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Hi! I'm Vicki and I'm a psychic, medium and energy healer.

I want to help you get unstuck, lose the fear it'll all go wrong, and trust in the knowing that everything is happening as it's supposed to. Why? Because you were born exactly as you were supposed to be and are uniquely beautiful in your own right. We take on so much crap from birth, that we often have to spend time undoing the confidence knocks we've taken and unlearning the beliefs we've bought into before we can take loving action towards ourselves and actually step into the power that is our birthright.

Without our challenges, we wouldn't learn to have faith in our spiritual selves or come to learn about the support available to us via our guides, angels and loved ones but that said, our challenges do form us and start to hold us back if we're not careful.

Should you stay with him? Should you change jobs? Why haven't you chased any dreams in recent years?
I can help with these things by asking your guides or teaching you how to do it yourself!

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