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It’s Autumn here in the UK, and we’re starting to get near that time when people begin charging to the local pharmacy and doctor for the flu vaccine to get them through winter.

Whilst this route is perfect for some people, the body can often do just as well with some better attention and care. When was the last time you put your hand on your heart and took time to ask your body what it needed? Spiritual healers believe in working with energy and whilst modern medicine can work wonders, so can taking the time to take care of ourselves!

The simplest way to boost immunity at any time is to step away from the junk food cupboard, and choose to see food as medicine and fuel. Now I’m not there yet so I’m not preaching here, but plant based diets offer up so many benefits compared with diets of sugar and processed food. Red bell peppers have LOTS of vitamin C, ginger and garlic boost immunity, and green vegetables such as broccoli are packed full of the vitamins our bodies need to work as they should. (Google the Medical Medium for more info).

Water also helps the body run, and you could think about upping your intake going forwards, particularly if you drink alcohol or coffee as these dehydrate us terribly and slow the body down by giving several organs further work to do.

Stress is a third massive pressure on our immune system and to release the damage of this I believe in walking, yoga with a focus on the breath, working into twisting poses to release toxins, and meditation to let the body calm. All of these things buy space for the body to heal.

Many spiritualists believe illness is linked to stuck energy within the body because when you hold onto the bad you carry emotional pain which builds up. To stay balanced and allow energy to keep flowing, it’s important to release negative feelings by addressing them on a day by day basis so you don’t fall victim to this. Try releasing with meditation, EFT, and journalling.

Crystals help amplify your desired, healthy energy too! Black Tourmaline promotes vitality and strength, Selenite keeps the energy pure, and Bloodstone boosts the immune system.

Spiritualists believe its not the doctor who knows what’s best for your body, it’s you.
What does *your* body need in order to take a step towards optimal health? Take a moment to sit in silence and ask your higher self. We don’t tend to do this very often because quite a lot of us don’t like the answers but if you don’t ask, don’t be surprised when your body gets tired! (Personally I *know* I should step away from the sugars!!)

I wish you a healthy winter and a sniffle free autumn. How are you staying strong in the winter months? If you have any health tips for myself and other readers, feel free to leave them in the comments above this posts title… ♡

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