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Working with forgiveness

I am working towards forgiving two people in my life right now and I say working towards because I feel many of us expect miracles when it comes to forgiving. We expect to declare that it’s all forgotten, and then wonder why we’re still quietly festering and can’t let it go.

Forgiveness lightens our load, frees us, and gives us the opportunity to feel relief as light floods us. Forgiving means we aren’t wasting time feeling anger which wrecks our bodies, or taking time away from positive thoughts which could actually help us progress in life if we paid attention to what our inner guidance wants us to know.

But forgiveness isn’t an instant occurrence and in my experience, it’s a challenging thing to attempt which feels harder the closer the person is to us!

Instead, forgiveness is a choice we make. It’s a road we choose to take and like any journey, it happens step by step.

We constantly have to remind ourselves of our forgiveness choice, and let the issues heal layer by layer. It doesn’t happen overnight, but each time we come back to forgiveness, we heal a little more.

Cord cutting can help with letting issues and even people go. See my Archangel Michael post if you need guidance, Or check out Karl Gray’s book on releasing below if you need a little more. Karl Gray is the go-to angel expert, and anything he writes is awesome 🙂

If you are in the middle of trying to forgive somebody right now, please don’t stress. You’ve made the decision to try to heal this part of you, and it may just take a little time. Go easy on yourself, you are doing the best you can.

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What to do when life isn’t meeting your expectations

Do you ever feel as though life isn’t meeting your expectations? That life is flat, with nothing to look forward to?

Because when I feel like this, it’s because I’ve temporarily lost connection with my spirit. I’ve let chores take me away from my dreams, and I’ve let ego convince me I have to stay small and that there is no way out.

Luckily I know deep down that this is crap and that in order to get my sparkle back, I just have to turn my attention to where my ego thoughts are ruling!

If you feel life is missing something, here’s what to do and how to slowly build yourself back up again:

* Tap into your vision again. What are your goals? What does your dream life look like? This vision comes from your soul and needs to be lived if you want to feel peace. And if you don’t know where you’re going, it’s no wonder you feel lost! (If you need a reading, I am here!)
When you know your vision, take action on it. Some little steps every day will still boost you.

*Tap into your guidance. Your guides and angels will guide and heal you *if* you make space for them through daily meditation and you ask them to come through. What do you need help with? Ask spirit for support. Then trust. Don’t overthink or you’ll never let the guidance come.

*Tap into your connection with others. Find someone to help, and find someone to laugh with. We need to connect with others and feel as though we belong if we want to feel joy where we are.

*And finally, tap into the moment. Ground yourself with an affirmation, your breath, or a walk in nature. Don’t let fear of the future take you out of this moment. To feel safe you need to work with the power you have. This is always found right here in this second.

These things help me be present, but they also give me a reason to look forward to the future. They aren’t a one time fix however and this is where a lot of people go wrong! If you need to come back to this list several times a day to build the habit of connection, do it!

Only you can do the work, but you are most definitely worthy of the rewards once you get started. And once you do begin, you’ll find it easier and easier to be aware of when ego is trying to take you out!

Don’t let it!

Let your soul be your guide!

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Our Spiritual Selves

Our spiritual self is the part of us which leads us with love towards peace.

Our spiritual self is the part of us which wants us to let go of taking action because we’re scared not to, or scared of what people will think of us if we don’t do what’s expected.

Our spiritual self is the part of us which wants us to stop people pleasing for fear of being judged.

Our spiritual self is the part of us which wants us to stop playing small for fear of failure and yet more judgement…

Our spiritual self is the part of us which, when listened to, guides us to joy. It helps us hear our spirit guides, feel our angels, and learn of a whole new world full of love, healing and infinite possibilities.

Our spiritual self knows we are here on earth for a very short while, and have the ability to receive love from loved ones passed over.

Our spiritual self is the part of us which knows that EVERYTHING is possible for us if we will just show up with a positive attitude…

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

But to gain all this we have to trust in our spiritual selves and be brave enough to live who we are. We have to stop letting ego run the show with it’s fear driven voice.

Do you know who you are?
Do you know how you want to feel?
Are you ready to receive the spiritual support our universe offers?

