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Making affirmations work for you

I’m reading this book right now about self talk. It’s a topic I love because what we say to ourselves influences what happens to us next in everything from spiritual healing to random stuff such as choosing new clothes.

The trouble is, we’re not always aware of what we’re saying to ourselves! The inner chatter goes on subconsciously and whilst we might think we’re taking no notice, our subconscious minds are taking it all on board.

This is why affirmations are so amazing at turning our talk (and in turn our experiences) around. You don’t have to take my word for it; quantum physics proves this if you care to explore the topic.

Affirmations work in two ways. First, they let us control the beliefs we feed ourselves which gives us a chance to choose more positively and set our intentions up right and secondly, when our minds tell us they are resisting the affirmation by pushing us to not believe or to reject what we are saying, it gives us the opportunity to heal the negativity coming up.

People go wrong with affirmations because they expect a quick fix. In reality, every negative belief has had potential decades to strengthen and therefore needs a lot of undoing.

So if you are trying to believe you are wealthy for example, it may not be enough to declare yourself rich. Instead, you might need to heal your worthiness, your belief in your value, your belief in your ability to earn and contribute, your belief that money is good… there could be any number of reasons why you struggle initially to identify with a wealthy person.

It’s not enough to be positive, we have to heal the rest too.

What are you affirming right now? Let me know what’s not working and whether I can help you feel more clarity. x

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Working with forgiveness

I am working towards forgiving two people in my life right now and I say working towards because I feel many of us expect miracles when it comes to forgiving. We expect to declare that it’s all forgotten, and then wonder why we’re still quietly festering and can’t let it go.

Forgiveness lightens our load, frees us, and gives us the opportunity to feel relief as light floods us. Forgiving means we aren’t wasting time feeling anger which wrecks our bodies, or taking time away from positive thoughts which could actually help us progress in life if we paid attention to what our inner guidance wants us to know.

But forgiveness isn’t an instant occurrence and in my experience, it’s a challenging thing to attempt which feels harder the closer the person is to us!

Instead, forgiveness is a choice we make. It’s a road we choose to take and like any journey, it happens step by step.

We constantly have to remind ourselves of our forgiveness choice, and let the issues heal layer by layer. It doesn’t happen overnight, but each time we come back to forgiveness, we heal a little more.

Cord cutting can help with letting issues and even people go. See my Archangel Michael post if you need guidance, Or check out Karl Gray’s book on releasing below if you need a little more. Karl Gray is the go-to angel expert, and anything he writes is awesome 🙂

If you are in the middle of trying to forgive somebody right now, please don’t stress. You’ve made the decision to try to heal this part of you, and it may just take a little time. Go easy on yourself, you are doing the best you can.

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A few thoughts on manifesting

Manifesting has become a bit of a buzz word lately hasn’t it? We all want to believe in the possibility of having our hearts desires with very little effort.

I’ve been learning a lot about manifesting just recently because whilst I believe in the law of attraction and its ability to help us, I don’t think attracting happens unless you are completely open to it and ready to run with the results. This has meant I’ve started on a healing journey so I can open my heart and receive the abundance I would love.

Here’s what I’ve been learning:

Manifesting is always on whether you are choosing your manifestation or not. It isn’t something you switch on purely so you can get your hands on a new car!

Manifesting is just another word for receiving. Your success with manifesting is directly linked to what you feel worthy of receiving. And you are ALWAYS receiving something! (Is it what you want though?!)

Your subconscious mind ultimately decides whether you are successful or not. Its beliefs are formed before the age of 8 and if you don’t have positive beliefs around yourself and your ability, you will hold yourself back in some way, shape or form.

To change subconscious beliefs you must let your spirit (love) guide you rather than ego. To do this, learn to love yourself and believe you are worthy before you throw your heart into trying to bring forward what you want.

Want to know where to start with self love? This book by Louise Hay is awesome. (Book is clickable!)

I believe we have to feel deserving of what we want before it can come to us. Until we feel worthy, no number of affirmations will work, particularly if we’re anxious about the time frame we have to work in.

When we love ourselves and know without doubt we are part of an abundant universe, there is nothing we cannot experience. But the challenge is to get to this point so that we can see the results of our energy work.

Have you ever manifested a desire *without* self love being present?

Let me know your thoughts. And also what you’re manifesting next! Me? I would love an even stronger connection with spirit, more writing gigs, and more time on the Isle of Wight with the family 🙂

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Cord cutting with Archangel Michael

Whenever we make connections with other people, we form an attachment to them. This is obviously fine when they are loved ones who wish to see us rise to the top of the success chain, but what if we have emotional ties to people who are lower vibe than us or have little care for us?

