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Agate, Carnelian, Moldavite and Larimar.

Over the summer holidays we took a day trip to Swanage. We went mostly for the beach and the ice cream, but there is a lovely little crystal shop there called Natural Wonders which entices me in every time I visit.

On the counter as I walked in was a beautiful blue lace agate bracelet which just called to me. I initially walked past, but then went back to it. Blue lace agate is a calming crystal for me, but it also helps with self expression, particularly when it comes to fear we might have around being judged. This crystal helps heal the throat area, and is linked to the throat chakra.

Next up was a piece of moldavite. Now I know this piece is not pure due to its low price and it’s calcite description but I’m going to work with it and see what it does anyway! Pure moldavite raises vibration, enhances spiritual skills, deepens development, sharpens intuition and throws all the issues you need to address to the surface! Basically, it enhances everything!!

Carnelian was my third choice. I have some carnelian already, but the colour of this one caught my eye. Carnelian is said to aid with creativity, motivation, concentration and perception. As I’m writing this I’m thinking it might be a good crystal for a writer to work with. Carnelian is also said to boost metabolism.

Finally, I was drawn to a piece of larimar. (My second piece!) Larimar is said to be great for healing past life issues, and for enhancing spiritual growth. It is a bringer of peace and love, and is said to help its user release feelings of fear and guilt. I am using this crystal at the moment to work through soul issues I’ve carried over from previous lives.

Where is your local crystal shop? Have you purchased anything pretty lately? Let me know in the comments! X

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Dreams and psychic development

One of the challenges many of us have when developing our psychic abilities is silencing our inner chatter, thoughts and noise enough for the subtle guidance to come through. Whether you want to meet your spirit guide or connect with a loved one on the other side, night time can be an easy way of sinking into that peace you need to work with.

My first experience of receiving messages from spirit was through my dreams, (NB you’ll know you’re not dreaming – the energy and visions are just too intense! ) and from there, everything really started developing.

If you are someone who struggles to remember their dreams but would really like to be able to for the messages they can bring, here are 3 tools to help you out and help you turn your dreams into part of your spiritual practice so that you too can make the psychic connections you really want to develop.

Essential Oils are easy to get hold of these days and so very easy to use. You have the option of dabbing the oils straight onto your skin for a direct hit or, if you want to make a bottle stretch and have your room smelling wonderful, making up a spray for your pillow. Frankincense is a well known oil for helping its user raise their vibration and be more open to the spiritual realm which is an ideal boost when you want to increase your night visions or heighten your meditation time. The only catch with this one is it can be expensive although in my book, this oil is worth it for the magic it brings to the table. The higher our vibrations, the easier it is for us to connect with spirit and achieve our psychic development goals and Frankincense is THE oil to get you there.
As an added bonus, when you apply Frankincense directly onto the skin it is the best for reducing wrinkles too! If you are looking to clean up your skincare routine alongside becoming more spiritually aligned, this is the way to do it. (and a bottle lasts a very long time!)

Clary sage will calm you, relax you, and help you regulate hormones which all leads to better quality sleep and therefore, more vision time. It’s perfect as a compliment to Frankincense, or can be used on it’s own to help you drop off and stay snoozing. My friend Kristen will help you purchase your good quality oils (they have to be pure to work so stay away from the £2.99 specials!) when you check out her website with Young Living HERE.

Crystals help with just about every goal you have! Meditating with them before sleep or tucking them under your pillow will often help with dream recall which is half the battle when it comes to receiving spiritual messages at night. 2 crystals especially good for this type of work are Celestite and Herkimer diamond. Celestite is a very high vibration stone which helps it’s user connect with the angelic realm and stimulate clairvoyant abilities, whilst Herkimer diamond stimulates psychic abilities and clears any blocks which might be preventing the flow of spiritual energy.

Finally, when remembering dreams, time is of the essence! Before sleeping, say a little prayer and ask your guides to help you remember what you dream because setting intention is a huge part of being successful. Then have a pencil and notebook by your bed and write down what you remember as soon as you wake up. Even key words can help you recall when you go back to your notes at a later date.