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


*Trust that you are supported always and remember to ask your guides for help.
*Choose the fastest route to peace in each moment. Breathe! You have time.
*Take time to ask your spirit what it needs. Follow up on that!
*Follow what feels good. If it robs you of your peace, the price is too high.
*Meditate daily with the intention of connecting with spirit and nourishing your soul. Again, you have time.
*Set the intention to live connected to spirit. Don’t let ego keep you in fear. You are safe.
*Ground yourself with breath, sipping water, or being around nature. Be in this moment fully.
*Serve yourself by choosing peace and serve others by helping them get there too…

Let your spiritual self thrive!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

What’s next for you? What do you want that you haven’t let yourself have? What does that feel like? Are you ready to trust in your spirit?

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Cord cutting with Archangel Michael

Whenever we make connections with other people, we form an attachment to them. This is obviously fine when they are loved ones who wish to see us rise to the top of the success chain, but what if we have emotional ties to people who are lower vibe than us or have little care for us?

It’s not always noticeable when ties are formed. Sometimes we *know* we can’t let go of someone because we physically feel the attachment, for example when a relationship ends yet we keep thinking of them and crying, or we’ve had an argument with somebody and we keep going over it in our minds, but quite a lot of the time we forget connections we’ve made before we’ve actually taken time to forgive the other person (or ourselves) and let go.

Do you feel tired, heavy, depressed, bored or anxious? Are you unable to move on? I find that whenever I feel like this, a good visualisation session sorts me out!

If you have the same symptoms, it might be worth calling on Archangel Michael and asking him to cut through any emotional cords you have attached to other people so that you can let go of emotions that are no longer serving you. Don’t worry about cutting cords with loved ones, you won’t damage your loving connection to them.

All you need to do to receive this healing is call on Archangel Michael and ask him to cut any ties weighing you down. As you do so it’s a good idea to envision the cords flowing from you, then imagine them being cut away by his light or his sword. As each cord is cut, allow yourself to feel relief as what’s holding you heavy is finally taken away. If you know who you need to cut ties with and can imagine them on the other end of the cord, the process will be all the more freeing but you can ask to be cut free of *anyone* who is emotionally holding you down, even those long forgotten or those you can’t put a name to.

You can even be freed from the emotional attachment to places, which is particularly useful if you’re looking to move away but are struggling to do so.

Doreen Virtue’s Chakra Cleansing book has the most clear examples of how you can use visualisation, chanting and meditation to clear your energy that I’ve found to date, with a section on cord cutting that is very easy to understand and impliment.

If you’re feeling sluggish, unwell or unable to move forwards, you might well find some cleansing helps improve your energy and mood.

Whether its cord cutting, chakra balancing or a change in diet that you need, I think this is the book which could help you feel better.

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Connecting to spirit with Selenite

When your crystal pals rave so hard about certain crystals, (Hollie Stark!) you know you’ve got to get your hands on them yourself! I’ve owned my beautiful Selenite for a couple of months now, but I wanted some time to really get working with it before I put up this post.

Selenite is said to be the crystal of choice for anyone wishing to raise their vibration in general. I found it to be a very soothing gem, and I credit it with calming my anxieties and smoothing over tension within myself particularly around my time of month when I generally have less patience than normal.

Selenite is said to help with opening the crown chakra, connecting with the angelic realm, seeing the bigger picture, and helping with clarity. This makes it the perfect crystal for anyone wishing to make connection with spirit, whether that’s with guides or angels. Of course you still need to put in the work, but I found that meditating with this, as well as sleeping with it under my pillow, made my connection to my guides feel a lot stronger. I could feel messages being passed through me with such certainty that the second guessing that is sometimes there during readings didn’t have a chance of tripping me up. (Being honest here, I do still question what comes through!)

As well as being beautiful, (though be careful – it does seem to chip!) Selenite is so powerfully in tune with loving source energy that it is now a perminant fixture by my bed and in my jewellery box. It takes everything you need for contacting spirit (trust, love, clarity, protection) and amplifies it to make angel and spirit connections far easier.

Don’t have a piece yet? Sign up to the your spiritual self newsletter on the top right of his post and you could win one! The draw is open worldwide, and the winner will be picked at random from all subscribers at the end of 2017. The crystal will be posted out to you in January.

Good luck!


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What my spirit guides want us to know

Recently I was in a meditation searching for a solution to a small frustration I’ve been having. Whenever I need answers I usually meditate and wait for spirit guides to join me because this is normally enough to start a new thinking pattern and get myself back on track.

But guidance comes in many forms and we don’t always get step by step answers – sometimes it is up to us to ask for help then surrender the need to control what our reply is. This week, my dear spirit guide needed to remind me of this.