It’s not always noticeable when ties are formed. Sometimes we *know* we can’t let go of someone because we physically feel the attachment, for example when a relationship ends yet we keep thinking of them and crying, or we’ve had an argument with somebody and we keep going over it in our minds, but quite a lot of the time we forget connections we’ve made before we’ve actually taken time to forgive the other person (or ourselves) and let go.

Do you feel tired, heavy, depressed, bored or anxious? Are you unable to move on? I find that whenever I feel like this, a good visualisation session sorts me out!

If you have the same symptoms, it might be worth calling on Archangel Michael and asking him to cut through any emotional cords you have attached to other people so that you can let go of emotions that are no longer serving you. Don’t worry about cutting cords with loved ones, you won’t damage your loving connection to them.

All you need to do to receive this healing is call on Archangel Michael and ask him to cut any ties weighing you down. As you do so it’s a good idea to envision the cords flowing from you, then imagine them being cut away by his light or his sword. As each cord is cut, allow yourself to feel relief as what’s holding you heavy is finally taken away. If you know who you need to cut ties with and can imagine them on the other end of the cord, the process will be all the more freeing but you can ask to be cut free of *anyone* who is emotionally holding you down, even those long forgotten or those you can’t put a name to.

You can even be freed from the emotional attachment to places, which is particularly useful if you’re looking to move away but are struggling to do so.

Doreen Virtue’s Chakra Cleansing book has the most clear examples of how you can use visualisation, chanting and meditation to clear your energy that I’ve found to date, with a section on cord cutting that is very easy to understand and impliment.

If you’re feeling sluggish, unwell or unable to move forwards, you might well find some cleansing helps improve your energy and mood.

Whether its cord cutting, chakra balancing or a change in diet that you need, I think this is the book which could help you feel better.

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Feel happier, listen to your spirit

Last week I read a wonderfully inspiring book – Strong Woman: The Truth About Getting To The Top by Karren Brady.
I chose it on impulse, partly because I admire what Karren has achieved, and partly because I used to live in the same village as her and would get excited whenever I saw the local celebrity driving up the high street!


Strong woman is a biography about Karren’s life, and shares the masses of achievements and wins she has celebrated mostly due to her dedication to hard work and her determination to succeed.

What came across strongly as I read Karren’s book was her core belief – “If I don’t do this for myself, who will?”

And that makes her a wonderful ambassador for living your spirit!


We all have dreams inside of us, but lots of us leave them burried as we tell ourselves we can’t. We allow our egos to make all kinds of excuses so that we don’t have to take the risk or face the fear, and this in turn leaves lots of us feeling lost, bored or unfulfilled – things I doubt Karren has ever felt.

Our spirits want us to live in love, even if that love means working towards a huge goal that frightens us, and that’s why our dreams never quite go away. We might push them aside, but our spirit knows it should be immersed in whatever brings us joy and therefore it nags at ego to address what’s not right, sometimes until it’s nothing more than a regretful voice and a wish that things had been different.

Our purpose in life, no matter how we choose to fulfil it as individuals, is to make the world a lighter, more loving place and we do that by making ourselves happy by following our bliss. A happy person is kinder, friendlier, more understanding and more generous. Happiness spills over and lifts more than just ourselves up. Following your bliss, whatever you have to do to achieve it, is not selfish, in fact it’s quite the opposite! Have you ever received genuine, excited support or cheer from a depressed person who is fed up with his lot?! I bet you have from the light and laughing person though!

We are not meant to accept an average life and are more than entitled to build a life that fits, but we quite often have to take a risk or two to achieve this or put more hours in than the average person does. And that’s where most people slip up. They stay small and restless because that pull they feel to set up in business, travel, relocate or shed two stone seems just too scary to plan, or requires too much effort when Corrie and a cuppa are more comforting than the gym.

What I’m trying to say is, if you want to be more in love with your life, be more like Karren and take advantage of the day. Don’t wait for perfect circumstances, and certainly don’t wait for somebody else to give you permission! Decide what your spirit is calling you to do, and work out how to make it happen because noone will do this for you. And yes, this will probably mean putting yourself out, doing the hard stuff, and knowing other people have it easier than you.