Over time, even if you don’t get anything that makes sense straight away, you’ll slowly start to build a picture of how you dream and the types of symbols or spiritual messages you receive. Once you have this foundation you’ll be able not only to build on the information received by asking spirit for further clarification, but you’ll show your intention to communicate, which spirit will be keen to work with and will help you develop.

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Crystals for psychic development and more!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what I’ve been purchasing crystal wise, but I’ve recently gone through a spell of shopping!

I tend to go through phases of crystal buying. Just lately I’ve been getting ready to do some ancestral healing so more than a handful of new crystals have been added to the collection.

These aren’t *all* going onto the ancestral grid, but these are the new crystals I’m currently working with. I’m particularly drawn to Carnelian at the moment… 🙂

Here goes!

Moonstone is my first new buy, from a beautiful little shop in Salisbury. Moonstone is said to enhance both intuition and psychic ability, as well as soothe the monthly cycle and ease period pain.

My new Shaman Quartz piece was a birthday present from my auntie who knows me so well and gifts me crystals to support whatever I’m working on. Shaman Quartz is wonderful for deepening meditation, supporting dreamwork, and heightening visualization. I’ve received some beautiful guidance with this in my presence!

Carnelian is said to boost energy, stimulate creative thinking, promote self belief, and support positive choices. I just feel good when wearing Carnelian. It’s a real feel good crystal and has eased my retrograde symptoms! (This one is also good for writers!)

Danburite is one of the new crystals going into my ancestral healing grid. It’s said to promote a higher state of consciousness, help leave the past behind, and support dreamwork.

Finally, Petalite is also going on the grid! Petalite is said to help us connect with the angelic realm, release negativity, cut chords tying us to the past, and boost positive energy.

Do any of these crystals call to you? Have you been buying something else? You’ll have to let me know in the comments!

Lots of love as always! X

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5 crystals to help you find love

Are you ready to attract some love into your life? This week I have 5 crystals for you which might help you in your quest for a loving relationship, particularly if you used them all together.

Rose Quartz is the love crystal we all know of but that’s because it’s brilliant at its job! Place a piece by your bed or wear some over your heart and it will help you call in the perfect romance! Rose Quartz works by opening the heart chakra to love.

Chrysanthemum Stone helps us release love into the world, as well as see things from a more loving perspective. Law of attraction dictates that we always get more of what we’re focusing on, so with this crystal helping us to give more love, we can’t help but receive more back!

Ruby is the passion crystal! Not only does this crystal attract more passionate relationships, it also encourages it’s users to have a passion for life! Use this crystal to have fun whilst you’re waiting for your new partner to find you!

Celestite is a crystal which helps us have calmer conversations by creating peace and smoothing over communication issues. This crystal is perfect for anyone who struggles to express themselves. All relationships need good communicators within them to sustain the test of time.

Finally, Sugilite is a crystal which teaches us how to live our truth. If you aren’t sure who you are and what you want, start with a piece of this and figure yourself out first. By the time your ideal partner shows up, you’ll be happy, sassy and confident in who you are.
And isn’t that more important than trying to fit what someone else wants you to be?

I hope this helps you! Let me know if you purchase any of these beautiful crystals. I want to hear your success stories!

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5 healing crystals

As well as looking beautiful, I love how crystals can compliment our physical healing. All crystals help with wellbeing in one way or another, but most have several uses making it tricky for new crystal users to know where to start when choosing essential pieces. I thought today I would post very briefly about 5 crystals I know of and share with you their healing abilities.

Please note if you click through, you’ll be supporting this site and keeping me in nail polish so thank you!


Amber is said not to be a crystal as such but is still treated as one. Amber is believed to be fabulous for cleansing the body so all the organs benefit from this one. Amber is said to particularly help the kidneys, bladder and liver. I would use Amber whenever I felt I needed a reboot or to clear general lethargy.

Black Tourmaline
Tourmaline is said to be the crystal you need for healing the mind. It’s said to help with self belief, confidence and worry.

I love this crystal for it’s beauty! Aquamarine is believed to help with gland and thyroid problems, balancing them out when they are not efficiently working.