During meditation I complained to my guide that things were not as smooth going as I’d like them to be and that I was feeling annoyed. The answer that came back was this:

“Sometimes, what we think are blocks, barriers and hold ups are actually the solutions we’ve asked for.”

Isn’t that freeing?

My theme for 2017 is ‘surrender’, and days earlier I had already been told to resist nothing. Obviously I’d heard the message, but I hadn’t paid attention to it. This meant my guide was forced to listen to me complaining for a second time before repeating the message in a different way! (Which, for the record, is fine with guides as long as you are committed to the work).

So, just to save your own guides shouting at you til they’re blue in the face, let me pass this super important message on.

* We must surrender to the experience of life. We must use whatever we’re given as a starting point for choosing the most loving perspective.

*We must resist nothing. Even if it feels terrible going through it, we must learn the lesson the experience brings and trust that we will feel better one day. Perhaps we’ll feel better than better one day!

*What we resist, persists. We’re here to learn our life lessons and in some form we will keep repeating our lessons with different people and situations until we pass the assignment. Take everything as a gift. Where is the blessing? What do you need to learn?

*We must not assume it’s wrong for us just because it wasn’t in our own plan. What might we gain if we were to go with the detour and see how things pan out? We cannot ask for guidance then ignore it because it’s not what we want. We don’t get what we think we want… we get what we need.

*And finally, we must strengthen our link to our guides through regular meditation. They are waiting to speak with us if we will just make space for them.

* * * * *

I hope this serves you a little. Let go of control, go with what life has to offer, and find the light in every situation. Things might be frustrating, or you might just be resisting the solution…

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Weekly reading, ace of fire

Good morning 🙂 This week I wanted to pull an angel card for us. Did you see my latest blog post? I’m convinced I caught an angel on camera! (Find it here if you’d like to read!)

Whatever you think of my photo though, angels are all around us and can offer us wonderful insights which is why I pulled our guidance this morning from my favourite angel deck.

The card I pulled today was Ace of Fire, and this is a card which represents new beginnings particularly around career. If any of you are looking to change jobs, gain one, or are stuck debating whether you should take a promotion, our guidance says the energy is right for a new start. If it feels good, go for it!

If you are unemployed but are looking for work, be more aware this week of your efforts and step them up. Apply for those jobs you want but don’t feel you can get, and speak to as many people as you possibly can. Push your fear of rejection aside and just go for it. If you get a no, so what! Shout from the rooftops that you are looking for work. Self belief is key here – it can make your year or hold you stuck.

Are you starting a new career this week? If so go in with a positive mindset. You couldn’t have picked a better time!

I’m being told that fear of choosing wrongly holds us back quite a bit. Well, you can forget that fear this week. If you have the chance to take a risk that feels right, do it! The angels are cheering you on!

Love as always 🙂

Vicki X

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Ask for signs that your angels are near

Last week was a tough one for me. My youngest started school, my oldest has developed an attitude, the retrograde was in full swing, and the full moon was intense. My mood was up and down to say the least. So when we went to Salisbury cathedral on Saturday, I asked for some reassurance of spiritual presence. Sitting in the pews I prayed and waited, though no thunderbolt of love hit me.


But when I got home and checked my photos there was one which had an emerald green beam hitting the floor. Logic was pushing me to assume it was a reflection from a stained glass window somewhere and I even posted this to the facebook group, but I really wanted to believe Archangel Raphael had been present with me. He is probably the angel I call on most – I never send any healing for others without asking for his assistance, and whenever I feel out of sorts I always look towards him for help.

So I asked for a sign that he’d been with me! And that’s when the replies started showing up.

First, a friend posted a card reading featuring Archangel Raphael.

Next, Doreen Virtue posted one too!

Thirdly, Doreen went on to take a look at my photo and gave me the thumbs up.

And finally, I logged onto Twitter to find Doreen had posted a tweet 12 hours before about angels appearing on camera. The tweet was only just coming to my attention, and it was as though Archangel Raphael was making certain there was no doubt left for me to indulge in, especially as his messages were coming through my favourite angel lady.

If that wasn’t enough, an image of him showed up in reading material, and another card reader pulled his guidance card. All within 24 hours.

I have spent the past few days feeling blessed. I am lucky enough to have a community of spiritual friends who have let me share my joy with them, and I have felt so thankful that I have received the wonderful gift of knowing that angels really are with us whether we notice them or not.

