out of the spiritual closet, especially if you’re immediately greeted by those more immersed in their path than you.

This is *your* path though and it offers a spiritual connection unique to you. For all you know those braggers on the Internet are as clueless as you are but are pretty nifty with the cut and paste. Even if they aren’t, there are hundreds of spiritual paths, beliefs and practices and it’s far too much to ask you to know everything before you can claim your spirituality.

Over the course of twenty years I’ve studied many religions and practices in an attempt to be ‘spiritual’. I’ve worked really hard to take it all in and remember it all, working myself into a frenzy to match the knowledge of others, live the spiritual life they seemed to, and glow in the glory of being a spiritual guru. And you know what all that activity has taught me? It’s ultimately taught me to stop! For when you actively listen to what you need in the moment, you really don’t need to embrace every spiritual practice, every single day. What you need will show up as guidance and it’s listening to this inner voice that gives you the peace you crave and the title of spiritualist. (And I think everyone is ultimately seeking peace whatever they call themselves!)

We are made from love. That same energy that created the universe, God, Angels… It’s running through you. When we say we want to be spiritual what we’re really saying is we want to return to love and remember who we are at cell level. We don’t want to struggle anymore… we want to feel part of a magic we just *know* is missing. We want to connect to heaven again because we know that’s where we belong.

Which brings me to my first spiritual practice: Be love always. I have chosen this as my first practice because to live any other way is to live in frustration, annoyance, stress, fear… even hate, and if you get too deep into all that bad stuff you’ve got no chance of noticing a spirit guide popping by.

If you were hoping email one would give you some magic formula and have you conversing with spirit this evening this practice is especially for you! I was the same for a time! For years I was frustrated I couldn’t connect with spirit other than on heaven’s say so… I would have guides pop in now and again along with family members that had passed over, but I didn’t feel heard when I tried to call them back! I wanted names, faces and full on conversation with my guides and I couldn’t get any of it or if I did, I didn’t trust it! How bloody annoying?!! It wasn’t until I shut my ego up, moved into peace and dropped expectation that I developed the strong connection with spirit that I craved.

‘Being love’ for me means making a choice every second of the day. It means always doing my best to choose the loving path. It means accepting what life gives me and looking for the positive (love) gift or lesson within it. It is not reacting to others when I could, simply because it is more loving towards myself to stay peaceful and not engage in battle. It is choosing peace despite chaos, slowing down rather than rushing, and getting quiet so I can lovingly listen to what I need each day. Whether that’s rest, talking to a loved one, doing something fun or getting a few extra veggies onto the dinner plate, I listen to what my mind and body needs and I love myself by taking care of myself.

I no longer tear from job to job – I choose love instead and know slowing down gives me the chance to breathe and pick up on any messages I need to receive. (Your guides can’t possibly speak with you if you refuse to listen!)

This week, step into your spirituality and close the gap on how far your guide has to come to meet you by practicing love. Choose love always, in each and every moment.

*Instead of reacting, walk away. Be love. Be loving towards yourself by choosing peace. Let others rant and rage but don’t let them draw you in and steal your peace.

*Slow down. Breathe. Take time from your day to just sit in silence. Listen. Is there anything you need to know? Make a note of it. This is your intuition picking up its messages.

*Love yourself by taking care of your needs. Is there something you need or want to do for yourself? More rest time? A better diet? More connection with others? Don’t ignore your needs. Self love is the most important love. And your guides need you well!

*Slow down. (Yep, it’s so important I said it twice!) 10 jobs to do? Do them one at a time, being fully present as you perform each task. This is what the universe wants you to focus on in this moment so there really isn’t any point stressing that you should be doing something else. Love yourself by being present in the moment no matter what demands your attention. Don’t destroy your moment because you’re not fully in it. You can’t chat with spirit if your mind is too full.

*Move from task to task finding the love. Making breakfast? Give thanks for the food. Separating arguing children? Stay calm as you intervine. You have a family. Walking to school? Give thanks for your working legs. Off to work? Give thanks for your pay cheque, be the helpful colleague, love yourself by refusing to feel stress. Find the love each moment is offering, it’s there, trust me…

For me, being spiritual first and foremost means loving myself enough to make a moment to moment choice to choose the most loving and peaceful response to the present. It is here, in this loving space, that you’ll be guided towards living your best life, supported by the same loving energy that created you and surrounds you, and it is here that you’ve got the best chance of picking up on the subtle guidance being offered.

Can you choose love in each and every moment this week? Give it a go, I challenge you! If you fall off the horse merely notice your negativity and have a go at bringing your thoughts back to love. This is a practice I commit to daily and it’s ok to be shouty, stressy, mum/boss/daughter if you recognise when you’re not where you want to be and have the ability to guide yourself back to love by choosing again. (Rose Quartz will help with this)

Let me know if you need any help!

Vicki x

Sign up by Sunday to receive practice two!


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Tarot Thursday, Justice

logo Good morning 🙂

As always on a Thursday, today I pulled our much needed card for the week. This time around The Justice card has come up.

This is a card which wants to assure you of a fair outcome. If you are waiting for something to resolve, waiting for a result of some kind or are needing some answers to move forward, then this card wants you to know the fairest outcome is coming your way. Now this outcome might not be the same as that secret desired result you’re hoping for but long term, it is the right result for you. Accept it and work with it, trusting that the universe knows what it is doing.

If you aren’t waiting on something but instead are putting work in or taking action on something this week then do also take care to do the right thing, whatever that means in terms of getting the result you want. You can’t cheat yourself or the system and come up smelling of roses! (Or you can’t this week, anyway!)

So play fair going forwards if you want the universe to mirror fairness back. You need to be the peace, honesty, love and integrity that you desire returning to you.

A simple message from the cards this week, but one that is so very often forgotten.

Much love from me as always… X

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