I actually have a piece of Sodalite, purchased to help balance my metabolism. I haven’t suddenly become a skinny minnie, but I haven’t put any weight on either despite changing my diet and adding in a few more carbs! (Some of us need carbs to curb the hunger!)

Finally, Rhodonite is said to aid fertility. It’s the piece to wear to balance the cycle before baby moves in!
Rhodonite is also said to help with problems of the ear, including the balance issues that can come with ear and sinus troubles.

* * * * *

Once you’ve purchased your crystal, cleanse it with spring water or leave it overnight in the light of the moon, then ask it for the help you need. Carry it around with you, sleep with it under your pillow, treat it with love and meditate with it. If you are guided to take action or to look into new doctors or treatments, go for it knowing your crystal is helping you out. Otherwise, enjoy the way the crystal works with the energy within you to improve your health using the body’s own natural healing ability.

Crystals don’t take the place of modern energy, but they do have the ability to compliment it in a big way.

Have another issue you need help with? You are always welcome to get in touch. 🙂

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Dreams and their messages

Did you have sweet dreams last night? I did! I’m a firm believer that dreams help us notice our sub conscious thoughts coming to light and so whilst I don’t religiously look up meanings or keep dream journals, I do take note of frequent dreams and analyse the ones I strongly remember the next morning.


Over the weekend I dreamt I had to wee in public because there were no doors on the toilet cubicles! I was stuck, torn between desperately needing a wee and not wanting to pull my knickers down in front of people!
This dream only lasted a few minutes but it stuck in my mind because I can think of 2 other nights when I’ve had minor variations of this dream!

A friend looked the meaning up for me and I think the dream suggests my ego still gets in the way… I am still controlled by how I look in the eyes of other people. Most people are, but it’s nice to receive a message that reminds me to keep working on living from my spirit rather than my detached, human ego.

Dreams can give us all sorts of messages and the best ones are messages we don’t want to address in the cold light of day. When we take note of feelings or problems being pushed to the front, or listen when spirit speaks to us through our dreams, we have the chance to grow as people. The more honest we can become with ourselves, the more free we feel when it comes to living as we are meant to, in a state of love and joy. It’s not easy getting uncomfortable and admitting your faults or fears and so dreams address them for you at a time when you’re less resistant to processing them.

I use Lapis Lazuli for my dream work but you could also place some Clear Quartz or Amethyst under your pillow too. These crystals will help you remember your dreams and process them if you wish to. Writing a journal of your dreams is always a good way to get things out on paper and start to move through the work needed to let go of fears and make a stronger connection with spirit.

When was the last time you had a very vivid dream? Care to share it?!

Love as always,


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Working with Apatite. Crystal healing

Good morning! Need a boost or help with your diet? Perhaps you need a piece of Blue Apatite!

I originally treated myself to a piece of Apatite after reading it could boost my metabolism. I have been trying to make healthier choices for my body this year and I liked the idea of a little help!

But after reading up on my new crystal I learned it could do so much more than speed me up! Apatite is actually a wonderful healing stone which is said to help with new cell formation and is therfore perfect for aiding the healing of conditions where new, healthy cells need to replace old, painful ones.
It is also said to aid with bone and teeth health so is the perfect crystal to wear when dental appointments are looming or to help ease illnesses such as arthritis. (I tested this stone at my 6 monthly dental check up – I passed!)

Outside of health, Apatite is said to help with communication and expression, giving confidence to it’s wearer, and during meditation it promises to help pave the way to deeper connections, developing psychic gifts by opening up the channels. I have been meditating with this crystal as I work on gaining stronger conections with spirit and whilst I can’t say for definite the crystal has made connection easier, I have been able to sink into meditations quicker and gain some wonderful insights about my own journey. (Steps to take etc)

When I’m not meditating, I’m wearing this crystal to write. Again, I don’t like to say with 100% certainty that Apatite should take the credit because after all, who knows? But the words *have* seemed to flow just lately…

I love this crystal. It’s not my favourite to wear beauty wise, but I do love the benefits of the deeper meditations and the stronger spiritual connections it seems to have given me. If you’re looking to connect with your guides or begin a meditation practise, Apatite could be the perfect support to get you going.