Want more happiness, more peace, more excitement, more laughter? Then stop listening to ego and start hearing what your spirit needs. Start doing more of what you desire, simply because that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. Maybe that’s taking up swimming twice a week or making new friends. Maybe you secretly crave going back to school or changing career, something which is going to take some major life changes and possibly crossing your fingers that it will all work out in the end. (It will.) Whatever it is, if it brings you more laughter, excitement, passion and connection with others, you need to be doing as much of it as possible, daily if you can.

What is your spirit calling you to do? Are you listening and taking action? Are you willing to listen but refusing to move? Are you convinced your circumstances are to blame for your lack of action? Cetain that you’re not able to be who you want to be because he/she stops me?

Let me know! I love hearing how you light yourself up and how you overcome your negative thinking! And let me know if you genuinely have challenges to beat too!

In the meantime, grab yourself a copy of Karren’s book whilst you’re taking action. It’s inspiring and encouraging and the perfect book for anyone needing that little extra push to just take a big breath and go for it 🙂

Love as always,


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How to boost your confidence and self love

logoA great question came through the facebook page this week which I thought would be nice to share here:

‘How the f**k do I love myself when I feel such a f*****g failure?’

It’s taken me a fair while to see how important loving yourself is but now I know, I feel it’s the most important teaching I can ever share.

Loving who you are means you feel confident standing up and showing the world the real you. You know you might get some rejection for this, but you also know that being so open allows others who share your vision the chance to find you because you become aligned with them. Being supported means you have the chance to grow and take risks, and the love others have for you brings a sense of acceptance and belonging, something we all crave.

But to get all that you have to feel happy with who you are and what you want and until you find this self acceptance, there’s a fair chance there will always be something missing from your life. You might spend a lifetime seeking happiness and living on the outside of the laughter because you don’t quite fit in despite having all the outward signs of success and a bit of a community around you.

Plenty of people suffer from not really liking who they are. We spend so long trying to please parents and teachers, fit in with louder, bossier friends, be the perfect worker bee for our boss and be the perfect romantic partner that it’s super easy to spend 30 years trying to be liked and changing our act for every different situation. Then we look around after a time and realise we don’t fit anywhere and don’t really know what we want anymore. It’s no wonder that life ends up sweeping us away until we’re detached from what was meant for us.

So what can you do today to work on finding *you* again so you can fall in love with the person you were born to be?

Well, as with everything else, gratitude will serve you! Get into the habit of checking in with yourself several times a day and giving thanks for everything you have achieved. Perhaps you have completed a task particularly well or perhaps you’ve calmed a situation with your children without resorting to shouting. Perhaps you’ve just read a book and need to appreciate how hard you’ve worked to become educated. We take all of these little wins each day for granted and then call ourselves useless! Honestly…. If you do nothing all day your body is still working flat out, so give thanks for how well it is working to house your soul! If you screw up you still tried! Give yourself praise for having a go! Tell yourself well done and accept a bit of encouragement!

Self gratitude and positive self talk takes a bit of getting used to and I know you’ll spend a while resisting or feeling silly as you talk to yourself, but by practising these skills often it will become more normal to appreciate yourself, look after yourself, and want the best for yourself. And once you’re in that positive state, your guidance can kick in and put you back on the right path.

If you are struggling to like yourself, this practise is a really good place to start, and now is when you should do your first check in. What do you love about yourself right now? The earning power you have which has allowed you to buy the screen you’re reading this post on? Your eyes for allowing you to see? Your health? Your skill at finding shelter and a place to live so you can scroll the Internet safely? You choose your excellence to celebrate!
If you can’t think of anything, celebrate your determination because you’re still seeking answers and the opportunity to feel better.

What amazing things have you done today that deserve a bit of recognition?

Get into the routine of standing in front of a mirror and appreciating yourself every time you spot your reflection because mastering self acceptance and love is THE biggest ticket you can give yourself to happiness, peace, and contentment. Without self love, no amount of attention from others or money in your pocket is going to drown that little voice that tells you you’re not good enough.

So celebrate you and do it often! You won’t see change overnight, but it will creep up on you if you allow it. As you become more comfortable in your skin, you’ll attract people who see the beauty in you and people who want to learn and grow with you. You’ll start to see where you belong, and you’ll find yourself brave enough to chase your passions and show up for your dreams because the confusion starts fading until it’s replaced with desire.

Self love can be a long journey, but it’s one that’s definitely worth taking.

Never look at yourself as a failure – you’re not of course, you’re simply lost and need a bit of a nudge in the right direction!

How much do you love you? Today is the day to get that loving feeling back and I challenge you to get started right this minute! You know what to do now – just practise getting appreciative!

I look forward to knowing how you get on!