The point of my post, as well as sharing my joy with you, is that it is ok to doubt and it’s ok to ask for signs and extra guidance if you need it. We don’t always know for definite that what we’re seeing is what we want it to be and that’s ok! It’s part of the learning.

If you’re in doubt of spiritual presence, do ask for confirmation that you’ve received the correct message – it will come if it needs verifying.

Archangel Raphael was there for me on Saturday, and when I wanted ‘proof’, he sent me further signs through Doreen, knowing I would trust my favourite angel teacher. How special was this gift to me?

The simple fact is there will never be enough proof out there for a non believer. As someone who works with angels frequently though, the reassurance I received this weekend is magical enough for me.

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3 things you should do if you want to be a medium

The other night was a rough night for me. I had a babble of voices in my ear as I was trying to fall asleep, and then when I *did* finally sleep, I woke up with a jolt to find spirit stood at the end of my bed!

I was telling somebody about my night as I fueled up on coffee, and, not put off by strange men appearing in the bedroom, she asked me how she might develop her own mediumship skills.


Whilst receiving messages from spirit is quite a skill and some have more of a natural talent for it than others, there are a few things you can start with to test your skill and patience for this work. (At this point I should tell you I am still learning 10 years in!) It’s not an easy skill to develop I don’t think, but if you are prepared to put the time in, it’s a really enjoyable ability to have.

So let’s get learning!

1) The first key thing any medium does on a regular basis is meditate. You have to have quiet space within your mind if you want spirit to reach you. I know meditating doesn’t seem all that exciting and you just want to see ghosts, but the best way to prepare for this is to learn how to meditate for at least 15 minutes, and do it at least once a day. Spirit is energy and the more peace you have within yourself, the easier it is to sense changes. I tend to feel spirit before I look to see it.

2) The second key skill to have is the ability to stay in the light! I don’t know if this next practise is unique to me or if it’s how all mediums work but I find my spirit guides pass messages on to me rather than the spirit himself. To hear your angels and guides with ease, it’s essential you stay in a high, loving vibration. The more joyful and open your heart is, the easier it is to receive the guidance because you’re on the same energy level. Learn how to choose peace as much as possible and you’re once again creating that calm, safe space which spirit is able to work with.

3) Finally, practise opening your third eye! During meditation, practise pouring white light between your eyebrows to hit and open your third eye. I also open my heart chakra at this point too by picturing a green circle of petals spinning near my heart, receiving loving light and guidance. Before opening yourself up, be sure to protect yourself with a shower of loving white light which you hold around yourself as you work, and once you’re protected, sit for a moment and see what comes through as you tell your guides you are open to receiving loving guidance and being a channel for loving communication. You may need to work with this exercise for a fair while, and start by learning to meet and trust your spirit guides if you haven’t mastered that already. (Read 3 things you should do if you want to meet your spirit guide)

So there you have it! 3 things you can do today to develop those mediumship skills. Are you a medium yourself? Can you add to this? Comment below and share your teachings. 🙂

Love as always 🙂

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Weekly Reading, Ten of Fire

Good morning! Welcome to the weekly tarot guidance. Take what you can from these messages, and use your weekends to make any necessary changes 🙂

This week I wanted to ask the angels for a card. I have called them to me several times over the past few days, and I’ve asked them to share their love with you too. (The world is in desperate need don’t you think?) Drawing from the loving energy they sent, I pulled the ten of fire card for us, which is a card linked to warnings about overwork.


The angels have two messages for us. The first is that if we have been over doing it on the work front, it is time to slow down and take care of ourselves. They warn of health problems if we don’t! They advise us to cut down on our hours, or, at the very least, schedule some down time and use it well. They are very keen to remind us of the importance of relaxation time.

The second message they have for us is to ask for help! So many of us have a problem with reaching out! They tell us we don’t have to do it all by ourselves, and the angels themselves are ready to assist if we call on them.

When we call on others to help us, we build connections, community and friendships. The angels want us to remember this! Only ego has us separated and believing we have to work alone. This is a key point of today’s card I feel. It takes real strength to reach out and admit a bit of support is needed, and judging by the number of times this message has been shared with me these past few weeks, I feel this reminder is vital to share.

So slow down this week and if you do need help, ask for it! You might be surprised how easy it is to lean on somebody else!

By sharing this post, you’re helping me spread the angel message! I’d love to get the helping muscle working by asking you for a share if you have the time. 🙂

Much love as always… X

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