If you’re struggling with communication issues I’d buy this too. Wear this piece near your throat when it’s time for those rare but difficult conversations!

Have you worked with Apatite? How did it help you?

I’m off to shop for my next crystal. I’m quite tempted by more Garnet…

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Spiritualists DO shout


It’s the summer holidays for most of us. And whilst many of us love having the children around, let’s not lie and say it’s all wonderful.

There have been plenty of moments in the last couple of weeks when I have lost patience and shouted plenty. A tired child pushing buttons and squabbling with his sibling can make for a very tense and frustrating household, particularly when the rain comes down and burning off energy becomes harder.

So where does a shouty parent fit in the spiritual bracket? Do you believe you can be spiritual if you lose your temper?!

I still reckon so!

Do we have to meditate eight hours a day channelling spirit to declare ourselves a talented, all knowing spiritualist? Do we have to sip green tea? Burn incense? Bang gongs or chant? Maintain an air of mystery and stare frequently at a candle flame whilst declaring ourselves gifted?

I reckon not! Spirituality and spiritual practises are for everyone. It’s just who you are if it’s in your heart.

So here are a few tips for keeping your spiritual groove on and keeping that special connection. ( From a self confessed shouty mum who has Paw Patrol on so there’s a bit of time to write this)

1) First off, do not buy into the idea that spiritual people can’t have an argument! We are human, with one of those ego things, and we do get it wrong, shout, get frustrated, stress and turn to the biscuit tin. It’s normal. Be ok with being less than perfect. Sometimes our arguments are valid, too. Being spiritual doesn’t mean being walked all over, and part of being a parent is setting boundaries and enforcing them. As most parents know, enforcing rules is not always met with a smile! Spiritualits are not immune to frustration.

2) Be ok with losing the plot then heading to your meditation spot to ask for guidance. Your guides will not judge you… They understand you are doing your best and they want to help you. Do you need help connecting with guides? Read this and remember that a successful spiritualist knows they get to choose again and try to be better next time. A bad morning doesn’t have to define you. 3 things you should do if you want to meet your spirit guide.

3) Don’t forget to use your spiritual tools. Lavender room scent will calm, as will the colour pink. Crystals will work to soothe your energy as well. Choose Green Aventurine or Rose Quartz are wonderful for calming energy and balancing moods. Meditate with them!
Once the kids are in bed, have a soak in the bath or sit with a good book. Take as much time out as you can.

4) Practise choosing love as much as possible. If you can, be aware when you’re stressed and choose the most loving path. Perhaps that’s taking time out for 5 minutes or ignoring your 6 year old answering back rather than engaging in a battle. You don’t have to jump on every little thing. Sometimes love is just refusing to fight back and setting an example.

5) Finally, raise your energy as much as possible and as often as possible by being playful. You have wonderful children – use them to enjoy more fun yourself! Get crafting, put S Club 7 on and tell your husband the kids wanted the CD, and go for long walks to collect sticks and stomp through the mud. Nature is calming for you and tiring for the kids. Let them wear themselves out then come home for a peaceful cuppa as the washing machine takes care of the mud. This is my favourite tip actually. I find fresh air to be the best healer!

Being spiritual and being a good parent are one and the same. You don’t learn the rules all at once and as you grow, the rules change anyway. Don’t think you’ll ever master the route fully because there’s always someone out there to learn from. Simply do your best to follow a peaceful path and if you mess up, admit it and try again. We were not put here to be perfect all of the time.

Now doesn’t that take the pressure off?

Wishing you all a lovely summer and I really hope this helps some 🙂

Lots of love as always 🙂


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Working with Sodalite


A few weeks back I felt the nudge to choose a new crystal. I had no idea what I wanted to buy, and didn’t need it for any particular purpose. I think I was a bit bored and wanted to cheer myself up with something pretty!

Anyway, the utterly gorgeous crystal I ended up with was Sodalite, a blue and white crystal which looks quite like Lapis in appearance, and which my youngest tells me looks like planet Earth.