Today could be the start of a beautiful relationship with self and if you’d like to explore this topic further, Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life is a wonderful read. 🙂

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Mirror Work and learning to love YOU!

Love Begins With Me

A question for you!

When did you last look in the mirror and really give yourself the thumbs up? When did you last look in the mirror and look past your body and appearance in order to celebrate who you are spiritually? If you’re anything like me you might be in the habit of checking you’ve not got food between your teeth or pen on your nose before leaving the house, but otherwise I tend to barely glance at my reflection and when I do, I can generally find something to criticise.

Having studied a lot of Louise Hay’s teachings recently though, I’ve been trying to change this lack of care through mirror work. Mirror work, in short, gives you the chance to learn to look in the mirror and love what you see, not because of the beauty staring back at you but because you’re at peace with who you are, and how hard you’re working simply to get along and do your best. Mirror work is looking into the mirror and telling your reflection ‘I love you and I admire your drive, your ability to keep going, your determination to give back…’

Do you do this? Do you support yourself on a regular basis as you would your children or best friend? If not I really urge you to have a go at looking into the mirror and sincerely complimenting yourself. Honestly, it’s life changing work.

You might feel silly throwing compliments at your reflection initially, and you might even question who you are to be showering such adoration onto yourself! That’s OK though, it just means you’re all the more deserving of the love. Somewhere along the line we’re taught that loving ourselves is a form of vanity yet as far as I’m concerned, loving ourselves is where all the magic begins!

Head to the mirror today, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself you love you. How does it feel? If wonder surrounds you you’re probably well on the road to self love but if you feel at all uncomfortable and want to fight the feelings that come up, you need this work the most. You need to be practicing complimenting yourself and speaking to yourself kindly until it’s second nature to feel wonderful in your skin. Start small if you need to! Take away the love and tell yourself you quite *like* you until the comfort flows a little easier! Whatever you say to yourself, commit to saying it every time you catch a glimpse of the wonderful person you are.

Self acceptance is the one thing which will catapult you to whatever successes you desire. Whether that’s a business other people admire, a relationship with that special someone or simply feeling happy, it all starts with feeling good about who you are and believing others will value what you have to share.

If something you’d love is missing from your life, check in with how you feel about yourself. Do you love you? If not it’s time to work on that so others can love you too!

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Win Being in balance by Wayne Dyer


Just a quick post this morning to share a little prize winning opportunity. Everyone subscribed to the YSS list this month will be entered into a draw to win a copy of Wayne Dyer’s Being in balance. 🙂


This prize draw is open to everyone who is subscribed to the list (Link to the right of the page) on the closing date of March 20 2016, and the winner will be emailed after this date.

Hope you win!

PS, Due to Easter and the post office being closed, I may not mail the prize until after the holidays. Please be a patient winner!

More competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

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A few thoughts on gratitude

logo A course in miracles has a great teaching:

I have given meaning to all that I see.

Isn’t that wonderful? It has certainly struck me as being freeing.

This lesson gives us permission to drop all stress and worry. If we have given meaning to things, then we have done this by referencing past events which are the only references we have. And we all know that due to forever changing energy, no moment will ever be repeated in the exact same way.

If moments are never going to be 100 per cent replicated then we cannot assume to know without doubt what our future will look or feel like and this just takes a weight away from me. There is no point trying to control anything, because whatever is in our future is determined by a series of new moments which need to unfold in their own unique way.

So what do we have instead? Well we have the present moment which we get to milk by observing ‘what is’ and which we are invited to enjoy by giving thanks for the best bits. We can only ever truly count on the present second because it’s all we actually have so rather than looking forward into a future not guaranteed in any way, take time to breathe and say thank you. Do it now. What are you thankful for right this second?

I’m thankful for…
1 A course in miracles
2 My tablet
3 My mug of tea
4 Relaxing TV soaps!
5 Social media connecting us all
6 A comfy sofa
7 My blanket
8 Electricity powering my light
9 The internet
10 Shelter.

Comment with your gratitude list!

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Grab your free mini crystal guide :)


This month I would like to give something back to everyone who has supported the site, so I am offering a free mini crystal guide to all subscribers. Existing subscribers just need to give me a nudge for the link, otherwise do join us by clicking on the subscribe option to the left of this post. Once subscribed, the link will be available to you to view or download.

My crystal guide is a little information booklet detailing all my favourite crystals and their uses. If you’re new to crystal healing this is a perfect, simple guide to get you started.

We are a lovely little community focusing on spiritual laws and the magic of life! We would love to have you learn from us and with us 🙂

Subscribe and join in!


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