I chose to work with my Sodalite blindly and ask the crystal simply to work its magic for me for the highest good, but if you want a list of it’s properties scroll down. In the meantime it’s enough to say this has been an epic piece to work with and I have seen some massive changes in myself over the past few weeks.

1) I have been communicating with ease, finally putting into words things I’ve not been able to express before. My feelings have become so clear that I have had absolutely no trouble expressing my thoughts when I’ve needed to.

2) My psychic skills have strengthened massively and my guides are being very active at the moment. It’s like everything has come together and my personal path has suddenly become clearer. I know what the point of ‘me’ is, and I feel safe knowing my guides are supporting me because I’m hearing them loud and clear on a daily basis. And this in turn has influenced the work I’ve been doing with others.

3) My meditations have become deeper and spiritual teachings have been coming through at a rapid pace too. These messages aren’t always for me, but I’ve been able to pass them on to the right people with ease.

4) My drive to grow as a person has become stronger, and I’ve been guided to improve my diet and look after myself more. I’ve not made huge changes, but I have cut my sugar intake by half which is something I’m massively proud of and I’ve been working harder to speak better to myself too. This extra kindness towards myself has helped a lot with self belief and I’ve enjoyed some little wins along the way. 🙂

Sodalite is said to be the stone of truth and I can see why! In just 4 weeks of using this crystal many of my issues and desires have been pushed to the surface, giving me a chance to witness them and clean things up. And I have chosen to! I have taken every little nudge and run with it which has allowed me to become healthier in both body and spirit and has allowed my trust in spirit to develop to the point where guidance has taken over and I’ve started going with the flow.

I tell you, I am so freakin’ excited to see where I will be guided next! This crystal is just perfect for anyone who wants to open themselves up to truth, boost creative energy, solve things logically and basically remove all crappy ego thinking! Plus it looks pretty good too!

Want your own piece of Sodalite so your own guidance system can kick in? Click on the picture link provided and see if you’re drawn to it too 🙂

If you do buy, don’t forget to let me know how you’re get on once you’ve worked with it for a few weeks!

Love as always X

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3 steps to charging new crystals

Have you been on a shopping spree lately and bought yourself a lovely piece of jewellery? Are you unsure how to release your new crystal magic and eager to enjoy the things your crystal can do? There are a few nice ways to get your new crystals working for you, and tonight is the perfect night to get started because there is a full moon and the energy is powerful. (June 2016)

The first step, once you’ve got your crystals home, is to cleanse them. I like to leave mine to soak for 24 hours in spring water on a window sill. The water can then absorb both the moon and sun light which is strong energy to work with. Some people like to use salt water instead, but a few crystals can be damaged by salt… Only use it if you know your new purchase will survive.

Step two is to charge the crystal with your own energy. I like to keep mine on me for 2-3 days and I like to meditate with it in my palm too. At night, I’ll either continue to wear it or sleep with it under my pillow. I can usually feel it’s energy within the day.

Finally, step 3 is to ask your crystal for the help you need. Don’t just assume your crystal knows what you want. I like to meditate with my crystal as I thank it for doing specific jobs for me. Lots of people forget this step but it is an important step if you’ve bought your crystal with a purpose in mind.
Every night, hold your crystal and give thanks for the help it offers as you visualise your desired outcome. Your crystal can then partner with your own energy to manifest.

Each time you have a new task for your crystal, you’ll want to cleanse and recharge it before putting it to work so if you’re drawn to a different ritual than the one I follow, go with it. If you’re wanting to manifest something for example, cleansing and charging during a new moon will give you wonderfully strong energy to work with.

Regardless of your method though, enjoy your crystal and know there is no wrong way of preparing them. Having them work well for you relies on your own energy and intentions – you’ll get little out of them if you refuse to believe they work or forget to use them consistently, but send them love and remain positive about their abilities and you’re half way to having them achieve your desires!

Being truthful, most of mine are chosen for their beauty initially rather than what they can do for me. Their power and energy vibe is an added bonus I usually explore at a later date. If you’re choosing crystals for specific purposes though, you’ll soon have a wonderful toolbox at your disposal as many crystals do multiple jobs and partner with one another well.

Do you have a favourite crystal? How has it worked for you? X

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